The Alien is back again with another twitter account

Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien convicted stalker has opened up yet another account, please do not laugh @NOT_GUILTY_2017

His pinned tweet is very clear and his hatred of Mark Williams-Thomas who he has been trolling for 4 years just because he would not investigate Robin Cracknell the person who the Alien had harassed and stalked for 4 years and received a jail sentence for the same. 

Christopher Hobby aka Kris Manalien vs @Dogs_r_out – UPDATED

Note from admin:  the person named here as Debbie IS NOT A CONVICTED TROLL she just associates with one, believing he was innocent of the stalking/harassment of Robin Cracknell!


I witnessed something very strange, a Twitter conversation between Christopher Hobby and an account @Dogs_r_out  I asked Mr Bone to follow me @convictedtrolls .  Bone informed me that he had become twitter friends with Hobby about a month ago after reading a falling out with someone else on twitter, someone he was following at the time.   Christopher in turn, asked Bone to follow Debbie Bacon, who, apparently is the wife of Chris’s solicitor and had witnessed a break in by Dorset Police at Christopher’s home. Bone was only too pleased to follow Debbie as maybe she could do something about the threats that Christopher made about ending his life on the day of Roberts funeral, a funeral we now all know that Christopher did not attend.

It turned out that Debbie and Bone had something in common namely French Bulldogs and helping vulnerable people.   Bone said that after everything he had read in the last few weeks about Christopher he was extremely concerned for Debbie’s safety, he thought she was  ‘being led down the garden path’ as she kept telling him some very strange things which Bone thought the wife of a solicitor would know were not plausible, such as Christopher being on the Witness protection Scheme and that they had moved Christopher to another place where he was safe.

I have just been notified of a statement which has appeared on twitlonger 

Is there such a thing as an innocent tweet?

Today I learnt that whatever you say online, will be bought back to bite you even if you admit to making an honest mistake! I was followed a while and then followed back a chap I only know as Bone (@dogs_r_out). He seemed a nice chap, genuinely concerned and he is a dog lover – anyone who doesn’t like animals is untrustworthy in my book as they usually lack empathy. Well, Bone sent a personal message to me shortly after this asking for Mikes number and warning me off contact with Chris (Chris Hobby). I do not have a copy of this message as every message before 28th Jan has disappeared from my message string. This might be normal, I don’t know. I do however know my Twitter and my Facebook were hacked in order to put HISTORIC posting on my time line so I’m guessing anything is possible.

Bone at times seemed concerned about Chris and his welfare, although he did message me at one stage to say Chris was a known troll and that he thought my account was fake and I was in fact Chris! I shared this with Chris as I found it amusing so there is im sure a copy of this message. Chris warned me at the time to be very careful as Bone was not who he said he was. Bone himself said I was gullible, perhaps I am, I prefer naive as I really didn’t think people would spend time and effort making up stuff that want true to post online.

Anyway, this sweet, dog loving old man – a court usher of 30 years and knowledgeable of the law, has used PRIVATE conversations between him and myself to attack my friend Chris.  I believe this is the other way around how I interpret it

  then Christopher goes on to say this, so googling someones telephone number is stalking?

Mike (my better by far half) has demanded that I have no further contact with him and I intend to abide by this. I got mixed up and described the chap that met with Chris and myself in a local cafe as ‘witness protection’. I got it wrong. It was ‘victim support’ and I had no right to share that Chris was getting any help from anyone, let alone cause him grief by getting the name wrong! But instead of giving me time to find out who this chap we had a meeting with was, Bone accused me of taking him for a fool and then contacted Chris (who had never mentioned witness protection to me, on line or to anyone to the best of my knowledge) to essentially call him a liar. As someone who has been falsely accused on several occasions of public name calling, (trolling) Chris is hypersensitive to these sort of allegations and finds being falsely accused of lying more stressful than most would because of past history.


I have to ask Debbie, why would you say to me that Chris had moved when he certainly has not? I really don’t know what to think now.

Feb 16Sent

Debbie bacon

Chris was supposed to be moving and as I said to you at the time, I had not been to his new place. I did offer to help him pack but it was all sorted – presumably by the witness protection people but not sure. I’m wracking my brain (such as it is) to try and remember what the chap from witness protection said about the move when I met up with him and Chris. Sadly my memory and mind doesn’t always work well – the neurological consultant did have a name for it, but my cardiologist called it “brain fog” and I like that term as it’s very descriptive of how I feel and easy to remember! Not too sure what happened with the move, I just know he now wants them to find him something out of Dorset. I think sometimes he says things to people to see what gets quoted online! I think part of it is that Chris isn’t sure what he wants – there’s all the memories of Robert in Bournemouth that he’s bound to miss if he moves from the area. I’m off to bed now after a tough day – work was busy, Henry was a mini monster tonight, and I’ve got Chris who’s in a bad way at the moment due to his anger at my treachery (in his mind that’s cut and dried and proven now, so looks like it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to sort out). Mike saw I was upset and has told me to use it as an excuse to take a step back, but if I did that now it would under pin Chris’s belief that I’ve been “befriending the enemy” and make him even more isolated. I just can’t do that to poor Chris. Speak to you again soon, night night x

Feb 16

I have heard a lot of shit in my life but ‘WITNESS PROTECTION’ that I do not believe, I’m really sorry, I really don’t know who is telling you such rubbish, don’t forget Debbie I worked as an Usher of the courts for nearly 30 years and have never heard of anything so ridicules in all my life. Please don’t try and make a fool out of a man who has seen far too many people like Christopher put behind bars.

