According to Christopher John Hobby he has never published blogs about anybody, oh dear

After going through about 300 emails which I have been given full access to by the owner, I have found several emails that completely blow the claims of Christopher John Hobby out of the water! I do hope you are still reading Debbie 

 This little gem was sent in a DM to @Dogs_r_Out after he had received proof that Christopher did write blogs

This is just a handful of emails I found to prove that Christopher does write and publish blogs, before you all start shouting saying this is the email address of his late partner Robert, we all know that Christopher used and still uses his late partner’s email address. I am sure there are a lot more emails to add to this post.

 Also amongst these emails are several emails proving that JS sent several large amounts of money into the bank account of Morey aka Lee, I shall be asking permission to show this proof, also asking what this money was for. 



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If you dare to disagree with Christopher John Hobby, you will become an abuser!

A public health warning should be put on the Troll Christopher John Hobby, as you could be putting yourself and your family in very grave danger

We are still looking into this, why did Christopher first approach Eve Thomas?

See once again the email is written on the email account of Robert but is signed by Chris

I find this email to Eve very educational “Janette facetimed me and she was very depressed and bedraggled and was in SUICIDE MODE holding a bottle of 150 of her husband’s heart pills disolved in water…..”  so it is his opinion she was about to commit suicide? something she said she would never do as her father, mother and other members of her family had done this, scaring the remaining members for life. 

Now this email where they don’t believe a word Eve says?

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WHO IS THE COMPUTER HACKER? I’ll GIVE YOU JUST ONE SMALL GUESS, He’s out of this world…. updated

The Alien’s obsession that everyone has hacked into his computer & infected it with a virus

 So who is the real hacker

I have been informed that the twitter account belonging to @dogs_r_out was hacked and someone tried to change the password! Also, Bones account was suspended for showing a pornographic image in the header!  (we here believe it was Christopher John Hobby, as he boasted about it on twitter)

Here is the proof of the suspension

One see’s more naked breasts on the beach!

Then Christopher boasted about this account being suspended!

Here is the proof that someone was trying to change his password, all on the same day! suspicious? VERY


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Debbie, Debbie, Debbie, Gullible is not the word I would use, especially not for a wife of a solicitor

So as I understand it, @Debbie_Bacon actually believes that the Lady from Holland is a professional hacker, who tried to teach her trade to Christopher and Robert? on whose word or evidence? surely not on the evidence presented by the Alien?

“Now did Bone get information from the council (breach of confidentiality/data protection) or could Chris have had his email hacked by a mistress of manipulation and accomplished hacker who tried to teach some of her trade to Chris and Robert? I will call up the council myself on Monday and see how far I can get with an enquiry to see if this bares out.”  

Are we talking again about that JS supplied them with illegal software, software that she had cracked? the one they claimed in their statement to officer Holmes? it wouldn’t be this software by any chance, would it?

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Christopher Hobby aka Kris Manalien vs @Dogs_r_out – UPDATED

Note from admin:  the person named here as Debbie IS NOT A CONVICTED TROLL she just associates with one, believing he was innocent of the stalking/harassment of Robin Cracknell!


I witnessed something very strange, a Twitter conversation between Christopher Hobby and an account @Dogs_r_out  I asked Mr Bone to follow me @convictedtrolls .  Bone informed me that he had become twitter friends with Hobby about a month ago after reading a falling out with someone else on twitter, someone he was following at the time.   Christopher in turn, asked Bone to follow Debbie Bacon, who, apparently is the wife of Chris’s solicitor and had witnessed a break in by Dorset Police at Christopher’s home. Bone was only too pleased to follow Debbie as maybe she could do something about the threats that Christopher made about ending his life on the day of Roberts funeral, a funeral we now all know that Christopher did not attend.

It turned out that Debbie and Bone had something in common namely French Bulldogs and helping vulnerable people.   Bone said that after everything he had read in the last few weeks about Christopher he was extremely concerned for Debbie’s safety, he thought she was  ‘being led down the garden path’ as she kept telling him some very strange things which Bone thought the wife of a solicitor would know were not plausible, such as Christopher being on the Witness protection Scheme and that they had moved Christopher to another place where he was safe.

I have just been notified of a statement which has appeared on twitlonger 

Is there such a thing as an innocent tweet?

