Debbie Flynn wife of Criminal Solicitor spreading Malicious lies on the net – Updated



I hope it wasn’t due to something I have written



I was very shocked this morning when I was sent a link   (now deleted) which is supposedly written by Mrs Debbie Flynn wife of Criminal Solicitor Mike Flynn.  What I find very disturbing is that she states “I have access to the entire police record of interviews etc”  Is this possible that her husband is sharing privileged information with her so she can post it on the internet for everyone to read? I shall be taking this up with the IPCC in the next few days.  The next part of that text is even more disturbing “and not once was paedophilia raised as an issue, Chris and Robert”  when it is Christopher himself that has tweeted on many occasions that he had been accused of paedophilia by JS. He even went so far as to say  that this was one of their bail conditions “Of the more concerning allegations were the ones that the bail conditions forbade them to “Act” with minors.  The men have since put the jigsaw together and proven there is more to this, they were investigated as being possible paedophiles” 

Then we have this totally fabricated and malicious accusation that JS had passed obscene photo’s of children onto Mark Williams-Thomas, someone they said they had never heard of until the skype conversation with JS?? another lie as they were publishing that MWT was an adviser on a tv play where the brother of the Alien had a minor part, thus linking his troll brother to MWT!!! WAKE UP DEBBIE

 “however subsequently find out that their accuser (the proof can be provided as its part of a long screen shot Skype) had mentioned paedophilia much to the horror of Robert and Chris. This same person sent paedophilic images to Mark Williams Thomas according to her own account”

In actual fact it was the Alien who asked JS to visit the website of the person he stalked and harassed for 4 long years and sent to prison for doing so

This is that skype chat where you can clearly see that Christopher groomed JS to go to that website to look at and collect certain photo’s of the son of Cracknell in various poses, which are art and not pornographic as Christopher would have you believe, but because JS was raped as a child, he knew she would see these images differently, she did, they made her feel sick, as you can read for yourself.


I hope you are all following this closely, this is what grooming is all about









One can actually feel him jumping up and down with glee now



JS states she wants to report the photo’s she is seeing, Chris is really in his element now, he does not care that JS is extremely fragile now, no he goes on!

















!!Chris knew that the sexual abuse of JS started when she was 6-7 years old (coincidence? I think not)




JS wants to send the photo’s to the police, yet Chris tells her to wait until the time is right? remember he was jailed for stalking Robin Cracknell, now Chris is involving an innocent person to do his dirty work for him, knowing that these images would trigger her!! I do really hope you are reading this Debbie dear



<<< Like fuck you gave a damn





Actually admitting that he had all these images on his computer when it was impounded by the police in 2010!

Again JS wants to report them, but is told not to do anything just yet, what for dirty plan does he have with these pictures now on the computer of JS????

What an evil web he is weaving…….















<< now she is very clear she is suffering. Chris does not give a flying fuck as he continues to control her just like her abuser did. A Judge should be reading this. Chris was ordered never to contact Cracknell again nor get anyone to contact or stalk him ever again, he knows this, he wants time to cover his sick tracks on all this. Getting JS to promise again and again.



The grooming is complete, Chris is in complete control of JS. She believes this child is in danger and wants to make others aware, but must take responsibility for reporting the images!!






Still only thinking of himself, his appeal to have yet another day in court


JS is only interested in this child, Chris is only interested in himself. 

Now remember that Chris states that until Jan told him about MWT he had never heard of him!!! but this says otherwise! Then he continues to groom her to say exactly what he wants her to say to MWT 

Remember, if these images were found to be pornographic in anyway they would have long been removed from the net, they are still there, go take a look! Now Jan comes up with the idea they had been grooming her for all along!





Another warning do not mention us!!!












There isn’t much more, but I shall put a link here when I have uploaded that skype conversation to a dropbox file






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