Feb 16Sent

Debbie bacon

I had to take Chris to meet up with him the first time as he wouldn’t go on his own and the chap wouldn’t do home visit. Who would do all that if they were not who they said they were? Surely the police wouldn’t have put Chris in touch with them and go through a meeting with their man (can’t remember his name, but he gave Chris a card) if it wasn’t for real? I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was the protection guy that asked me to stay for the meeting as support for Chris – which certainly seems like something they’d reasonably ask. I would ask Chris the chaps name, but at the moment he’s still cross with me. I don’t know what to do now. Was he a fake? Have the police put Chris in touch with someone who’s not who their supposed to be? Should I speak to Mike or the Detective that’s dealing with Chris’s matter? If the police have set Chris up somehow I think it would seriously send him over the edge. Are you really sure it can’t be witness protection? How can I find out for sure? Would a freedom of information request work? I don’t know if I’ve got the time or ability to get involved in all that, even thinking about it makes me angry – which won’t be good for my health either. Perhaps Mike is right. I don’t know.

Feb 16

Debbie, someone is put in ‘witness protection’ when they are a WITNESS in an important trial and for no other reason. They would tell no one not even you about the case. They would certainly not allow Christopher to be online 24/7 attacking others the way he is. Those in the system have to break contact with friends and family, they are not allowed on the web, especially using their own names. Either you are not who you say you are, or you are a very gullible women. To be honest, after being on the receiving end of Chris’s paranoia, I believe you are afraid to step away for fear of what he may do to you or your family. Both my daughter Gwen and her partner have been reading Christopher every day, both have warned me to stay away from anything/anyone to do with him. My advice to you is to speak with your husband about all of this. I was out until 2am this morning helping real victims of society, which tugs on one’s soul.
Debbie bacon

Humm, looking at the link it would seem highly unlikely that Chris was in witness protection. I wonder what they’re playing at? Not sure who I should raise this with. I think Chris would freak out if he found out he’s been conned in any way. Especially as he’s expecting them to move him out of the area! I certainly don’t consider myself to be very gullible (although Mike has called me that on too many occasions to note!) – they guy handed Chris a business card and spent over an hour discussing stuff with him. I was there. What the hell is going on here? (In all that time you didn’t ask who the man was, he didn’t introduce himself to you? very strange)  I really don’t know where to turn. Mike won’t get involved. Chris has asked me to pass on some information to you, but to be quite honest I have no wish to get involved in being a go between and trying to work out who’s telling the truth and who isn’t. (But, that is exactly what you have done!) The chats we’ve had I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, and I’ve loved comparing Frenchie notes. I would really like to keep that friendship open without all this Chris stuff. I certainly don’t want to abandon Chris either. You have to speak as you find and he’s always been kind, generous and warm toward me. The only thing I do have to say on the Chris issue is that there are some very strange goings on and I have to wonder who’s behind it all. As I’ve said to Chris, it all seems a bit surreal and like a Steven King version of Alice in Wonderland!

Feb 17


Not them playing games, but your friend Chris. Gwen made some inquiries, Chris approached Bournemouth Borough Council asking if they could re-home him as he felt his life was in danger. Please don’t take me for a fool Debbie, you know damned well it was not for witness protection. (none of this does Debbie discuss with her husband Christopher’s solicitor?)

Feb 17Sent
Debbie bacon

I know what I was told, I’m not taking you for a fool I promise you. I believe you that it probably wasn’t witness protection after seeing your link. I do not “know damn well” it was not witness protection! If a guy is handing out business cards and meeting up with people, the really worrying thing is who is it? And who’s having who over? Perhaps Chris is right and JS is instructing you? Perhaps we’re both being toyed with, god only knows. I do know that I have never lied or deliberately misled! Well, at least you know for sure that Chris was supposed to be moving now, so Gwens investigation has proved that bit right. I don’t know why the move didn’t go ahead, or whether the places is still available or if they are looking for something outside of Dorset. If the council believed Chris’s life was in danger, could they have set up a meeting with witness protection? Or does it have to come from the police? The message Chris asked me to pass on was: “JS does not have a young son. She has a 30 year old step son but he doesn’t speak English. You are being controlled or manipulated by JS, try ringing the ‘son’ and see the truth for yourself”. I have no way of knowing if any of this is true (I don’t believe you’d be the sort of person manipulated into mischief, I get a strong feeling you are genuine and really trying to help) and this is why I didn’t want to get involved or join in with the Chris v JS rubbish. I’ve seen communications between them and have to agree with the conclusion that they are both as bad as each other in some ways. I really should be using Henry’s snooze time to get some rest myself as I’ve got him till 10pm tonight. I wish I could find out for sure what is true and what isn’t! (yet, you are in contact with the investigating officer, surely he must know) 

