Dorset police give private details away of a concerned citizen

From what I gather Dorset police actually told Christopher John Hobby convicted stalker the full name and place of residence of a concerned citizen who contacted them after reading the “Twittercide” tweet made by the ALIEN and not as he suggests by a third party, he actually thought that the Alien was about to end it all and free us all from his continual and habitual stalking and lying.  Apparently he has done this on several occasions which has resulted in having his door kicked in as he refuses to open the door to the caring officers who are concerned about his health.  I am sure that if it were a family member of yours or mine we would be eternally grateful to the messenger and also the police for caring enough to check on their well being.

Remember that the Alien told another friend of Debbie that he was going to kill himself on the day of his partners funeral!!

I have spoken to someone who knows exactly what was said to Dorset Police when reporting that the Alien may be in danger, he DID NOT give them his full title, so what Debbie is saying here is of course another load of crap, which of course we are all used to but, I have to ask myself why?  maybe that will become clearer in the coming days or weeks, whilst one thing remains completely clear.  The Alien is not a well person and needs help with his obsession, causing other pain and misery.


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