Sue me…an open response to the @lupethelupe blog.

I have been watching a particular account for a couple of weeks…it was totally different to any of the other ‘sock’ accounts arrayed against #survivors…it was reasonable.
After a short conversation with it, I realised it represented a hitherto unseen element…this account was making harmless ambiguous comments on RJJ&Drifty threads.
Hardly dangerous…but my fears were borne out when I realised that this account was going to turn on us.
I knew that it would happen once this account had apparently ‘done enough research’ and had changed it’s mind about how, actually, RJJ was being horribly attacked and trolled ‘for no good reason’.
And it did.
Now, having harvested a couple of inquisitive followers, it decided, along with a couple of other suspect accounts, to start blogging on behalf of our poor ickle wikkle Royden.
Well, gentle reader, I thought I’d gander to the blog, with hope against hope that I might be wrong.
I wasn’t.
It is a largely well-written blog, with one or two professional overtones, much better than our Outlaw’s usual plagiarized and rehashed load of ‘me me me’ twonk. Well done.
A testament to the blogger.

Shame that it’s a load of bollocks written by a paedophile-excusing shill who earns a regular 30 pieces of silver by prostituting his journalistic principles to feed his insatiable hubris.
A sickening example of the morally-bankrupt work done by collaborators working with the morlocks that feed on our kids.

Anyway…I commented on it, and suggested that the feigned ignorance on the part of the Blogger could be successfully dismissed by actually spending ten minutes looking at TL’s. I didn’t think for a second that anyone so deeply entrenched and logic-strapped as Lupes would so be imbued with hubris, that they’d actually let it go thru.
They did.
And before I know it, some twonk had made a stupidly ignorant remark. I looked then replied.
They let it go thru AGAIN! It was once again replied to by our same anonymous friend.
At this point I thought, what the hell…and posted a rather longer reply. You can read it below, but know this, it was not allowed thru.
Minutes later, our very own Royden actually called me.
And FREAKED. And then he freaked a bit more. And then, mid-freak, I heard someone wrestling the phone off him.
And that’s when she started talking. It sounded like Sonia Poulton…
but without the moustache…or the potty mouth.
If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was a copper.
Now, coppers are ok…and the thin blue line is vital to our society…but this one didn’t declare her name/number, and started to very calmly ask me pointed questions about my date of birth, and what info I actually had on our good old outlaw.
I was quite surprised that she could only manage 5 minutes before SHE started screaming at me. How rude! I was in the process of asking if she or the obviously incensed Royden needed a lovely big phone hug, when the TWO of them started trying to shout down the line at the same time. I was asking them if they ever entertained Jehovah’s witnesses in the house, I believe, when the phone went clunk! and seemed to drop on a laminated floor…and the line went dead.
The last words I heard were, “…they don’t @#$ing DRINK TEA!!!”
Anyway…here below is the thingy I wrote that caused such an apparently apoplectic response.
Be sure…it contains enough libel to get me banged up. In fact, I am told that I have to state that Kevin had nothing to do with me writing this, or anything to do with its publication.
In fact, if I’m not sued, then what I have written can be considered the truth.
With that in mind…why wasn’t it posted? Suffice to say, I don’t expect any action from any authority or person…especially Sonia bloody Poulton.
Because I know where Sonia got my phone number from…and my number is unlisted; in fact, its not even in my name.
I gave it to two people ONLY, apart from my family…both of those people, I love as my siblings, and would trust my life with them.
In fact, I hold these two people in such high esteem, I would have to say that any suggestion that they WILLINGLY GAVE my personal details to someone, would constitute a class-action for serious slander/libel – which a number of #survivors have assured me they would fund, should it come to that.
But it won’t.
Will it Sonia?
Will it Lupes?
Will it, Royden?

Here it is…first, the actual blog:
And the comment, which has been awaiting moderation for around 12 hours:
“I was talking to the blogger, @lupeTheLupe, not a sycophantic phantom who hasn’t the balls to reveal himself.
If I was talking to you, I would probably have to say that you work for north wales police as a nark, that you’re aged mid-30’s, that you’re a wife-beater who beat his missus so bad he ended up sitting down in nick for a couple years thinking about it (remember Shotgun Bob?), that you’re the son of an abuser called Jones (mentioned in jillings report)…a low life grassing toerag who helps people like @lupeTheLupe and his bosses, MI5 ( VERY well documented links on google…type “david rose” and a combination of the following words: failed hack alters wiki page jersey coverup savile fernbridge care homes waterhouse, etc ), to abuse people on Twitter…to stop them protesting about the coverup of CSA in care homes.
Is that enough to go on?
Like I said, sue me.
Until then, shut it.

I made it known, an age ago it seems, what would happen if you tried to abuse #SURVIVORS any more…and since then, you’ve proved me right…all you’ve done is get tossed around like clowns in a minefield, as you mess up again and again as you try to inflict mental suffering on others. You could get away with it before, but not any more…because your effort to destroy people before they get their acts together to protest with bigger/better than #paedobritain, has now reached a tipping point where far too many people see what you are REALLY up to – effectively making your potentially embarrassing operation non-viable.
Remember…Pallial still awaits.

You lot are scuppered. There are now approximately 15 lines of enquiry that are tracing links back to your Troll-team as I write, and from there, to your morlock paymasters.
Everything I have done to Twitter so far has been done on an old smartfone…if your disruptive efforts don’t stop, I’m going to actually turn my hated PC on, and use it.
PS, tell Sonia to call me and apologise…she’s got my number already…GOD knows where from. With any luck, I might be able to help her hold onto a literal scrap of journalistic integrity.

Otherwise, I’m going to the PCC, and they’ll open her up like a nearsighted ripe cantaloupe.
Tell her she’s got until midnight tomorrow.”

Well, there it is. I have posted it to lupe’s blog twice, AND another one calling them ‘pussays’.
I know what caused the melt-down…and it wasn’t just a bit of libel.
Do you?

PS…this is my third attempt at public writing, I’ve had no formal education since I was 15, and I barely know how to use WordPress.

    …if you want any pointers on how to write with any kind of skill, whilst showing journalistic ability and principles, then let me know, Sonia…when you call my home phone to beg for ask my permission to apologise to me.
Or better still, ask @ThomasPride.

Adeybob, aka @monadtime

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