Has he or hasn’t he


Tweets not disappeared you opened another account

Tiffany Tiffincake
Tiffany Tiffincake
I had an email saying a message was in my twitter account and I can see part of the message in the email but not all of it. I’m currently locked out of my debbie bacon account so using my dogs name as so many other debbie bacons out there. I understand grime the part of your message that I could read that you are concerned about Chris. He’s not speaking with me at the moment as I’ve upset him. I am however very concerned about him and will do what I can to help him. Debbie
Jan 18
this was that message…..
If you or your husband have any influence with Chris or contact with his GP. Someone should be ordering a psychiatric report on him. I have had to block him, I will not get involved with him anymore. I have also just been told that Roberts funeral is on Monday the 23rd not on the 25th as he told the courts. I have been warned by 5 people not to get involved with him as it will end in him taking a civil case against me. That that is his life and that that is what killed his partner. I do not know who or what to believe anymore
Jan 18

Tiffany Tiffincake
Thanks for resending. I’m not in Chris’s circle of trust at the moment, but I will see what I can do to help. Debbie
Jan 18
Please do, I am very concerned about his mental health, as I told the officer this morning.
Please do, I am very concerned about his mental health, as I told the officer this morning.
Jan 18

He told me that after his partners funeral he would be going to a hotel with a bottle of whisky and sleeping pills. I had to inform the police of his plans. There is a law, which I am sure you know all about to report any threats of suicide or personal harm. I will be no part of a suicide pact for whatever reason
Jan 18

Since I followed Chris, I have been accused of being 6 different people by people who he follows on here. One of them I have followed for a very long time, as I said, I have no idea what is going on, all I know is I do not want to be involved with him or his followers anymore.
Jan 18

Tiffany Tiffincake
Don’t blame you. I’m not bothering with anyone either.
Jan 18
I was out on the streets yesterday from 8pm until 2.30 am helping the homeless, that is where my heart is, not for helping people who cause their own misery.
Jan 18

Tiffany Tiffincake
Bless you. I’ll see what I can do for Chris, but if it’s met with too much abuse I might just have to leave things be. D
Jan 18
I really did try. I wish you all the best, I apologise if I have caused you any anxiety through my DMs, I just feel very frustrated not knowing who is who on here.
Jan 18

Please wake up Debbie and smell the coffee




Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien convicted stalker rides again and again


For those of you that may have forgotten Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien has in fact been imprisoned for his stalking/harassment behaviour which you can read all about  HERE What you probably did not know is that whilst Christopher John Hobby had a non-molestation order against him for the crime he committed against Robin Cracknell, but Christopher thinks that he is indeed above the law and continued his stalking of Robin Cracknell this time by using other people to do it.  He actually groomed his latest victim JS to do his dirty work for him, which you can read below, although in the conversation you can read Robert’s name, it was in fact Christopher who JS was talking to.

[05/11/13 10:50:44] Rob Morey: go to

[05/11/13 10:50:49] Janette  Scharenborg: you know I have read so many racial related hate stories, but your story takes top prize, for abuse

[05/11/13 10:51:09] Rob Morey: see if his photographs of his son are still on his site

[05/11/13 10:51:16] Rob Morey: tell me what they tell you

[05/11/13 10:51:26] Rob Morey: one of his son with a cross bandage across his mouth

[05/11/13 10:51:31] Rob Morey: another of him naked in a bath

[05/11/13 10:51:33] Rob Morey: and others

[05/11/13 10:51:37] Janette  Scharenborg: ok

[05/11/13 10:52:07] Rob Morey: he calls it art

[05/11/13 10:52:34] Janette  Scharenborg: sent a file Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.52.18.png to this group

[05/11/13 10:53:14] Janette  Scharenborg: you want them all?

[05/11/13 10:53:20] Rob Morey: just a mo

[05/11/13 10:53:33] Rob Morey: need to see this one first

[05/11/13 10:53:54] Rob Morey: get the others, in the bath, bandage across mouth

[05/11/13 10:54:34] Janette  Scharenborg: sent a file Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.54.18.png to this group

[05/11/13 10:54:40] Janette  Scharenborg: this is pure filth

[05/11/13 10:54:44] Janette  Scharenborg: sick sick bastard

[05/11/13 10:54:53] Rob Morey: thanks

[05/11/13 10:55:05] Rob Morey: now, you know the witch supported cracknell ?

[05/11/13 10:55:37] Rob Morey: well, we have an email from her to us of a conversation she had with cracknells friends, another of our abusers in germany from the saatchi site, otto holler

[05/11/13 10:55:54] Janette  Scharenborg: the next one turns my stomach

[05/11/13 10:55:55] Rob Morey: she told holler that she had seen these images and said they were paedophillic

[05/11/13 10:56:05] Janette  Scharenborg: sent a file Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.55.43.png to this group

[05/11/13 10:56:45] Rob Morey: now you understand even more, he is being protected, why, saatchi and the establishment

[05/11/13 10:57:11] Janette  Scharenborg: crying my eyes out here, I want to report these pics

[05/11/13 10:57:19] Janette  Scharenborg: sent a file Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.56.50.png to this group

[05/11/13 10:57:21] Rob Morey: do not mention us

[05/11/13 10:57:52] Rob Morey: Chris’ solicitor very carefully neglected showing these in court

[05/11/13 10:58:09] Janette  Scharenborg: sent a file Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.57.53.png to this group

[05/11/13 10:58:26] Rob Morey: this one will not open  2013-11-05 at 11.56.50.png.part.

