@MFOGlasgow aka @mfokate aka @katemfo aka @fairybulldog aka @fairybulldog7 aka @bulldogsnads




Country: United Kingdom gb flag
State/Region: Glasgow City
City: Glasgow
Latitude: 55.8333  (55° 49′ 59.88″ N)
Longitude: -4.25  (4° 15′ 0.00″ W)

but there are loads still open on topsy.com

thought Sue wasnt Sue??

this is where Miss FuckityOff got adeybobs email address from

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6 thoughts on “@MFOGlasgow aka @mfokate aka @katemfo aka @fairybulldog aka @fairybulldog7 aka @bulldogsnads

  1. Her email address says all we need to know Adey, this is one very damaged lady as we all know and have had first hand experience of, very nasty nature & character. What kind of lady would call herself “cuntymcfuck” Yuk! Thankfully her type are few and far between on Twitter.

    1. What kind of lady indeed, Sue? I would die of shame if a name like that was ever traced back to me (not that I would choose it!) You’ve got to wonder why someone would give herself such horrible names? And, if that’s her in the picture, such a pretty girl too.

  2. By the way, for those who aren’t aware MFO as she calls herself stands for MissFuckityOff. I think the recently set up @aliesalie is her. Not sure I spelt that right, delightful lady NOT. I ignore her, waste of my time and breath.

  3. And your psyche. Mine too. Any time I have online is devoted to keeping #paedobritain out there in the spotlight so what was done doesn’t fade back into the woodwork like it has so many times before. That’s my goal.

    Did you see this today, Sue?: http://goo.gl/VQKnh

    To be honest, I’m sick to death of that bloody Savile’s face by now, but it won’t stop me hauling him back in the spotlight wherever possible; that bounder cheated justice in this life, I hope he’s paying for it now, roasting in eternity.

    And after those harsh words, a very good day to you, Sue!

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