@theoutlawjimmy “Too many people got too much to hide” by Darren Laverty

Friday, 11 October 2013

@theoutlawjimmy “Too many people got too much to hide”.

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Within hours of this entry being published the individual victim jockey which it features tried to undo the impossible knot of lies he’d woven. He evidenced none of mankind’s natural instinctive attributes. Instead, going on the attack. His pitiful and lame attempts to round up his groupies for an all out attack fell on deaf ears(even the reptilian species of the planet knew to avoid this one). Initially and predictably, there came the protests of innocence and finger pointing. Accusations of sexual violence and financial gain alongside the “looks what happens when you speak out” line were hurriedly scrawled on his favourite site, here. Two hours later (or a short life-time for any Internet addict seeking attention) and rather embarrassingly for anyone who’s interacted with him, he was back on pleading for help and assistance to “put something together in complete confidence”. We still await this “something”.He doesn’t only leap on the backs of child abuse victims for his free rides, he’s also been free riding on the backs of established authors and intellectuals. I’ve evidenced previously the similarities of my personal blog entries when compared to his follow ups. But since I published this entry 3 weeks ago I’ve been supplied with over 70 examples of his outright plagiarism. An educational software program which was developed to identify incidences or acts of plagiarism was used to investigate various blog entries supposedly written by Royden Jones aka the Outlaw. There are enough examples of word theft for any reader to draw to the conclusion that he’s an Internet delinquent who’s maladjusted and fanatical behaviour, aligns himself with delusional aspirations of becoming the another David Icke or Alex Jones from the USA. His ambitions? As far as I can witness are built on foundations which have been dug out and laid down by others before him. Cuckoo springs to mind.

Further enquiries also evidenced(note the word evidenced being used again) that this particular victim jockey is a racist, homophobic bigot and prescription drugs addict who’s love of the dark side has no boundaries. I only hope that any others out there that might have allowed their snouts to get too close for comfort now realise the potential dangers of this particular creature. I have other concerns too. He lives in a pack of innocents. Who’s gong to share the news with them that he writes things like this:

Lithium, don’t wanna forget how it feels without Lithium, I wanna stay in love with my sorrow”

There’s an ocean of other comments for anyone interested, go on take a dive .

@theoutlawjimmy “Too many people got too much to hide”.   Posted by Darren Laverty

Royden James Jones


Almost 12 months ago I entered the cut throat world of twitter to challenge the assumptions made by the media and others about what had occurred at Bryn Estyn. Initially, I was apprehensive about revealing my identity but as my confidence grew I cast away the alter ego I created (the foul mouthed) Ryan Tanner. Understandably I was left with no other option. On 8th October 2013 @therealjimmyjones had already tweeted a few of Tanners tweets from November 2012 as an indicator to me that he was about to out me). As did the @smessham twitter account back in November 2012) as I felt sure I could deal with any flak anyone wished to throw at me. Oh and boy did they throw. It’s no coincidence that threats to reveal who I was played a role in me outing myself. Anyway, Darren Laverty aka @angleseydriftwood had entered the circus and was standing his own ground, holding his own. Relief. The account had originally been created to help me sell driftwood. I had told Roy aka @therealjimmyjones @theoutlawjimmy @we-are-the-mob- in absolute confidence of the reason I attacked the media and others as @RyanTanner5. He admitted he’d done the same. As if I din’t know.

As the months passed my confidence grew stronger and stronger. I felt able to challenge anyone who dared question my version of events. Newspaper editors, TV directors, established bloggers, authors, commentators, company directors, legal departments. No-one was out of limits. Twitter’s great for getting to the top of places we could only have dreamed of reaching before Twitter was created. Therefore, I was out there, in the open, bare chested and shouting as loud as anyone.

Almost without knowing or without making any decision to be, I became a member of a clique, gang, crew, posse of fellow-minded “campaigners”. I don’t need to name them all but needless to say we were singing from the same hymn sheet. It felt good to be part of a movement. Leading the way @therealjimmyjones (aka Royden Jones). His tenacity and drive inspired the rest of us to fall alongside and together we twitted to the world. We challenged numerous accounts who’d dare to question us and our version of events. Soon enough the title of “Troll” was assigned to anyone who wasn’t with us. Time passed, trolls came and went. A few however remained and still remain to this day. I’ve written about it more than once on here. The individuals concerned had dared to question Roy. They became trolls. Any account who questioned him/us was assigned to the a troll account list. And hasn’t that list grown?

My time on Twitter was stealing me away from normality. I decided to withdraw and reduced the time spent at the PC. As a result of standing back and watching it was becoming more evident that @theoutlawjimmy @therealjimmyjones   @we-are-the-mob etc. may not be what he claimed to be. Enough was tweeted for me to question his position. I arranged to meet him. I didn’t give him much notice I was about to enter his world. It was a Sunday. I asked my family to tag along in order that no accusations or allegations could be made against me by him. I’ve been in this situation before and know only too well what some folk are capable of. Six months later (the present) my family were glad to have been there. Our journey home consisted of long and deep conversations about what Roy had offered as his testimony of his time in care.

Whilst the kids played on the computer we stepped outside into the back yard. He wanted me, no, he expected me, to believe he’d witnessed a murder. A torturous murder of a child in care.

“I fucking seen it Daz. In front of me in the fucking room on a table after they fucked him”.

