Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien Convicted Troll


Cyber-stalked by a stranger

Robin Cracknell Victim


Cyber-stalking laws: police review urged

Woman on laptop
Image captionCases of cyber-stalking are on the increase.

A senior police officer is calling on the government to review whether laws governing cyber-stalking in the UK are fit for purpose.

Greater Manchester Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan wants police to be given more powers to seize computers used to harass victims online.

It is hard to prove who committed stalking even though it is easy to establish which computer was used.

The Home Office says it is investigating the issue.

Mr Shewan, who is the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) leader on the issue of stalking and harassment, met ministers at the Home Office last week.

He said: “The legislation is 12 years old and I don’t think anyone envisaged 12 years ago the extent that the world wide web would open up opportunities to harass and stalk people via the internet.”

Cyber-stalkers can currently either be charged under the Protection from Harassment Act or the Malicious Communications Act, but charities and academics say neither is sufficient given the expansion in technology in recent years.

300% increase

As the number of people using computers has increased, so has the ability to tap into personal information online.

Mr Shewan wants it to be easier to seize computer equipment from a suspect and to get internet providers to hand over the IP address, which can be used to trace the suspect.

Professor Carsten Maple, who heads the National Centre for Cyber-stalking Research at Bedfordshire University, said it was easy for those in-the-know to track down information.

He said Trojan spyware can be used to hack into anybody’s computer, access their personal files and even secretly switch on their webcam.

Trojans are viruses which pose as harmless programmes and can be sent into computers via e-mails and other methods.

Yet currently police find it difficult to seize computer equipment unless they can prove there was an intention to cause fear or distress.

Prof Maple added his voice to calls for a review of the legislation.

He said: “The lack of power to seize computers makes it difficult to prove who is responsible for stalking, even if it can be shown beyond reasonable doubt that a particular device was used to commit a crime.”

Jane Harvey from the Network for Surviving Stalking said 77% of stalking victims waited until more than 100 incidents had happened before going to the police.

She said when they finally took that step it was vital their allegations were taken seriously and the situation investigated fully.

“This is a devastating crime – being stalked online can ruin people’s lives,” she said.

“We urge the government and the police to do everything possible to ensure those affected by cyber-stalking get proper access to justice.”

Prosecutions under the Malicious Communications Act have soared to an all-time high and increased almost 300% in five years to 899 last year.

Charges under the Protection from Harassment Act have risen from just under 12,000 to 12,549 in five years.

Separate figures from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) show that last year 33% of stalking incidents were by e-mail, 32% by text message and another 8.4% through social networking sites.

A Home Office spokesman said it was working with the police, Crown Prosecution Service and charities to try to improve the police response and make sure there were robust prosecutions.

He said: “Cyber stalking is a crime. As with all other forms of stalking we take it very seriously and we expect other agencies to do the same.

“The Home Office, Ministry of Justice and the Crown Prosecution Service are currently working together with victims and support charities to discuss whether the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and its enforcement has been effective in providing an appropriate response to stalking.”

You can hear the full report on 5 live Investigateson Sunday 1 May at 2100 BST on BBC Radio 5 live. You can also listen again on the BBC iPlayer or by downloading the 5 live Investigates podcast.


Wrexham man convicted for vile Bryn Estyn care home blog post

Royden Jones to be sentenced on Wednesday over grossly offensive comments he made about complainant and his family

A man has been convicted of a malicious communication charge after he posted vile and derogatory comments about another man on a blog.

The blog concerned the former Bryn Estyn children’s home in Wrexham , which has been at the centre of an abuse inquiry.

Defendant Royden Jones, 53, of Third Avenue in Llay near Wrexham, denied that on April 20 last year that he wrote a blog which was grossly offensive, or of an indecent, obscene, or menacing nature.

He was convicted and sentence was adjourned to Wrexham magistrates’ court on Wednesday.

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Flintshire magistrates ‘ court at Mold heard how Jones – who was allowed to sit with a community psychiatric nurse in court – and the complainant, had been “embroiled in a complex dispute for a number of years”.

The prosecution said that the blog contained grossly offensive and sickening comments of a derogatory nature about the complainant and his family.

It was posted last April and the police were called in.

An investigation showed that the blog had been created using an IP address at the defendant’s home.

