Looking at RJJ & driftwood’s twitt accounts with this blog in mind, it’s easy to see the obvious use of dummy accounts, and accounts of obvious accomplices, to create the illusion of support for these two individuals. Their machinations are clear to see, when you realise that their only apparent reason for existence, now, is to disrupt any fledgling attempts to create a serious movement to raise awareness of the systematic coverup of the horrendous abuses to children in 70-80′s care homes.

If one cares to look, it’s clear that the RJJ account has repeatedly insinuated itself into the, often personal, spheres of an intended victim, only to ‘part’ angrily with them over some matter, spewing accusations and entreaties – which are then batted between the dummy accounts, the mfokate/janerussell accounts, and driftwood…if any dissent of this treatment is exhibited by the target, then the RJJ account pitifully cries foul while the dummies take turns to give the ironically false impression that the RJJ account stands alone against a torrent of lies and falsehoods against him. Ridiculous stuff, childish even, but it works to fudge issues and exactly what started what.

When analysed, this divisive Twitter-ring shows more subtle permutations in the areas of information dissemination and coordination; the main three accounts are RJJ, driftwood and janerussell – with possibly one other female account…the rest are termed as ‘sock puppet’ accounts; and they are as described: the RJJ account uses socks that are usually seemingly suave and reasonable to moderate enquiries…there are around 4.

The driftwood account is usually less articulate, and relies on short,angry exchanges – the sock @deadkeneneddie is a marvellous example of how erudite this account CAN be tho, when it isn’t just batting for the RJJ account against the latest victim with varying degrees of vitriol.

The Mfo/janerussells account is much more interesting,with a higher level of perceived separation from its various sock guises. I sincerely hope that this one is either educated in psychology, or is getting some serious support from a shrink, because the sock accounts only show similarity when they’re either stroking the apparently real ego of the RJJ account, or when the account in one of its various guises is actually being nice, for once. I think perhaps, that the various peripheral socks operated by this account are controlled by two females.

This trolling Twitter-ring has shown that it can be dynamic, also; when police were actually called after one particular prolonged attack on individuals on Twitter, this group found itself with two of its members permanently excluded from Twitter, the solution? They simply made new similar names and started right back up again, stating that they were hacked..from this we can infer that the accounts mfokate and RJJ’s were ‘real’…

…on another occasion, the janerussell account was suspended for some days; when it came back, it stated that it had been hacked…I can convincingly argue that this account was found out to be a sock account used to harass/intimidate others, and was suspended following a complaint/investigation – the puppet operator – katemfo – then was required to email Twitter with a valid explanation why two accounts were being operated from the same ip address.

All very cloak and dagger, some have said…why such drama, ask others. Yet, while these commentators guffaw and qualify disinformation with their casual use of the RT, this divisive Twitter-ring uses ever-increasingly-intimidatory tactics to throw baseless accusations, make direct violent threats and publish personal particulars about the identities of individuals…to the point where actual photos of people’s faces and addresses to their homes are used, along with specific instructions as to what kind of intimidation/violence will be meted out.

…and now, they are waiting to get back to their original mission, to mess with messham’s head until he becomes less than a living reminder of the horrors visited on our precious, most vulnerable children, by VIP paedophile monsters…and the fetid smell of the coverup that far too many govts made of the suppression/killing of any enquiries.

Its about time that the issues raised by this blog were finally brought to the fore in an articulate, measured way.
Pls feel welcome to use my words in any way seen fit, in order to end this shame visited on every person who saw what was going on, yet did nothing.


Update: I was called on my home fone last night, and was greeted by a shrilly voice telling me it was katemfo, demanding I confirm my name…after suppressing a chuckle at the faux Scots accent – which was reminiscent of a light,if mangled, Dundee-area regionality, I found myself flicking thru my mental-map of uk accents, then idly wondering if the speaker confronting me had ever taken elocution lessons from Mrs Doubtfire, I noticed that the shrill voice had carried on talking, “That is one crappy Scots accent”, I couldn’t help but interject.
“What?”, She said, her accent gearing up a notch and gaining another testicle-pinching semi-quaver…Robin-Williams was IN the house, and he was going for the Oscar…”What?”, She said, again.
“I said, that accent is rubbish”, I repeated for her, adding, “Do you realise what you’re doing to people!?…why are you hounding good people?!! What’s your motivation? Are them two being blackmailed into doing this? What dirt have they got on them?!! Were they abusing kids while they were in care or what?!! GET THAT LITTLE RUNT PINKY ON THE PHONE YOU INHUMAN BUNCH OF BAST@RDS…TELL HIM I AIN’T SOME SCARED WOMAN RAISED IN THE STICKS BEING SCARED BY THREATS FROM SCARED OLD MEN!!” …etcetera.
I think it was at an interlude provided, by myself, by a need to inhale, that I realised that I was holding the phone in front of my face, I was shouting, and the phone was dead.
Having helped to raise 4 teenagers, I’m no stranger to all sorts of strange phone calls from all sorts of people at all sorts of times…but this one had me taken aback.
NEVER telephone a bloke who’s tucked into bed, sipping hot cocoa, and reveal that you’re part of a small team disrupting the efforts of good people who ‘only’ want to blow the lid off the coverups, perpetrated by government and judiciary, of disgusting abuses to kids while they were in care…such greetings tend to draw out the very worst in a chap. I was calmed, and ready to chalk it down to an opportunity missed, when a source sent me the following screen-shot:

Quite an interpretation! A veritable feast of misdirection, all nicely laid out for the feeding of impressionable little children…very questionable tactics; although highly appealing to chattering sock puppets, with the added benefit of informing the casual observer that a spoon if pap is coming their way…with the implicit contract that the viewer must swallow it, or face the consequence of having to go thru the tiresome business of actually looking thru timelines and establishing the facts for themselves.
In conclusion to this update, I can only say that I will be less ‘surprised’ if I got another call from Mrs Doubtfire…but I’d rather express myself, in terms, to pinky.
I do hope they kept a recording of my questions…they usually do.

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