I listened and watched him intently. I knew from that moment and thereafter I was in the company of “an other one”. He showed us scars he claimed were caused by torture to him as a warning not to speak about the “murder”. His claims of being blinded and having “all his teeth smashed out” by care staff had no supporting evidence. He didn’t remember where or when he was blinded. The scars on his stomach? Probably scars from climbing in and out of windows over fences or maybe glass topped walls. (I have some from glass topped walls myself. Whoever invented glass topped walls should be ashamed of themselves) His tales continued and I began to look at my wife. She understood completely what my looks were indicating. Time to go.

Before we left I asked him about his interview with Channel 4 News. “Did you really see Sir Peter Morrison at Bryn Estyn”?

“Fucking right I did. He’s one of them”.

This statement was the final straw. I didn’t explain to him that it would have been impossible to witness any cars or MP’s picking up boys if you were resident in the secure unit. Situated at the back of the Estate with no views of anything other than walls or more walls. The odd tree maybe. But even then it would have only been a blur due to the misted polyurethane plastic safety windows.  They were bay windows with the angle of view reducing inward. You could see nothing and hear nothing in the secure unit.

What he was suggesting was an impossibility. He accused CH4 of “stitching him up”(sound familiar? Messhamism maybe? <<Lavism) He states that it wasn’t where CH4 said it was -Bryn Estyn- where he saw Morris but somewhere else down South Wales. Even though Morrison was the MP for Chester only 10 miles from Wrexham. Besides the whole story, media circus or plot was surrounding Bryn Estyn; He came forward to speak about Bryn Estyn. It twas the news not anywhere else. It was all lies.

I’ve listened to the interview over and over. He’s quite clear what he witnessed.

“I saw Morrison 5 times maybe”.

Not once, twice, three or four times but five. That’s a specific number  to choose and he was adamant.
CH4. “He (Sir Peter Morrison) was one of the ones who used to pick up boys?”


CH4 “After one victim spoke out last week, “James” felt compelled to speak out and break his 35 year silence”.

Steven Messham was the only person who’d publicly spoken at this stage.

Roy. “I knew there were certain lads(plural) who were visited at night and who were taken off in rather smart looking cars”(plural)

Q. “What did they look like”? Would you see the same faces?(plural) Did you recognise them?” (more than one)

A. “yeah, quite a few different faces(plural) one face more often than not, I recognised him because of his hair. It’s always his hair stuck in my mind”.

Q. “So who is that person?”

Roy ” well, I know now he was the MP for Chester at the time…………Morrison”.

The dead MP who could never argue his own side. But Roy knew this too. He chose a name that had been linked to another story some weeks previously  Here on 27th October 2012 one week before Messham’s Newsnight appearance.

The interviewer then gets told about some of the boys who were taken away in cars. These numerous victims supposedly had blood stains on their bed sheets in the morning. This statement was originally told to the police by another liar who was actually at Bryn Estyn. He continued to have a relationship with Peter Howarth long after being discharged from the care system. A consensual sexual relationship. He was later jailed for perverting the course of justice. Steven Hashim. Hashim was also one of the witnesses, along with Messham, used for and by the infamous Scallywag publication about Macca and the others. The house mistress Lucile Williams was asked by Waterhouse about Hashim’s claims of blood on bed sheets. She quite rightly laughed at the suggestion. She was also the laundry slave. The laundry was part of the main block next to her office. Roy Jones claims that he NEVER stayed in the “big house” only the “unfinished secure unit” for about a month! Laundry?

In addition, and given the 1000’s of us who’ve passed through the gates of Bryn Estyn only one other individual  has laid claim to spending more than 48hrs in the secure unit. Even so these claims were described as “probably exaggerated” CH 11, 11:15 Lost in Care Report.

” I was Category  A Daz (Cat/A is a serious risk/offender) they fucking locked me up for weeks in that shit hole. It’s only because I head butted Peter Howarth for trying to grope me that I was shipped out”.

Yeah right. Howarth might have mentioned that in his defense against various allegations of physical assault made against him don’t you think? You would have been prosecuted to the maximum. Remember in them days the staff were respected by all and a serious assault on a senior staff member would have resulted in a lengthy custodial sentence. More lies to support his already well-rehearsed fable. He hasn’t named a single fellow resident who was at Bryn Estyn with him.

Whilst at his home he told me that Keith Gregory never recognised him in Wrexham one day despite passing him on the pavement, no surprises there. Oops nearly forgot, Gregory claims to have been resident in Bryn Estyn in the “early 70’s”. Roy claims to have been there in 1978. Timing-it’s all about the timing.

I don’t think I need to offer any more evidence to support my claims that he’s a liar of the worst kind. The type who rides on the backs of other peoples pain, agony and distress. He loves it, lives it and wants to perpetuate it. I’ve yet to read a blog entry of his that doesn’t involve a negativity. Death, blood guts and more of the same. Jeeze, 365 of them one for every day of the year. Please forward any blog entry that mentions his sightings of Morrison at any establishment he was resident at. Oh and the blood stained sheets? Can’t find any reference to them. Maybe I should look harder. As if I could? I stopped reading them when I realised the rationale for writing them them. Attention, an audience, hits, comments, more attention, compliments, discussion and whatever else he could muster to occupy his internet addiction.

By giving that interview and entering my world, the offline world, the media world-reality, he stepped over the mark. He joined the hordes of others who’ve been determined to attach themselves to this saga-The North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. I’ll leave you with his own words,

“Too many people got too much to hide”.

PS. Roy forgot to tell the CH4 viewers about the abuse he alleges. Wasn’t that the whole point of ending his 35 year silence?

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