The Alien tampering with evidence already presented to the courts

Christopher John Hobby on twitter this evening chatting with @zampos asking for this recently bereaved person to help him in his fight. In this conversation he puts up 2 tweets which he has very carefully manipulated to suit his agenda

This is the actual conversation, as you can see it was THE ALIEN asking this lady to put comments on his blog, when she said she would not make up another account in another name to do this, he became very angry with her

A man who has the ability on the evening before he goes to court as a witness for the prosecution to alter and manipulate private conversations for his own agenda should never be allowed to testify against anyone in any trial!! A copy of this will be going with me tomorrow. Have a good nights sleep Chris.

This is why the Police do not believe one word the Alien says!

Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien would have everyone believe that he is the victim of a ‘gang’ of ‘SuperTrolls” and that his life is in continual danger, nothing could be further from the truth as I am once again going to show you.  In normal circumstances if someone was afraid for their life, would they contact the person who they feel threatened by and actually tell them where they were going to be and at what time? the answer from everyone would be  DEFINITELY NOT.  So why does the Alien do this time and time again? I shall tell you why, he is really totally insane to him this is all a game, not only is he wasting valuable police time with his complaints to them he is putting other people in danger.

Yesterday the alien decided to join yet another FaceBook group where he could spout his bile to another audience and at the same time goading his so called enemy to follow him in there, the joke really is on the Alien as he thought this was a group of people who were fighting the CPS ( when in actual fact he had entered an American Group of Child Protective Services in the USA!

This tweet one line with a link to the group the Alien had joined for the whole world to see

including his so called stalker!

Of course someone did follow him in there but not to stalk the Alien but to warn those in that

group that a rather unpleasant person had entered the group who was a convicted

Stalker and Abuser

Yes even Chief Constable James R Vaughan is about to receive a copy of this post

so he knows what you do every waking minute of every day of your

miserable life


The Alien is implying here that he will not be attending the court hearing tomorrow, well if he is not there, the case will go on without him the all the witnesses will be heard.

The only one that is likely to be arrested tomorrow is YOU ALIEN

Of course your best friend will also be arrested for trying to pervert the course of justice, as she freely admits that she and she only takes the blame for every word that is written on her #Twitter page. So Kris do you know feel threatened by your new best friend, as it was her who let public enemy number 1 where you would be at a certain time and place?  Send in those people with their white coats before someone really gets hurt in the cross fire of this lunatic! who has been up all night long making more of his ludicrous YouTube videos, who by the way, nobody watches, only himself.


As I have said on numerous occasions the ALIEN is an ATTENTION SEEKER and remember that NEGATIVE ATTENTION is STILL ATTENTION


Once again this is proof that Debby did not delete any tweets

Christopher Hobby aka Kris Manalien has yet another twitter account @KarenAguawater3 yes not surprisingly using another ladies account name for his own dirty dealings and lies.

First of all Alien, if a WordPress Blog is suspended it is also blocked and will not allow the owner or anyone else to retrieve the posts and/or media.  I shall let you into a little secret, this site was up a long time before that other WordPress blog was up, Nearly all the posts on that other blog were exported from here.

Now you still continue to tell the world lol just you and your new friend, 2 people that is, that Debbie deleted a load of tweets, well here is once again proof that those tweets are still there

All night long – The Alien does not need sleep like the rest of us

Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien convicted stalker and abuser has been tweeting all night and making his malicious videos and uploading them to YouTube, he see’s nothing wrong with this as he has totally no regard for the law, which I shall endeavour to remind him of.  If you publish private messages or emails sent to you without the prior permission from the sender you are breaking the law regarding the copyright of same.  So I would advise anyone whose text messages or emails or court statements have been published by the Alien to contact the social media platform where these are shown and inform your local police force.  We are all very much aware of what Hobby/Manalien is capable of so be fore warned, do not enter into private messages with him as he will use these against you then you automatically become a member of his Super Troll Gang. Nobody is safe from this lunatic who desperately needs to be put away for his own good.

Just to prove to the madman on twitter that Debby has not removed any tweets, the reason you cannot see them is you have to go into tweets and replies then scroll all the way back into 2017 they are there here is the proof

Get out of this one mate: it is YOU who is the LIAR no one else.  If you have any human left in you, you should make a public apology to the lady in question

The Alien Has deleted many tweets today, yet none appear on tweevious? I wonder why that is

These are the tweets in question the bottom tweet of every 2 has been deleted for various reasons as you can see, forgot to put who they were sent to, or spelling mistake, so why are these deleted tweets not available on Tweevious as Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien would have you all believe.





Here is an example of Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien stalking of a lady he is obsessed with. Will he ever stop?

We all know that Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien was jailed for the stalking and abuse of Mr Robin Cracknell and his son (see pinned post)

Here we have proof of his stalking of a lady he is totally and utterly obsessed by, he searches twitter for any new account she may open then starts to stalk it and post tweets to her followers.  I can assure you Ms S has not been on twitter for the last 2 years since the birth of her grandchildren, whom she will protect against people like Kris Manalien aka Christopher John Hobby.

He is also insinuating that this account is also from the same lady, I have absolute proof it is not her, a DM conversation with someone who organised the monthly walks in London, remembering those who died in Grenfell Tower, up until December Corina was one of the marchers and is known very well with the help organisations.

Yet the Alien has even made a lying You Tube video about Corina being someone else.



Over here we are all convinced that Christopher John Hobby really is insane, or will that be his plea? INSANITY

I am sure you will remember this claim of the Alien’s just a few days ago

He clearly states that Dorset Police Force have thus far failed to investigate, yet, he carries on saying they are investigating and also are going to be arrested and charged

He is also saying in this tweet not only is officer Alsford a police officer, he is also a public prosecutor! well I never, that must be a second job as we all know the police are not paid enough especially when they have to deal with nutters like Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien.

Your Honour I rest my case

Christopher John Hobby begging for a retweet

What a pity, nobody has retweeted him, they must all have him on mute lol

The only people living in fear are your victims, how many are there now Kris? well at least 6 of us will be there to meet you in person on the 16th and that frightens the hell out of me, I just hope all traces of the Russian chemicals have been cleared. By the way just how many arresting officers will be there to greet us all Kris?

Yet another lie from the King of Lies Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien

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The Alien would have his few followers believe that he is so very important, that thousands of people are following every tweet he writes, it couldn’t be further from the truth, he just logs into twitter from another one of his accounts, then goes to his abuse account and hammers away on the f5 key, as explained here


I see you are still tweeting to the police that are ignoring you, I actually feel very sorry for you, and really look forward to seeing you on the 16th.