Today I learnt that whatever you say online, will be bought back to bite you even if you admit to making an honest mistake! I was followed a while and then followed back a chap I only know as Bone (@dogs_r_out). He seemed a nice chap, genuinely concerned and he is a dog lover – anyone who doesn’t like animals is untrustworthy in my book as they usually lack empathy. Well, Bone sent a personal message to me shortly after this asking for Mikes number and warning me off contact with Chris (Chris Hobby). I do not have a copy of this message as every message before 28th Jan has disappeared from my message string. This might be normal, I don’t know. I do however know my Twitter and my Facebook were hacked in order to put HISTORIC posting on my time line so I’m guessing anything is possible.

Bone at times seemed concerned about Chris and his welfare, although he did message me at one stage to say Chris was a known troll and that he thought my account was fake and I was in fact Chris! I shared this with Chris as I found it amusing so there is im sure a copy of this message. Chris warned me at the time to be very careful as Bone was not who he said he was. Bone himself said I was gullible, perhaps I am, I prefer naive as I really didn’t think people would spend time and effort making up stuff that want true to post online.

Anyway, this sweet, dog loving old man – a court usher of 30 years and knowledgeable of the law, has used PRIVATE conversations between him and myself to attack my friend Chris.  I believe this is the other way around how I interpret it

  then Christopher goes on to say this, so googling someones telephone number is stalking?

Mike (my better by far half) has demanded that I have no further contact with him and I intend to abide by this. I got mixed up and described the chap that met with Chris and myself in a local cafe as ‘witness protection’. I got it wrong. It was ‘victim support’ and I had no right to share that Chris was getting any help from anyone, let alone cause him grief by getting the name wrong! But instead of giving me time to find out who this chap we had a meeting with was, Bone accused me of taking him for a fool and then contacted Chris (who had never mentioned witness protection to me, on line or to anyone to the best of my knowledge) to essentially call him a liar. As someone who has been falsely accused on several occasions of public name calling, (trolling) Chris is hypersensitive to these sort of allegations and finds being falsely accused of lying more stressful than most would because of past history.


I have to ask Debbie, why would you say to me that Chris had moved when he certainly has not? I really don’t know what to think now.

Feb 16Sent

Debbie bacon

Chris was supposed to be moving and as I said to you at the time, I had not been to his new place. I did offer to help him pack but it was all sorted – presumably by the witness protection people but not sure. I’m wracking my brain (such as it is) to try and remember what the chap from witness protection said about the move when I met up with him and Chris. Sadly my memory and mind doesn’t always work well – the neurological consultant did have a name for it, but my cardiologist called it “brain fog” and I like that term as it’s very descriptive of how I feel and easy to remember! Not too sure what happened with the move, I just know he now wants them to find him something out of Dorset. I think sometimes he says things to people to see what gets quoted online! I think part of it is that Chris isn’t sure what he wants – there’s all the memories of Robert in Bournemouth that he’s bound to miss if he moves from the area. I’m off to bed now after a tough day – work was busy, Henry was a mini monster tonight, and I’ve got Chris who’s in a bad way at the moment due to his anger at my treachery (in his mind that’s cut and dried and proven now, so looks like it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to sort out). Mike saw I was upset and has told me to use it as an excuse to take a step back, but if I did that now it would under pin Chris’s belief that I’ve been “befriending the enemy” and make him even more isolated. I just can’t do that to poor Chris. Speak to you again soon, night night x

Feb 16

I have heard a lot of shit in my life but ‘WITNESS PROTECTION’ that I do not believe, I’m really sorry, I really don’t know who is telling you such rubbish, don’t forget Debbie I worked as an Usher of the courts for nearly 30 years and have never heard of anything so ridicules in all my life. Please don’t try and make a fool out of a man who has seen far too many people like Christopher put behind bars.

Feb 16Sent

Debbie bacon

I had to take Chris to meet up with him the first time as he wouldn’t go on his own and the chap wouldn’t do home visit. Who would do all that if they were not who they said they were? Surely the police wouldn’t have put Chris in touch with them and go through a meeting with their man (can’t remember his name, but he gave Chris a card) if it wasn’t for real? I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was the protection guy that asked me to stay for the meeting as support for Chris – which certainly seems like something they’d reasonably ask. I would ask Chris the chaps name, but at the moment he’s still cross with me. I don’t know what to do now. Was he a fake? Have the police put Chris in touch with someone who’s not who their supposed to be? Should I speak to Mike or the Detective that’s dealing with Chris’s matter? If the police have set Chris up somehow I think it would seriously send him over the edge. Are you really sure it can’t be witness protection? How can I find out for sure? Would a freedom of information request work? I don’t know if I’ve got the time or ability to get involved in all that, even thinking about it makes me angry – which won’t be good for my health either. Perhaps Mike is right. I don’t know.