Read more: Wrexham Bryn Estyn former residents’ plea not to demolish notorious care home

In a statement read to the court, the complainant told how he discovered the blog via a link to Twitter.

He told how he had been receiving online abuse since 2013 but last year’s blog posting was particularly upsetting because inappropriate and unjustified comments had been made about his family.

The author knew a lot about him and his background, the complainant said, and clearly had a grudge against him.

Jones in interview denied that he was responsible for the blog.

He accepted that the IP address and other internet details were registered to his address.

Read more: Wrexham Bryn Estyn child sex abuse care home could be demolished

The defendant said that he knew of the blog, had accessed it a dozen times but said that he had only shared it privately and not publicly.

Jones was not called to give evidence but it was submitted on his behalf that the bench could not be sure it was him who had posted the offending material.

He had fully co-operated with the police, he did not know who created the post but it was not him, the defence argued.

Magistrates said that they found the case proved and Jones was bailed to appear at Wrexham for sentence on Wednesday.


The biggest liar and false accuser of all times……..

This evening whilst enjoying a drink in my local a friend messaged me with a couple of tweets sent to Dream host by the one and only convicted stalker and harasser Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien who claim my website caused the death of his late partner.  He was banned by a court of law for ever using the internet again, but appealed this saying he was unable to sell his art work being his only source of income, so he was allowed by the courts once again to course more and more innocent people pain and suffering and, according to him we are all linked to each other, the man is an imbecile and it is about time the police stopped him from doing what he does on a daily basis attacking others online, writing malicious blogs about them. 


Top ranking website my arse, the only person looking at it is him.

The only person responsible for the death of Robert is YOU you put the man through hell years of abuse, blog writing eating of the little money he had, not you as you had nothing, when he had a heart attack you watched him die, then complaining he was a dead piece of meat on your floor. You never went to his funeral, nobody did, that shows you how much you were loved. He had a paupers funeral a bit like the one you will have.

Happy new Year some things never change

It seems a lot of people have missed me, well I have been back home visiting a few family members and friends.  I see that the Alien is still lying through his teeth screaming at his computer screen this time through his website which is just miles long of copied twitter pages and copied private messages, Imagine having nothing in your life except for bitterness and hated, I don’t suppose he has ever had a real friend or family member that gives a damn about him. Well, life is far too short to waste it on creeps like him, who are only out for one thing, to destroy other peoples lives in whatever way he can.

Having contact in anyway, shape or form with the Alien will make you seriously ill.


No one has made Karen ill except you Alien, keeping her up all hours of the night, demanding that she read everything you send her, demanding she answer your tweets, this has happened to everyone who has engaged with you.  Yet even a couple of days ago you were pretending to be her from your TeamRobert account, if you were any friend at all, you would be with her looking after her, not wasting every breathing minute on the net abusing other innocent people.  You see we all know that Karen has backed away from you, who told us, take a guess. Face it Chris you are on your own, you push people too far, once you have hold of them you will not let go.  Nobody has ever stalked Karen except you. 

Proof that it is the Alien who is abusing and trying to set people against Gerry Coulter

I have already shown you the lengths that the Alien will go to to get attention, saying that he is in fear for his life

Yet in other tweets he says things like this

and he also let this so called monster into his home after the death of Robert (all lies)

Then taunting others 

But the real proof is in this screen recording of how many times the Alien is tweeting about Mr Coulter, this is stalking at the highest level, Not once has Mr Coulter tweeted the Alien, nor has he defended himself anywhere else. So who is the abuser here?

Playing the Victim the Aliens greatest hobby

Playing the victim is a favourite pastime for the Alien, when others are not giving him the attention he craves, he will send out a tweet saying things like this:

He does this all the time, then on the other hands he dares these people to come and meet him? he tells the world where he will be at different times of the day. Are these the acts of someone who is in danger? No, everybody can see through his lies.

Another trait of the Alien, he loves to scare people by telling them he is going to end it all, he has done this with everyone of his victims, a short while ago he also told someone he was going to travel to Liverpool and commit murder, then kill himself.  All these people have made reports to Dorset Police, so they are all registered. 

Here are just a couple I have in my archives, I have many more, but will keep them private for the time being. 