[05/11/13 10:59:29] Janette  Scharenborg: title of the next one alovebigas who the fuck has his hands on this child

[05/11/13 10:59:33] Rob Morey: this will not open either   “Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.57.53.png”

[05/11/13 11:00:00] Janette  Scharenborg: sent a file Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.59.36.png to this group

[05/11/13 11:00:16] Rob Morey: the boy was six or seven at the time of these photos

[05/11/13 11:00:42] Rob Morey: what is your conclusion

[05/11/13 11:00:57] Rob Morey: google his name and add  ‘who cares wins’

[05/11/13 11:01:17] Janette  Scharenborg: if that child hasn’t been molested I’ll eat my dog!!

[05/11/13 11:01:35] Janette  Scharenborg: these photos I am going to send to the police

[05/11/13 11:01:46] Rob Morey: not just yet jan

[05/11/13 11:01:56] Rob Morey: keep them in a folder for when the time is right

[05/11/13 11:02:13] Rob Morey: promise

[05/11/13 11:02:17] Janette  Scharenborg: do you remember a short while ago, we were told to report such images to the police

[05/11/13 11:02:33] Rob Morey: leave it a few weeks

[05/11/13 11:02:48] Janette  Scharenborg: sent a file Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 12.02.30.png to this group

[05/11/13 11:03:10] Rob Morey: i did not make you aware before because i knew how they would affect you

[05/11/13 11:03:30] Janette  Scharenborg: have you seen all these pics

[05/11/13 11:03:47] Janette  Scharenborg: the one with him in his underpants with a plaster cast on his arm?

[05/11/13 11:03:52] Rob Morey: anything before 2010 yes, but they were all removed from our hard drive when we got the computers back

[05/11/13 11:03:53] Janette  Scharenborg: Im cracking up here

[05/11/13 11:04:25] Janette  Scharenborg: I shall download them all and send them in an email

[05/11/13 11:04:32] Janette  Scharenborg: they are pure filth

[05/11/13 11:04:36] Rob Morey: not right now though, promise

[05/11/13 11:04:49] Janette  Scharenborg: for those paedos to wank over

[05/11/13 11:04:54] Rob Morey: indeed

[05/11/13 11:05:00] Rob Morey: did you do that google search

[05/11/13 11:05:02] Janette  Scharenborg: I can believe thats what they do

[05/11/13 11:05:06] Janette  Scharenborg: not yet

[05/11/13 11:05:08] Rob Morey: for sure

[05/11/13 11:05:22] Janette  Scharenborg: they have to be reported

[05/11/13 11:05:28] Rob Morey: we have to go out in ten minutes, can you google now, see if it is still online

[05/11/13 11:05:35] Janette  Scharenborg: ok

[05/11/13 11:06:01] Rob Morey: if it is, the story will put it into even a greater context for you

[05/11/13 11:07:01] Rob Morey: people have been arrested for less than that of photographs of their children when they have them develo0ed

[05/11/13 11:07:04] Rob Morey: developed

[05/11/13 11:08:38] Rob Morey: sent files to this group:

cracknell who cares wins.jpg

cracknell who cares wins 1.jpg

[05/11/13 11:09:31] Rob Morey: accept the files

[05/11/13 11:10:26] Janette  Scharenborg: I have copied that piece and sent it to you via email

[05/11/13 11:10:33] Rob Morey: the files will help you find it if it is still online

[05/11/13 11:10:48] Janette  Scharenborg: this has really triggered me, have to cool off

[05/11/13 11:11:20] Rob Morey: yes, and promise you will not do anything just yet

[05/11/13 11:11:32] Janette  Scharenborg: I promise

[05/11/13 11:11:35] Rob Morey: thanks

[05/11/13 11:11:40] Janette  Scharenborg: can I make others aware of that site

[05/11/13 11:12:00] Rob Morey: that is your choice entirely, but say you stumbled across them

[05/11/13 11:12:07] Rob Morey: and no reference to us whatsoever

[05/11/13 11:12:07] Janette  Scharenborg: I will

[05/11/13 11:12:13] Janette  Scharenborg: I would never do that

[05/11/13 11:12:18] Janette  Scharenborg: never never never

[05/11/13 11:12:22] Rob Morey: i know, but you appreciate we have to ask

[05/11/13 11:12:28] Janette  Scharenborg: yes of course

[05/11/13 11:12:34] Janette  Scharenborg: but you also know me better than that

[05/11/13 11:12:45] Rob Morey: we do jan, but we are still very very scared

[05/11/13 11:13:01] Rob Morey: what with the appeal, we cannot let anything jeopardise it

[05/11/13 11:13:02] Janette  Scharenborg: is that child on Facebook?