Feb 16

Debbie, someone is put in ‘witness protection’ when they are a WITNESS in an important trial and for no other reason. They would tell no one not even you about the case. They would certainly not allow Christopher to be online 24/7 attacking others the way he is. Those in the system have to break contact with friends and family, they are not allowed on the web, especially using their own names. Either you are not who you say you are, or you are a very gullible women. To be honest, after being on the receiving end of Chris’s paranoia, I believe you are afraid to step away for fear of what he may do to you or your family. Both my daughter Gwen and her partner have been reading Christopher every day, both have warned me to stay away from anything/anyone to do with him. My advice to you is to speak with your husband about all of this. I was out until 2am this morning helping real victims of society, which tugs on one’s soul.
Debbie bacon

Humm, looking at the link it would seem highly unlikely that Chris was in witness protection. I wonder what they’re playing at? Not sure who I should raise this with. I think Chris would freak out if he found out he’s been conned in any way. Especially as he’s expecting them to move him out of the area! I certainly don’t consider myself to be very gullible (although Mike has called me that on too many occasions to note!) – they guy handed Chris a business card and spent over an hour discussing stuff with him. I was there. What the hell is going on here? (In all that time you didn’t ask who the man was, he didn’t introduce himself to you? very strange)  I really don’t know where to turn. Mike won’t get involved. Chris has asked me to pass on some information to you, but to be quite honest I have no wish to get involved in being a go between and trying to work out who’s telling the truth and who isn’t. (But, that is exactly what you have done!) The chats we’ve had I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, and I’ve loved comparing Frenchie notes. I would really like to keep that friendship open without all this Chris stuff. I certainly don’t want to abandon Chris either. You have to speak as you find and he’s always been kind, generous and warm toward me. The only thing I do have to say on the Chris issue is that there are some very strange goings on and I have to wonder who’s behind it all. As I’ve said to Chris, it all seems a bit surreal and like a Steven King version of Alice in Wonderland!

Feb 17


Not them playing games, but your friend Chris. Gwen made some inquiries, Chris approached Bournemouth Borough Council asking if they could re-home him as he felt his life was in danger. Please don’t take me for a fool Debbie, you know damned well it was not for witness protection. (none of this does Debbie discuss with her husband Christopher’s solicitor?)

Feb 17Sent
Debbie bacon

I know what I was told, I’m not taking you for a fool I promise you. I believe you that it probably wasn’t witness protection after seeing your link. I do not “know damn well” it was not witness protection! If a guy is handing out business cards and meeting up with people, the really worrying thing is who is it? And who’s having who over? Perhaps Chris is right and JS is instructing you? Perhaps we’re both being toyed with, god only knows. I do know that I have never lied or deliberately misled! Well, at least you know for sure that Chris was supposed to be moving now, so Gwens investigation has proved that bit right. I don’t know why the move didn’t go ahead, or whether the places is still available or if they are looking for something outside of Dorset. If the council believed Chris’s life was in danger, could they have set up a meeting with witness protection? Or does it have to come from the police? The message Chris asked me to pass on was: “JS does not have a young son. She has a 30 year old step son but he doesn’t speak English. You are being controlled or manipulated by JS, try ringing the ‘son’ and see the truth for yourself”. I have no way of knowing if any of this is true (I don’t believe you’d be the sort of person manipulated into mischief, I get a strong feeling you are genuine and really trying to help) and this is why I didn’t want to get involved or join in with the Chris v JS rubbish. I’ve seen communications between them and have to agree with the conclusion that they are both as bad as each other in some ways. I really should be using Henry’s snooze time to get some rest myself as I’ve got him till 10pm tonight. I wish I could find out for sure what is true and what isn’t! (yet, you are in contact with the investigating officer, surely he must know) 

Has he or hasn’t he


Tweets not disappeared you opened another account

Tiffany Tiffincake
Tiffany Tiffincake
I had an email saying a message was in my twitter account and I can see part of the message in the email but not all of it. I’m currently locked out of my debbie bacon account so using my dogs name as so many other debbie bacons out there. I understand grime the part of your message that I could read that you are concerned about Chris. He’s not speaking with me at the moment as I’ve upset him. I am however very concerned about him and will do what I can to help him. Debbie
Jan 18
this was that message…..
If you or your husband have any influence with Chris or contact with his GP. Someone should be ordering a psychiatric report on him. I have had to block him, I will not get involved with him anymore. I have also just been told that Roberts funeral is on Monday the 23rd not on the 25th as he told the courts. I have been warned by 5 people not to get involved with him as it will end in him taking a civil case against me. That that is his life and that that is what killed his partner. I do not know who or what to believe anymore
Jan 18

