SUSAN PERRY who has an ongoing Love/Hate relationship with @theoutlawjimmy has now joined his team once again.  Sending him private emails, which she knows he will alter, as he did it to hers.    Just a reminder what Royden thinks of her

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Even Outlaw’s friends are dropping like flies. I am at the end here. Since my name appeared on DarrenLavert’y’s FO list my character has been torn to shreds by Jimmy & Darren, my replies to their friend Nancyheart’s blog were edited and totally changed with only one or 2 of my original words remaining. This destructive and upsetting list & video and JJ’s obsession with tearing apart of every good kind, honest person it seems, is coming across as a man on the edge, destructive, hate filled and vile and it all came at the time when #paedobritain happened, they may have failed in there attempts to destroy the most successful day in UK history for anyone associated with CSA but ask yourselves why? Why would 2 men who grew up in care turn on so many decent people and throw aggressive attacks at us all? I can answer that for you. In my opinion, firstly Gojam came along, united a whole nation and #paedobritain trended in a way that no one would ever have hoped or dreamed of, I for one as a CSA survivor will never be able to thank him enough, thousands were educated and have joined our plight. Jimmy and Darren have now attacked, lied, bullied so many decent people, good people, honest people, they have labelled us as nutter’s, cranks, people full of delusion and in Darren’s case the most horrific attacks on our characters. However, we are not all nutters etc and people can finally see that they have tried to destroy me, Gojam, John Clarke, James Reeves, Jan Schaerborg and so so many others. See, when u start attacking thoughroughly decent people then alarm bells start to ring as they are now. I am a truthful honest person, I had amazing parents who loved me and inspired me to be a good humanitarian, I despise injustice in all it’s forms and although I suffer severe ill health thru vaccine damage resulting in MS, Fibromyalgia and I already had CMT muscle wasting I will fight as hard as I can to speak up. The reason I am being targeted is because I hold some very damaging information about these 2 and I am not referring to the incident in 1979 re Darren. I am referring to right now, it is about Darren but ironically it was Jimmy who told me on the phone this revelation, which was the final piece in a big jigsaw. I can see the whole picture you see and they both know I can, hence the reason why they call me delusional, a nutter, a damaged woman etc. I am none of these btw, if I was would I really have had such a successful long career teaching? No I wouldn’t. I have my faults as all humans do but my nature and character are intrinsically good. This damaging truth that I know I will mention, there are a few other people who know it also, one in Janette (misty53) Now ask yourself why the degrading attack on her character. Look, u can all see what’s going on. I know what I know and that is 100% true, as I am a lady of integrity I alone will choose when I decide to talk to the relevant people. I’m tired now, but as I said I will stand up and fight for injustice. Now watch the next wave of attacks come & try to destroy me. Now I know I am not alone it has renewed my strength. Watch this space & thank you to those good decent folk who have supported me. Stay safe there are some Genuine nutters around, too many libellous words and threats to us, we need to make a stand together x Sue Perry. Twitter name:idsatoshater, formerly Anothersurvives and Siouxp22. I keep leaving due to their bullying but no more!

“I am me, Sue Perry, i have posted both my passport & other documentation on my twitter account @sueperry_You can all see my photos, my family & i talk to many of you on the phone. I am not a journalist, i was a special needs teacher prior to my vaccine damage. Previously i ran community living projects for adults with learning disabilities for Social Services on the North Wales Coast. I managed teams of support workers to support our service users.

I also set up & ran a specialist respite service for social services & linked it into the LEA, it was an innovative first and within 18months we were named A Centre Of Excellence.

All this from a child who was a csa survivor. I excelled in my work as it mattered greatly to me! I was a whistleblower & stood up against the grain and isolated myself from many by reporting 2 incidents of physical abuse against vulnerable children by popular staff members, it was my job to protect not to be popular.

Socially i am awkward & feel uncomfortable, I have my few lifelong friends who are everything to me. I have my best friend @royt1959, he is also a survivor & the truest lifelong friend.

I would like to state at this point that everything i have said about DL is the truth. Royden James Jones (theoutlawjimmy) and Darren did try their utmost to stop the campain #paedobritain to highlight child sexual abuse, which many of us are survivors of. The day was called #paedobritain and you got it trending throughout that day. I was so proud of you all i cried, such an achievement! I also have been bullied, my character torn into shreds by these 2 and their trolls when they all know damn well i am a good person. RJJ knows i am a good person, see my pics on Twitter!”

You all need to stop this right now, seriously. We are adult survivors of csa and some of us warriors are extremely vulnerable and weak, stop it now all of you before any more damage is done. Apart from my lovely Mum& daughter and Roy, i will never ever trust anyone again and that is tearing me in two as it has taken me years to get to this point in my life, there are other genuine warriors out there who are even more vulnerable than me and these dangerous games could result in someone taking their own lives. The damage has been done now you should all delete everything, give it up, apologise and implement some kind of acceptable damage limitation exercise. I would suggest a long healthy break from twitter and blogs, I personally felt much better for deleting my twitter, yet still it goes on. Give it up and get better. I’d like to be the first to apologise if I have inadvertently upset anyone. Goodbye and good luck to all my trusted warriors like Vanessa, Cocoabell, Pauline Barton, SlackTV and his lovely wife barnaclebum, and all the other lovely genuine Tweeps that I was so lucky to meet. Some ppl want us scared and I don’t just mean the Government, please remember there are more good ppl than bad out there who do truly amazing things daily, I am going to focus on the good in life when I’m over all this. Lastly, do not ever call yourself a warrior if you do not act on worrying information, that was all I tried to do and I have been punished for it enough now. Sadly I can no longer be a warrior when other warriors try to ruin me, I was a true warrior, they don’t deserve to wear that badge.

By the way, please could somebody kindly tell me who this lady Nancyheart23.wordpress is, as I have no idea whatsoever? I can see that she appears to take a keen interest in me and does seem to defend me for which there is no need, I never asked anyone to defend me, I take care of myself and I never requested a representative, especially one who does not know me! If ever I needed an advocate it would be my lifelong best friend Roy.
Why I have been dragged into the heart of all this I have no idea, I left twitter 7 days ago, ppl are playing mind games which I have no idea. I don’t do mind games, I just say the truth. I am in kahoots with nobody, I try not to take sides but when u are being fed mind games it hard you know. Those who know me know I was a teacher, then I got vaccine damage which does affect my brain, hence why I live a quiet simple life out on the mountains. I have multiple sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and also a muscle wasting disease called CMT plus I have had a heart attack. My Mum has been in hospital for 2 months, apart from 4 days at home, she only has myself and my daughter and it is a 100 mile round trip to visit her which we do constantly, I have now moved into her house to look after her when she does finally come home. I had the best 2 parents on the planet and now is my time to repay all the love she has given me over 48 years. I am an honest person and yes I have slated Jim and Jan and others because I just don’t know who to trust anymore, because I have more on my plate than I can cope with withoutind games that I don’t understand. The only truth I do know is that either Jimmy or Nancyheart23 have altered my words on private messages sent to Jimmy and bandied my private emails around, not nice, where is the trust and confidentially that he should have afforded me. Lives are being left in tatters and i have lost ALL the huge respect i had. I will not be reading anymore blogs. As above you can read my genuine email and see that I did not say the name Janette . I would ask each and everyone of you to not mention me again please, just leave me alone to try and struggle through each day and believe me it is a struggle daily. Please carry on this cruel vendetta but I won’t be involved in any of it any further. Best wishes to all, kindest regards Sue

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