[05/11/13 11:13:09] Rob Morey: he is now 18

[05/11/13 11:13:12] Janette  Scharenborg: I know

[05/11/13 11:13:18] Rob Morey: and he did have a Facebook account

[05/11/13 11:13:22] Janette  Scharenborg: is still a child in my eyes

[05/11/13 11:13:38] Rob Morey: but the child is as bad as the father jan

[05/11/13 11:13:44] Janette  Scharenborg: and probably a very damaged child

[05/11/13 11:13:59] Rob Morey: he is the one that set the lollodorium website up his father said

[05/11/13 11:14:05] Janette  Scharenborg: you know that abused can become abusers

[05/11/13 11:14:29] Rob Morey: and at the age of eight he was advertising his home address, landline number, mobile phone number and a little flag saying “call me”

[05/11/13 11:14:41] Janette  Scharenborg: sick

[05/11/13 11:14:42] Janette  Scharenborg: sick

[05/11/13 11:14:44] Janette  Scharenborg: evil

[05/11/13 11:14:44] Rob Morey: yes

[05/11/13 11:14:48] Rob Morey: yes

[05/11/13 11:14:55] Janette  Scharenborg: taking a break

[05/11/13 11:14:57] Janette  Scharenborg: need it

[05/11/13 11:15:01] Rob Morey: speak later

[05/11/13 11:15:05] Janette  Scharenborg: k xxxx

[05/11/13 11:15:08] Rob Morey: bye (heart)

[05/11/13 11:15:15] Janette  Scharenborg: (F)

[05/11/13 11:18:18] Rob Morey: jan, i have to remove the images from my files, keep them safe in case we ever need them in court for the appeal

[05/11/13 11:20:26] Rob Morey: please remember jan, leave it a week or two

[05/11/13 13:17:48] Rob Morey: (bandit) (heart)  You Ok darling

[05/11/13 13:52:20] Rob Morey: look, the Daily Mail article on the south african newspaper website has suddenly been taken down

[05/11/13 13:52:25] Rob Morey:

[05/11/13 15:35:54] Rob Morey: you are an expert on CSA, so

[05/11/13 15:35:58] Janette  Scharenborg: that all came in th epost

[05/11/13 15:36:02] Rob Morey: those images, are the paedophilic

[05/11/13 15:36:10] Rob Morey: they

[05/11/13 15:36:28] Janette  Scharenborg: whether they were made with that intent I don’t know

[05/11/13 15:36:34] Janette  Scharenborg: but they are illegal

[05/11/13 15:36:39] Rob Morey: are they

[05/11/13 15:36:41] Janette  Scharenborg: yes

[05/11/13 15:36:44] Janette  Scharenborg: 100%

[05/11/13 15:36:55] Rob Morey: wow

[05/11/13 15:37:11] Janette  Scharenborg: years ago they wouldn’t be seen so, but these days yes

[05/11/13 15:37:18] Rob Morey: no wonder the metropolitan police covered them up at the trial

[05/11/13 15:37:28] Rob Morey: would they have been illegal in 2011

[05/11/13 15:37:31] Janette  Scharenborg: years ago it was normal to photo a naked baby, its not done these days

[05/11/13 15:37:37] Janette  Scharenborg: yes certainly

[05/11/13 15:37:43] Rob Morey: good, got him

[05/11/13 15:38:09] Janette  Scharenborg: read what I said, depends what intention they were taken with

[05/11/13 15:38:27] Rob Morey: ok, so if he said, they are his son and the intent was art

[05/11/13 15:38:36] Janette  Scharenborg: its like that old guy with his paintings

[05/11/13 15:38:46] Janette  Scharenborg: they were also classed as paedophilic

[05/11/13 15:38:52] Janette  Scharenborg: but when they were painted not

[05/11/13 15:39:00] Janette  Scharenborg: the one who was sent to prison

[05/11/13 15:39:03] Rob Morey: those are photos, not paintings

[05/11/13 15:39:06] Janette  Scharenborg: I know

[05/11/13 15:39:21] Janette  Scharenborg: but they are of extremely bad taste

[05/11/13 15:39:28] Rob Morey: we agree

[05/11/13 15:39:42] Janette  Scharenborg: and a paedophile would wank over them

[05/11/13 15:40:14] Janette  Scharenborg: Ive got them all and will keep them

[05/11/13 15:40:31] Rob Morey: keep a webarchive file of the website

[05/11/13 15:40:36] Janette  Scharenborg: I was going to let mark williams thomas look at them and ask his opinion

[05/11/13 15:40:44] Rob Morey: is he an expert

[05/11/13 15:40:48] Janette  Scharenborg: yes

[05/11/13 15:42:20] Janette  Scharenborg: just got back in

[05/11/13 15:42:38] Janette  Scharenborg: I shall tell Mark that I found them quite by accident

[05/11/13 15:42:42] Rob Morey: we have proof they were on the saatchi gallery site in a gallery under his name, on an old disc somewhere

[05/11/13 15:43:17] Janette  Scharenborg: off to sit with marlijn

[05/11/13 15:43:24] Janette  Scharenborg: have my aqua gym in a bit

[05/11/13 15:43:27] Rob Morey: but if they are still live on saatchi site that would be a coup

