What is good for the goose is good for the gander eh Alien

I was really flabbergasted when I read this tweet of Kris Manalien aka Christopher Hobby, talking about audacity, this really takes the biscuit. Please read further for more proof of his stalking.

What about the unsolicited tweets made by yourself to the @TheFoolChaser ?? dont they count as a criminal course of conduct? Especially that you have even offered a reward for his identity? Now that is what I call real stalking!

Of course you want the proof of your stalking don’t you Alien? unlike yourself whose life is made on a bed of lies.

It gets worse, a lot lot worse, here are the analytics of your account, you stupid ignorant man

This one has me laughing my socks off, his most replies are of course to himself 882 in 1 weeks time then Debbie comes in at second place and yes, wait for it, you got it in one yes folks @thefoolchaser is in at number 3. So who is trolling who, troll boy?

This one above is most interesting the Alien mentions @thefoolchaser 314 times in just a week!!

of course his favourite is little Debbie.  Then he tweets his ex mate Gerry on @ManorEngineer which has only tweeted twice!! I also know for a fact that Gerry is not on Social Media, I know for certain that Chris set up this account and the late DVSO Facebook account. We have a statement proving this.  Note that all the others the Alien tweets are people he calls his abusers!


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