the only evil being spread here is by your good self and your best friend, who you have never met, and you support his friend who says this about women

I am sorry my dear but this does say far more about you than any of us!!!!

I wonder why they are so interested in this lady?? what does she know about Royden James Jones, alias @theoutlawjimmywho according to @janerussellsays

who according to @janerussellsays doesn’t even live in the Netherlands, (listening to lies from JJ again) very strange indeed because I found loads of  things on the net to prove she does live in the Netherlands, but that’s another story another Page








Why don’t you ask your master how I get them, he does the same

you obviously haven’t read Miss fuckity off’s page

Think you need to look a bit closer to home


Not very respected according to the comments on this blog


If you looked just a little bit further in the books you will see her name was changed by deed pole,  they kept the first name but changed the spelling, its all there, just look for it or better still ask Sonia to look for it, its there I found it. Give you a hint Bernard Rhees Luxton & Partners, Park Place, Cardiff acting solicitors in 1967  now moved to Barry!!

I wonder if she knows she is really tweeting with her Master JJ Blondes eh!!


Sorry blondie, this is what your master does.  about deed pole, there is a record, I found it, now let your master go look for it, its there! He also told you she doesn’t live in the Netherlands or not?? your gonna love this one, I cannot believe you wouldn’t google her name, oh well blondes are dumb


looks like fucking double dutch to me lol.


Now how is this possible,  because according to your master she lives in London, all very strange

you leave yourself wide open, by the way haven’t you noticed there are 3 people doing this blog?? different colour script?? and please stop giving someone else credit for my masterpiece 9000 hits so far, or are you just in love with your page??

what a nasty piece of work you are glad so many people are reading this once again I am me kevin green freelance journo, go look for me, Im real unlike you sockpuppet of JJ

amazing where does she get it from, she just likes the attention, her page not getting as many hits as the rest, she feels left out, shall tweet the stats in a bit. Oh, I forgot you can’t see them. ROFL

 Here dear Jane is accusing David Cameron of murdering his son.


Good point, I have a nephew who killed his wife, don’t make me a murderer does it?

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