[05/11/13 15:43:34] Rob Morey: enjoy

[05/11/13 15:43:37] Janette  Scharenborg: will do

[05/11/13 15:43:39] Janette  Scharenborg: xxxxx

[05/11/13 15:43:57] Rob Morey: even if it is late when you speak to Mark and we are offline, please phone if his opinion is what we want

[05/11/13 15:44:09] Rob Morey: it to be

[05/11/13 15:44:31] Janette  Scharenborg:  I shall see if I can contact him xxxxx

[05/11/13 15:44:36] Rob Morey: thanks

[05/11/13 15:44:41] Rob Morey: (heart)

[05/11/13 15:44:49] Janette  Scharenborg: (heart)

[05/11/13 15:58:02] Rob Morey: i see Mark is advertising for stories

[06/11/13 07:39:55] Rob Morey: i remember him now, before you time i sent him details of ronnie hobby and his child sex dvds and him going to the ceops conference, but he never got back to me

[06/11/13 07:40:24] Janette  Scharenborg: Can you send me some screenshots of your FB conversation with spivey

[06/11/13 07:40:35] Rob Morey: why, don’t you believe me

[06/11/13 07:40:53] Janette  Scharenborg: Of course i believe you

[06/11/13 07:41:03] Rob Morey: then why do you need to see

[06/11/13 07:41:54] Janette  Scharenborg: Monad and others are proving that he steals information and gives it to JJ

[06/11/13 07:42:06] Rob Morey: ok

[06/11/13 07:42:54] Janette  Scharenborg: I know it was through your account he was able to see mine, got those photos of my car in a ditch


[06/11/13 07:54:22] Rob Morey: sent a file ITEM THREE.Radio BBC5Live Investigates interview with Robin Cracknell slandering Kris 01:05:2011.mp3 to this group

[06/11/13 07:54:48] Rob Morey: listen to this, it is the 2011 british pedophile corporation radio five live interview with cracknell slandering chris

[06/11/13 08:10:44] Rob Morey: that interview is pure slander, there was no proof at the trial that Chris did anything he claims

[06/11/13 08:11:23] Rob Morey: someone came into the chat room gave a link to Cracknell’s page that you took the images from and asked Chris’opinion

[06/11/13 08:11:44] Rob Morey: All Chris said was that he did not think it was art and that he found it distasteful

[06/11/13 08:11:55] Janette  Scharenborg: don’t worry, I believe you, I know how they work

[06/11/13 08:11:59] Rob Morey: Chris did not say he had sex with young boys and girls

[06/11/13 08:12:44] Janette  Scharenborg: and Chris was/is right, not only distasteful but full of triggers for someone like myself

[06/11/13 08:13:02] Rob Morey: we have all the police notes and nowhere does it say chris blackmailed him, in fact it says chris did not blackmail him, and nowhere in the notes does it say chris stalked him either

[06/11/13 08:13:41] Janette  Scharenborg: I cannot understand that people like him find these sort of photos ‘art’

[06/11/13 08:13:49] Janette  Scharenborg: naked children isn’t art

[06/11/13 08:13:55] Rob Morey: we agree entirely

[06/11/13 08:14:19] Janette  Scharenborg: anyway I have sent link to Mark, did not mention you at all,

[06/11/13 08:14:37] Janette  Scharenborg: said I came across it by accident

[06/11/13 08:14:43] Rob Morey: you saw his saatchi gallery, same images were on the saatchi site

[06/11/13 08:15:15] Janette  Scharenborg: I also read that the photos were images taken from a film? that scares the shit out of me

[06/11/13 08:15:24] Janette  Scharenborg: so filming a naked boy

[06/11/13 08:15:29] Janette  Scharenborg: what father does that

[06/11/13 08:15:50] Rob Morey: and of course saatchi approved their publication because he likes that sort of thing, look

[06/11/13 08:16:11] Rob Morey: you could send mark the saatchi profile of cracknell and this link to show how disgusting swatchis is

[06/11/13 08:16:57] Rob Morey: proving saatchi approved, and you heard in the interview, Cracknell won a saatchi art competition with his work

[06/11/13 08:17:13] Janette  Scharenborg: it just gets worse!!!!!

[06/11/13 08:17:13] Rob Morey: saatchi promoted cracknell

[06/11/13 08:18:08] Janette  Scharenborg: I cannot understand why these images are allowed

[06/11/13 08:18:11] Janette  Scharenborg: beats me

[06/11/13 08:18:48] Rob Morey:

[06/11/13 08:19:26] Rob Morey: look at ‘Fuck Face, towards the bottom on that link

[06/11/13 08:20:19] Janette  Scharenborg: Im sending these links to Mark also

[06/11/13 08:20:30] Rob Morey: especially fuck face

[06/11/13 08:20:48] Janette  Scharenborg: I can say I was looking up stuf about saatchi

[06/11/13 08:21:11] Rob Morey: no, you told him you accidentally found cracknell website

[06/11/13 08:21:21] Rob Morey: say that after that you were alerted to look further