Tiffany Tiffincake
Thanks for resending. I’m not in Chris’s circle of trust at the moment, but I will see what I can do to help. Debbie
Jan 18
Please do, I am very concerned about his mental health, as I told the officer this morning.
Please do, I am very concerned about his mental health, as I told the officer this morning.
Jan 18

He told me that after his partners funeral he would be going to a hotel with a bottle of whisky and sleeping pills. I had to inform the police of his plans. There is a law, which I am sure you know all about to report any threats of suicide or personal harm. I will be no part of a suicide pact for whatever reason
Jan 18

Since I followed Chris, I have been accused of being 6 different people by people who he follows on here. One of them I have followed for a very long time, as I said, I have no idea what is going on, all I know is I do not want to be involved with him or his followers anymore.
Jan 18

Tiffany Tiffincake
Don’t blame you. I’m not bothering with anyone either.
Jan 18
I was out on the streets yesterday from 8pm until 2.30 am helping the homeless, that is where my heart is, not for helping people who cause their own misery.
Jan 18

Tiffany Tiffincake
Bless you. I’ll see what I can do for Chris, but if it’s met with too much abuse I might just have to leave things be. D
Jan 18
I really did try. I wish you all the best, I apologise if I have caused you any anxiety through my DMs, I just feel very frustrated not knowing who is who on here.
Jan 18

Please wake up Debbie and smell the coffee




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The Alien does not like the truth even when it is staring him in the face


Christopher this is the last time I shall write about this and take away the delusion that the old WordPress blog was suspended.  If an account is suspended one is not allowed to export anything from that blog, nor would the site be re-directed, something you yourself have found to be true,  if one should click on any of the old posts in google, they will be directed here.

Further look at the date this website was created 29th January 2017, of course I have redacted the personal details of the transaction, I mean we wouldn’t be so stupid to put one’s credit card details on here now would we?


Further, I see that you are re-tweeting yourself on a made up troll account again. How do we know it is you? because otherwise it would not be there anymore, you would have made it a priority to have it removed!





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Royden James Jones aka Outlaw up to his old allegations again

I really do think it very strange that all these trolls keep calling their victims paedophiles, or shills, or gatekeepers.  Outlaw’s favorite is of course paedophiles, as we can once again witness in these posts, taken from his Facebook account.

So the person who put this website together is a paedophile? is that now slander or libel? Is this not one of the things he keeps telling those that listen to him, that others call him a paedophile? that he is afraid that people out there will take this serious and come for him and his family.

Yet it is really ok for him to call others paedophiles, he has no regard for their children, people that he doesn’t know, nor has ever set eyes upon.  Of course, we have the gathering of his cult who jump on his every word,

Of course, we have the gathering of his cult who jump on his every word, they, of course, go on to repeat his lies.

Now I have to ask myself, who would be afraid of a midget, that is nearly blind, never leaves the house without his psychiatric nurse holding his hand?

Certainly not me, as we all know what a liar Jones is, a reminder for those who have just started following this website.

This is what Royden James Jones told Channel 4 news

Funny thing is Royden James Jones was never at Bryn Estyn,  it was JS who told him she knew he was lying as none of the ex-residents remembered him being there, so he promptly changed his story and said he was in the protected wing, which, according to the same ex-residents said,  it would have been impossible to see the carpark, from the closed unit (as it was called) as that was at the back of the home, making it impossible for him to have seen the carpark, let alone children getting into a car!  It was after this revelation by the real ex-residents did JS confront him with his lies, after which, she became his target and to this very day it continues.  He actually tried to convince others that it was Channel 4 who changed his story to make it look like he had seen Morrison at Bryn Estyn

Then we have these lies, which he keeps on telling in spite of being found out


and then we have his contradictions of ever being in Bryn Estyn and never having said that he saw Morrison there!

Then these two tweets about Jimmy Savile

We have written to channel 4 and have asked for an explanation. Maybe this falls under the False News everybody is talking and tweeting about?