The police have acted several times on these threats, they go to see him, but he refuses to open the door, so they have twice kicked it in, I am sure they wont do that again, no, they will be pleased when he actually does the job properly, so will a lot of other people.   Another thing Chris, accusing people of Manslaughter is a criminal offence


Past and present victims of Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien aka The Alien

After successfully having his TeamRobert2018 twitter account locked, the Alien opened another account this time calling himself @ExposingBy 


The Alien has had so many accounts either suspended or locked, but like a bad smell it keeps coming back to attack innocent people. 

Here are just a handful of his accounts


@2memoryofrobert @Abused2death @Abused2death16 @Alexand89562701 @BorgXpozers @Chrishobby2 @Chrishobby3 @ChrisHobby4 @Christo28112195 @Christo37988334 @Christo56084516 @Cjhobbyvictims @DukeofDoom2017 @DVSO2015 @DVsuppOrg @DVsupportOrg @ExposingTcrooke @Filthexposer17 @Fraudchaser2 @Hacker_expossr @Innocent_cries @JemKevexposed @KarenAguawater2 @Karenaguawater2 @Karenaguawater3 @KingNarccisist @KingNarcissist_ @Manalien @Manalienmoreyam @manslaughter @Millardexposer @MillarDisPsycho @PukWUDGIES_2018 @RJMMUSIC2015 @Robscousin1965 @Scharenhag @ScrewPsychoSup1 @StopTheBorg @Superhobby5000 @TheRealPaladin @TheRealPaladin1 @TeamRobert_2018 @Team_Robert2018 @_TeamRobert2018 @TeamRobert2018_ @Thantichris2017 @The_Genuine1_17 @The_real_1_2017 @TheAntiChris_17 @Theantichris_17 @TheAntiChris_17 @Theykilledrob16 @Torturedartistx @Trollarrest @Trollfinder2017 @Trollhunter2017 @Unjustsimonjust @Whodisden1

I know there have been many more, if you know of any, please let me know

Steve Sheriff,  Robin Cracknell and his son, Otto Holler, Dawn Hilton, Ruby Cooper, Ronnie Hobby, Debbie Bacon, Janette Scharenborg and her son, Mark Williams-Thomas, Mrs Austin, Mike Flynn, Gerry Coulter, myself, Saatchi, Ulla Thielenhuas, Morwenna Catt, Stanley Bluett, Eve Thomas, Ian McFadyen, Simon Just, The whole of Dorset Police, J. Millard, Sonia Poulton and many many more!

Even with all the evidence I have in my possession he is still allowed to carry on with his lies and innuendos.  Insisting that all these people are connected to each other to stalk and abuse him.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 



That Hole Just keeps on getting bigger – Debunking more Lies of Chris Manalien as he now calls himself

Once again he cannot help himself, the know it all who says I did not have to show proof of who I am, yet he will never admit it, he still does not understand that it does not matter how many times you tell the same lie, it will never become the truth, unless of course you are one Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien convicted stalker/abuser/blackmailer of Robin Cracknell. 

Do I get an apology from him? don’t be stupid, that would go against the grain, he will never admit to anything, always blamed Robert, next it will be always blame Karen.  

As for me writing about evidence in my possession, unlike you, I know if I did that, it could never be used in a court of law.  Also you keep on about your brother and what he did to you, yet he has already been to court for all of that, he cannot be put again before a judge for it, so why keep on about it? before you ask, I do not know your brother, nor do I know any of those you claim are attacking you on a daily basis. As for my friend you have not shown one tweet or shred of evidence that she did anything to you, all words, YOUR WORDS who nobody believes.  So keep digging that hole for yourself. I shall keep debunking your lies.

According to the Alien everybody is a cyber hack, he is mirroring again

Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien who is totally obsessed with a very good friend of mine is once again mirroring his own behaviour, by telling porkies, of course he will NEVER admit he is wrong, a psychopath never does, because of this I have to keep debunking his vicious lies, please see this tweet  The screenshot he is showing is not as he says JS2 advertising her website, it is by another one of his cohorts who have nothing better to do than tell vicious lies about everyone.  

If either of them had bothered to google this message (your connection to this site MIGHT not be secure, attackers ……..)

They would have found this…&rlz=1C5CHFA_enNL669NL669&oq=your+connection+to+this+site+might+not+be+secure%2C+attackers…&aqs=chrome..69i57.12847j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8http://

The message comes from Google Chrome and has all to do with YOUR OWN computer which you can see in this video


Keep the lies coming, I will continue to educate others of your malicious lies and innuendos