[06/11/13 08:21:28] Rob Morey: and then found the saatchi stuff

[06/11/13 08:21:38] Janette  Scharenborg: yes, your right

[06/11/13 08:21:55] Janette  Scharenborg: I won’t say anything, just send him the links and ask for his throughts

[06/11/13 08:22:09] Rob Morey: how you explain having cracknells profile images is a different question, mark may want to know where you found them

[06/11/13 08:22:35] Janette  Scharenborg: he won’t ask that

[06/11/13 08:22:38] Janette  Scharenborg: I know him

[06/11/13 08:22:43] Rob Morey: probably not, ok

[06/11/13 08:23:03] Rob Morey: it is important he sees the saatchi gallery of cracknell, drags in peed saatchi

[06/11/13 08:23:06] Janette  Scharenborg: he knows I search the web for stuf for my blog (used to)

[06/11/13 08:23:38] Rob Morey: what do you think of fuck face

[06/11/13 08:23:46] Janette  Scharenborg: sick, really truly sick

[06/11/13 08:23:59] Janette  Scharenborg: I can understand why Chris was upset

[06/11/13 08:24:02] Janette  Scharenborg: any fool can

[06/11/13 08:24:04] Rob Morey: it all needs to be exposed Jan

[06/11/13 08:24:13] Rob Morey: show the world what saatcho is really like

[06/11/13 08:24:35] Rob Morey: he is so high profile mark should expose it

[06/11/13 08:24:51] Rob Morey: perhaps this is what he is afraid of nigella speaking about

[06/11/13 08:25:16] Janette  Scharenborg: we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, we know hes a bully, though

[06/11/13 08:26:02] Janette  Scharenborg: shit, lost the link to cracknell site

[06/11/13 08:26:09] Janette  Scharenborg: want to bookmark them all

[06/11/13 08:26:14] Rob Morey: the law here now makes even art like this illegal

[06/11/13 08:26:24] Janette  Scharenborg: I may put them up on my blog, but will first wait till Mark gets back to me

[06/11/13 08:26:36] Rob Morey: CPS state that if such images in art are lifelike, they are wrong

[06/11/13 08:39:38] Rob Morey:

[06/11/13 08:40:01] Rob Morey: this is a private anonymous blog by the black bastard solicitor that sold chris down the river at his trial

[06/11/13 08:40:15] Rob Morey: he does not know we know it is online and that it is him

[06/11/13 08:40:33] Rob Morey: but see he refers to taking ‘chemicals’ to stop the thoughts

[06/11/13 08:41:42] Rob Morey: could you leave some kind of comment, saying how sad you find his story, and refer to the chemicals and ask what chemicals, see if he responds, if he does and it is cannabis or crack, then this would  be great for Chris’s solicitor because we can prove beyond doubt that is his blog

[06/11/13 09:00:48] Rob Morey: what did you think of that file of Cracknell’s son at the age of 11 giving out his contact details

[06/11/13 09:00:48] Rob Morey: what did you think of that file of Cracknell’s son at the age of 11 giving out his contact details

[06/11/13 09:01:08] Rob Morey: and cracknell allowed him to have an bay account, illegal for an 11 year old

[06/11/13 09:04:34] Rob Morey: his bay account still live here

[06/11/13 09:04:49] Rob Morey: his first sale, see the year  2004, making him 9 years old with an bay account

[06/11/13 09:36:09] Janette  Scharenborg: Im back again

[06/11/13 09:36:18] Janette  Scharenborg: this is what I sent to mark

[06/11/13 09:36:31] Janette  Scharenborg: morning Mark, I would like your opinion on a site google robin cracknell find site look at the photographs. They call it art, I call it sick

[06/11/13 09:36:42] Janette  Scharenborg: there is a twitter but that denies the right to send links to sites.

[06/11/13 09:36:54] Janette  Scharenborg: sorry twitter bug.

[06/11/13 09:37:08] Janette  Scharenborg: please let me know your thoughts. I came across this site while searching from something else. I find it of very worrying.

[06/11/13 09:37:19] Rob Morey: good

[06/11/13 09:37:46] Janette  Scharenborg: I have now decided to follow it up with an email with all the links, and my views especially over the staachi site

[06/11/13 09:37:59] Rob Morey: great

[06/11/13 09:38:00] Janette  Scharenborg: do I have your permission

[06/11/13 09:38:29] Rob Morey: as long as we are not mentioned you can do as you please

[06/11/13 09:38:32] Janette  Scharenborg: I swear I will not mention you

[06/11/13 09:38:45] Janette  Scharenborg: and I will send you a cc of the email

[06/11/13 09:38:48] Rob Morey: no

[06/11/13 09:38:56] Janette  Scharenborg: ok

[06/11/13 09:39:06] Janette  Scharenborg: shall I put it here then?