By the way Jones, the only person discrediting you is YOU, every time you open your mouth or get behind your keyboard, we are only showing those lies!


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Five internet trolls a day convicted in UK as figures show ten-fold increase

Convictions for internet ‘trolling’ soars under laws that target sending of offensive, indecent or obscene messages, Ministry of Justice figures show

Convictions for crimes under a law used to prosecute internet “trolls” have increased ten-fold in a decade with five a day, official figures reveal.

Last year, 1,209 people were found guilty of offences under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 – equivalent to three every day – compared to 143 in 2004.

The MoJ figures also revealed a similar rise in the number of convictions under the Malicious Communications Act, which states that it is an offence to send a threatening, offensive or indecent letter, electronic communication or article with the intent to cause distress or anxiety.

Last year, 694 individuals – the equivalent of two a day – were found guilty of offences under this Act. This is the highest number for at least a decade and more than 10 times higher than the 64 convictions recorded in 2004.

It is a crime under the Communications Act to send “by means of a public electronic communications network” a message or other material that is “grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character”.

Previously little-used, Section 127 has come to prominence in recent years following a string of high-profile cases of so-called trolling on social media sites. It can also cover phone calls and emails, and cases of “persistent misuse” that cause the victim annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety.

Online abuse: how to live a happy troll-free life on the internet
Prolific internet troll who branded victims paedophiles spared jail

Statistics released by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) show that 1,501 defendants were prosecuted under the law last year – including 70 juveniles – while another 685 were cautioned.

Of those convicted, 155 were jailed – compared to just seven a decade before. The average custodial sentence was 2.2 months.

Compared to the previous year, there was an 18pc increase in convictions under Section 127, but the number has dipped since a peak in 2012 when there were 1,423.

In 2013, then-Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Sir Keir Starmer QC issued guidance stating that users who post offensive material online must pass a “high threshold” before they are prosecuted.

Former Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Keir Starmer QC (PA)

The changes came in the wake of a case in which Paul Chambers was found guilty in May 2010 after joking on Twitter about blowing up Robin Hood Airport in South Yorkshire. His conviction was later overturned at the High Court.

Professor Lilian Edwards, director of the Centre for Internet Law and Policy at the University of Strathclyde, said the rise in prosecutions under Section 127 reflected the surge in use of social media.

“This was a relatively obscure provision before the internet,” she said. “You would have been talking about poison telephone calls and there were relatively few of those. It is obviously related to what has happened with social media.”

‘Criminalising online trolls is absurd, even if what they say is vile’
Madeleine McCann ‘Twitter troll’ death: Trolling never a victimless crime

She said two contrasting factors were having an impact on the number of cases in recent years.

“There is the DPP guidance which made prosecutions more carefully considered so that people were not being prosecuted for making jokes, for example.

“At the same time you have simply got more awareness that this is a serious problem both among the public and the police.”

Labour MP Stella Creasy was a victim of Twitter trolling

The issue of online abuse came under scrutiny after cases such as the targeting of Labour MP Stella Creasy.

She spoke of the “misery” caused after a Twitter troll retweeted menacing posts threatening to rape her and branding her a “witch”.

Other victims of trolling have included campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez and Chloe Madeley, daughter of Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan.

In October the Government announced measures to increase the maximum sentence for trolls who are convicted under the Malicious Communications Act from six months to two years and extend the time limit for prosecutions under Section 127 to three years from the commission of offence.


This article was found here

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According to the aliens logic, he is accusing someone of being guilty by association, well then that is certainly a turn up for the books, as he claims he helped Gerry Coulter with the making of video’s and documentaries where one can clearly hear Christopher’s voice.  He also gave Gerry all his manipulated evidence to keep ‘safe’ for him. Guilty by Association

If that’s not enough we, of course, have thousands of tweets made by the DVSO which are clearly made by the Alien


Enough said over this

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Christopher Hobby prefabricating evidence to use against his victim


This homemade video of Christopher Hobby sent the video with an email to one of his victims on the 17th December 2013. Remember this victim had a massive operation on the 13th of December 2013 (most of her stomach was removed)  and was not even home on the 17th of December

now we shall take a close look at this fabricated and manipulated evidence

The date on these tweets is the 15 December, which were sent by an automatic tweet service JS was using at the time

This next shot shows that Christopher is not on his twitter page but on that of JS2

Just look at all those twitter accounts Christopher has open and we all know he is the master of false evidence.


Feel free to add your own translation of this video film created by the Alien himself.


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