Debbie, Debbie, Debbie, Gullible is not the word I would use, especially not for a wife of a solicitor

So as I understand it, @Debbie_Bacon actually believes that the Lady from Holland is a professional hacker, who tried to teach her trade to Christopher and Robert? on whose word or evidence? surely not on the evidence presented by the Alien?

“Now did Bone get information from the council (breach of confidentiality/data protection) or could Chris have had his email hacked by a mistress of manipulation and accomplished hacker who tried to teach some of her trade to Chris and Robert? I will call up the council myself on Monday and see how far I can get with an enquiry to see if this bares out.”  

Are we talking again about that JS supplied them with illegal software, software that she had cracked? the one they claimed in their statement to officer Holmes? it wouldn’t be this software by any chance, would it?

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