[06/11/13 09:39:18] Rob Morey: no need ja, trust u

[06/11/13 09:39:32] Janette  Scharenborg: ok, I will read it to you when its finished

[06/11/13 09:39:42] Janette  Scharenborg: and should you need it, I will keep it safe

[06/11/13 09:40:24] Janette  Scharenborg: I trust Mark, he has doen an awful lot to expose these monsters

[06/11/13 09:40:37] Janette  Scharenborg: and wait for it, he hates staachi

[06/11/13 09:40:48] Rob Morey: does he

[06/11/13 09:41:05] Janette  Scharenborg: he made a big fuss about the photos of him with his hands around his wives neck

[06/11/13 09:49:16] Janette  Scharenborg: have to pop out to the chemist, have medicine to pick up vitamin D druppels and anti depressive things

[06/11/13 09:49:29] Rob Morey: take care

[06/11/13 09:54:36] Rob Morey: just found this, the  bastard

[06/11/13 09:54:42] Rob Morey: Robin Cracknell @crackart 19 Apr 11

my stalker jailed at last. this episode now over.

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[06/11/13 09:56:40] Rob Morey: this is like a message from God Jan

[06/11/13 09:57:02] Rob Morey: when you click on that link, it was where the Daily Mail had the article about Chris that I proved was libel and got taken down, but

[06/11/13 09:57:27] Rob Morey: where it says “other things to try”  click on google search next to the box

[06/11/13 09:57:31] Rob Morey: see if you get what i get

[06/11/13 09:57:47] Rob Morey: i get this

[06/11/13 09:57:51] Rob Morey: Ad related to news article 1378609 …


   If you find it report it – Child abuse imagery is illegal

   Report it or find help here

[06/11/13 10:28:05] Janette  Scharenborg:

[06/11/13 10:33:30] Rob Morey:

[06/11/13 15:21:31] Rob Morey: nothing from Mike yet

[06/11/13 15:21:50] Rob Morey: what is his full name again

[06/11/13 15:23:11] Rob Morey: this is a comment by someone in a court case

[06/11/13 15:23:18] Rob Morey:  I now know the only way to win a court case is to commit perjury …

[06/11/13 15:23:23] Rob Morey: that is why she won obviously

[06/11/13 15:26:52] Janette  Scharenborg: mark williams thomas

[06/11/13 15:28:06] Janette  Scharenborg: this is his website

[06/11/13 15:28:20] Rob Morey: i just saw it, no direct contact number for him

[06/11/13 15:28:39] Janette  Scharenborg: yes I have that, but won’t give it out without his permission

[06/11/13 15:29:15] Janette  Scharenborg: he’s really only into CSA

[06/11/13 15:29:33] Rob Morey: did you call him about cracknell

[06/11/13 15:29:38] Rob Morey: anon339263

Post 16

I’ve learned my lesson that those who commit perjury in court are rewarded while those of us who actually tell the truth get robbed. I sued an insurance company over a claim they denied, which, according to the policy wording, and what I was told by my agent, was covered. I sat through three days of trial and had to listen to their lawyer and claims adjuster lie over and over to the jury about the policy wording and to add insult to injury, I had to sit there and basically be accused of insurance fraud by the claims.

When we appealed the case and pointed out the numerous lies told by them, the judge couldn’t have cared less. He denied the appeal and didn’t even address the lies that we brought to his attention. I now know the only way to win a court case is to commit perjury because the judges and courts don’t care. Instead they are the people who are rewarded.

[06/11/13 15:30:03] Janette  Scharenborg: no I sent him DMs I told you

[06/11/13 15:30:23] Rob Morey: i know, but it might be worth calling him

[06/11/13 15:30:33] Janette  Scharenborg: and waiting first for his reaction

[06/11/13 15:31:03] Janette  Scharenborg: if he hasn’t gotten back to me within a couple of days I will phone him

[06/11/13 15:31:19] Rob Morey: ok

[06/11/13 15:32:00] Janette  Scharenborg: you could send him a link to your blog, he is looking for stories

[06/11/13 15:33:15] Janette  Scharenborg: but as you can read his mind is completely on sex offenders

[06/11/13 15:33:24] Janette  Scharenborg: and innocent children

[06/11/13 15:43:34] Rob Morey: nearly 4000 reads of my blog and not one question from anyone, it is weird

[06/11/13 15:50:20] Janette  Scharenborg: well do you expect the bastards to ask you questions, supplying you with their emails etc

[06/11/13 15:50:33] Janette  Scharenborg: but pleased people are reading it

[06/11/13 15:50:51] Janette  Scharenborg: and maybe Im responsible for about 100 views of that

[06/11/13 15:54:25] Rob Morey: and me

[07/11/13 19:19:35] Janette  Scharenborg: just got this from mark williams thomas

[07/11/13 19:19:43] Janette  Scharenborg: Mark Williams-Thomas


Sorry flat out at moment – will look at as soon as i can

[07/11/13 19:19:59] Rob Morey: that’s it, keep me in suspenders

[07/11/13 19:20:06] Janette  Scharenborg: lol

[07/11/13 19:20:12] Janette  Scharenborg: I told you he will look

[07/11/13 19:20:15] Janette  Scharenborg: and I trust him

[07/11/13 19:20:33] Rob Morey: has he looked

[07/11/13 19:20:38] Janette  Scharenborg: lol

[07/11/13 19:21:59] Rob Morey: oh, i see, it was a tweet from him