Readers of this site will be pretty familiar with Royden Jones’ typical tactics – mob dissenters continuously with his usual array of allies and sock puppets in the basest possible terms, preferably first having won their confidence to find out where they are most vulnerable. If they are silenced by this–as, for example, Madlands was–then mission accomplished. If they respond in kind, rolling in the gutter swapping insults and threats, Jones will accuse them of “trolling CSA survivors” – though many are survivors themselves or their advocates, and merely reacting with understandable anger to the attacks upon them. But what if those attacked do neither of these things, instead opting to respond to flailing attacks with quiet, rational questioning? Makes Jones’ trolling obvious – a bad thing as far as he’s concerned, not least because he can’t play victim – until now.
Jones’ old, familiar line to blur distinctions between aggressor and aggressed against, that it’s “all about ego” rather than the divisive conduct he initiated, has recently had to be mothballed in favour of a new line more suited to new times – his critics are now orchestrating a sophisticated exercise in psychological manipulation designed to drive him insane. Admittedly, someone reacting calmly to an unceasing torrent of abuse and threats can look a bit odd and Jones seeks to exploit this – they’re either very even-tempered or ‘summat’s up’. His cronies’ rage is now not their own responsibility but is instead supposedly triggered by its target through clever, invisible psychological manipulation. Suddenly, every utterance has to be explored for hidden, sinister meanings in the manner of Titus Oates. An illustration of the reducto ad absurdem of this exercise in blame-diversion is Jones’ admission that in the course of him and sidekick Darren Laverty terrorising one woman by lurking outside her home photographing her kids, she recorded the timing of this incident as ’11:11′. In his worldview, the blatant intimidation isn’t the issue, nonsensical numerical esoterica is; supposedly triggering, though how his victim could even know this remains an open question. So now, even calm, rational responses are, like any other dissent from the Jones gang, “trolling CSA survivors”. Convenient, eh?
A specific form of manipulation Jones seems to know suspiciously a lot about is ‘gas lighting’, exploiting someone’s insecurities by tampering with their sense of what’s real. They are made to question small, familiar details of their lives until they come to accept their tormentor’s version – and so their control. The trouble with these assertions is that they’re easily neutralised simply by the victimised person having a good eye for detail and using that to bolster strong self-belief. What does that eye for detail spot? Inconsistencies in the instigator’s version – they must lie to achieve their intended effect and liars have to fabricate a reality from whole cloth, not simply relate what’s really there. Under close inspection, the instigator’s faked version of reality looks full of holes (contradictions) and incomplete.
And–sure enough–it is Jones and Laverty’s version of reality that is exactly that. Whilst their critics are consistent and reality-based, Jones and Laverty can’t keep their story straight from one month to the next in their blogs, or day to day on their Twitter timelines. Were they close allies of Stephen Messham, Bryn Alyn witness key to ‘Newsnight’s expose, as they claim in November or did they never meet him at all, as both absurdly claimed four months later when their conduct then was at issue? Jones and Laverty continually delete tweets and even sock puppets as they shift from one target to the next. Just liars covering their tracks? Telling, then, that they typically do this only after targeted individuals have referred to the tweet/identity in question – intended as an attack on their credibility and, apparently, their reason. Jones is describing his own technique through attributing it to others in his usual blame-shifting manner. The trouble with this is that it’s just not very effective. Screenshots or a quick peek on Topsy.com show tweets Jones/Laverty vehemently claim never existed consistently have done – a real ‘gas lighting’ fail, I’d have thought.
Of course, this technique is as much offensive as defensive – against a highly vulnerable target who they have wormed their way into the confidence of by falsely offering consolation and solidarity (“we are survivors too, tell us all about it..”), it is very easy for them to control their victim’s perceptions and then pull their world down on them – exactly what Jones and Laverty did to Stephen Messham. Fortunately, he did not commit suicide as a result, instead being confined to a psychiatric hospital with depression for many months.
So, in addition to trolling tactics obvious to all, Jones/Laverty’s gang use a great deal of info-manipulation and misrepresentation. Why, if their prime concern is simply to oppose child abuse? I see you’re all ahead of me here – it isn’t, obviously. It’s about control, their version predominating over any other, even if that means systematically silencing or discrediting dissenting voices. Was the neutralising of Steve Messham immediately after his ‘Newsnight’ broadcast mere jealousy dating back to Laverty’s splitting of the North Wales survivors’ campaign in the run-up to the Waterhouse inquiry, as he claims, or did it serve the interests of a certain “peer of the realm” as Jones deferentially referred to McAlpine in his November blog entry? Jones/Laverty’s new agenda broadcast thereafter was that sexual abuse in North Wales was .. over-emphasised. Hard not to see whose interest that spin served – but let anyone say so and they’re “trolling CSA survivors” and in need of ‘retaliation’ tactics..
Of course, we don’t actually need to speculate and surmise – Jones quite blatantly states “I am now a North Wales Police informer who has been paid to disrupt #CSA investigations in England” (MonadTime MT, 8th May)–that’s the same N.Wales police featured so heavily in disruption of the Waterhouse inquiry–and Laverty boasts “my blog gets read because I’m MI5” (13th May), despite their appalling record as high-level paedo-protectors (Kincora, etc). These tweets already deleted? A surefire admission in itself – but find them on Topsy anyway just to confirm what kind of game they’re really playing with you..  Surprised now that they know so much about psychological and information manipulation? They’re only doing their job, after all.

3 thoughts on “SPOOKS BY GAS LIGHT

  1. What I don’t understand about this distraction is your claim that outlaw is MI5/6, that they just target survivors. There a plenty of survivors helping him and many coming out saying they feel betrayed because the other side has been lying, there appear to be many people standing with outlaw. My other issue is that outlaw has been key in raising awareness not just for CSA but also many other causes, his blog is full of unrelated but useful infomation and writings, then there is also the point that everybody and there mum is being pulled into your squabble to fight your side but the same faces are appearing to stand by outlaw, why is this? I personally think it’s because over a period of time he has built up his credibility and respect through years of promoting the truth, many well respected bloggers listen to what he has to say, I admit he can be short, quick temperd and may say the wrong thing from time to time but show me one human (especially one with mental health issues ) that won’t make this mistake.
    In short I find outlaws credibility to be above many of those who are accusing him of being a spook, this added to the way people repeatedly repeat the same issues time and time again just cements my belief that he is real.
    Finally I think your efforts would be better suited to genueinely doing something about CSA rather than starting pointless dogfights that leave scared and damaged people behind.
    I don’t even know who you really are, that to me speaks volumes about your motives.

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