The only way to stop a rabid dog is to destroy it!

Many people will be pleased that this YouTube channel has gone along with 169 despicable video’s which have caused many of their victims a lot of pain and suffering. Yet only yesterday a video appeared here letting people hear a program about the ALIEN and what he did to Robin Cracknell over a period of 4 years, completely legal to show to others, but the Alien or shall I say the ‘rabid dog’ is in complete meltdown because of it, yet he mourns the fact that I and my employers have had to take drastic measures to have just one of many YouTube channels taken down which were full of libellous and malicious lies, I believe that says far more about the person we are dealing with here.

I presume that Dorset Police are also overjoyed at the removal of this YouTube Channel, but, as the ‘Rabid Dog’ admits here he will be back with more of the same, well DOG you put them up, we will take them down, I found it my duty to send this message of yours to YouTube with your intentions to start yet another channel or maybe use one of the other ones you have, which are now also under the loop of the Legal Team at YouTube.  

This is how the Alien collects his next victims

I have shown you several times how Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien sets out to get his next victim, well I saw this morning a few tweets directed to a certain lady who is involved with Innovating Justice for those of you who do not know what this is, here is a link which explains what they are trying to do.

Kathleen asked very nicely if the Alien would stop naming her in his tweets, this is what he answered to her

I clearly see this as blackmail and so will the police.

This tweet had me rocking back and fore laughing, well you must admit he does have humour if nothing else!

Then if this was not enough insult to injury he carried on telling this poor lady who she should not follow

This will be the beginning of a months of abuse against this innocent lady, talk about #FalseAllegations this being their hashtag along with #InnovatingJustice

Sorry Kathleen but I did warn you about him, now maybe you had better warn your whole team.

Another YouTube video of the Alien hits the dust

Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien convicted stalker and abuser will not admit it but many of his YouTube video’s have disappeared here is the latest proof I have for you all to see.

All these complaints were sent to twitter 2 of them were copyright complaints where he had used skype conversations and a twitter timeline both those video’s were deleted straight away.

here is the link to the deleted video


The other complaints will also be upheld by Wednesday at the latest

Here you can see if the Alien has been using any of your twitter timelines or Skype or phone messages putting them online, you see that is a copyright infringement thank goodness twitter take these things very seriously, as do Dorset Police. All this has been sent on to them.

For a website that according to the Alien doesn’t get much traffic I could almost say The Alien is becoming famous

The Alien is calling YouTube Support all Liars

We all know that the Alien denies the truth, well he would do wouldn’t he, as he is a pathological liar, so once again just for you chum

Now here is the proof only from a few, he will claim that the dates have been changed, just look at the complaint numbers which correspond with different video’s


Instructions on how to complain to twitter

Its amazing when you know how to report a tweet to twitter that is either defaming, pure fantasy or harassment, I shall show you step by step how to do this

First of all you go to the offending tweet which has your name mentioned in it, then click on the arrow next to the tweet

Another screen will appear asking you to pick other tweets of the same nature, I find that by tweeting them individually will make Twitter act faster so just click on ADD ONE

another screen will appear click on It’s abusive or harmful

Then another screen will appear asking who the tweet is about, you click on ME

Click on next then another screen will appear giving you a chance to say why this tweet is abusive or harmful,

Click on next, the report has now been sent and you will receive an email that it has been received

Yesterday evening I reported a lot of tweets

Then when I came home from work action had already taken place

Mission accomplished



Christopher Manalien as he now likes to be known has a very short memory

I believe the Alien is suffering from early onset of dementia, he forgets everything he has said so gawd only knows what the police make of all his complaints.

In my post here

Today he is still saying that the caravan is a camper? also that I took that photo from one of his so called trolls, ANOTHER LIE Mr Alien I took it from one of your tweets

He then elaborates on this, trying very hard like the little worm he is to wriggle out of his lies, by putting the blame on someone else

I wonder what the police will say about the complaint he sent in to them about this? Oh, that’s right, they binned it, like they do with everything else.

Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien the biggest fantastist ever to be born

I should now mention that the Alien is now calling himself Christopher Manalien.  Oh what a malicious lying individual he is, I have also informed the police of his recent lies about my friend in Holland. The Alien would have everybody believe that she actually wasted her precious time by attending the Salisbury Courts of Justice, when I can completely swear she was nowhere near the UK on that day or any other day in the last few months and unlike the Alien we do have proof of where she was.  The Alien went to many lengths to find a CARAVAN not a camper as he would have you all believe, as they do have 4 wheels and not 2, he also picked one out with the make HOBBY, he even published these malicious lies on his YouTube channel


Any fool can see that is a caravan except the ALIEN that is, here you have the proof



Also be warned that the Alien keeps every conversation whether it by on twitter, Facebook or Skype to use against the person he is communicating with when he has finished with them, then they will join his non existent Troll Gang.  The police know he is a very sick individual to be avoided at all costs, otherwise it will cost you dearly.

He has to date more than 200,000 GB of files just like these, no wonder the police do not want to investigate him any longer, it would take a whole force to go through all these files of his, but this is also proof as to how sick this individual is.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander

Anybody who knows about Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien will know he sets up accounts to attack himself with, they may lay dormant for a while before he uses them but he will use them, So imagine my surprise this evening when I received an email from someone that the Alien was having a massive HISSY FIT because someone had changed their twitter account to one that the Alien had disowned when he changed the @name from @karenaguwater3 into @TeamRobert_2018 thus relinquishing ownership of the @karenaguwater3 account, so this is open to anyone who cares to use it. What the Alien does not tell you though is that this is something he always does, I am sure all of you remember Jans account on twitter @___JS2 well that was before the ALIEN hacked it and claimed it for himself.  You don’t believe me? here is the proof beyond any reasonable doubt and to 100% of the Criminal Standard


I mean I ask you, what are the chances of the ALIEN aka Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien aka @ArtistMusicianX seeing this account which apparently follows no one, yet has one follower, yes you have it in one the ALIEN himself!!

Yet one has to ask why did he do this, well he did it with all intentions of attacking himself with it at a time suited to himself like he has done in the past with so many accounts,  there is something very interesting about this @ArtistMusicianX account which according to twitter was set up in June of this year

Now how could this relatively new account be following his @___JS2 account which he stole in august 2016, not very hard is it, he stole someone elses account first then changed that into the Artist account, which he has also stopped using.  All the pieces of the jigsaw coming nicely into place I think.

I wonder what Miss Karen will think of this piece of evidence now and what will their explanation be, we all wait with baited breath.