Illusions of Grandeur

I have just returned from a very interesting trip to the UK, I will write more on this as the events later unfold

Whilst I was away I occasionally checked to see what the Alien was up to, making more accounts whilst other accounts have been suspended or locked.

First of all we have @Whodisden1 who used to call itself  ‘I loathe CJ Hobby’

now likes to call itself ‘Friends of C J Hobby’

then we have this account

what I can say is that the same person is running both these accounts just look at the tweet location on both accounts

The Alien is a very sick individual, the police know it, his late partner knew it and the readers of this site know it.


Once a Troll always a Troll

@christo28112195 Suspended for being abusive again and again and again!

Everybody is the abuser except Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien, that is why he has had so many twitter accounts suspended! This will probably be the first of hundreds to come, as he cannot help himself naming accounts that have blocked him, that earns you a suspension as your fellow trolls will tell you.

I shall watch with great interest as to whether twitter implements it’s new policies by banning abusive accounts for good! making Twitter a safer place to be. What we really need are paid accounts if only $10 a year paid for with a credit card that has to match the name of the user, troll accounts would disappear overnight.

Christopher Hobby prefabricating evidence to use against his victim


This homemade video of Christopher Hobby sent the video with an email to one of his victims on the 17th December 2013. Remember this victim had a massive operation on the 13th of December 2013 (most of her stomach was removed)  and was not even home on the 17th of December

now we shall take a close look at this fabricated and manipulated evidence

The date on these tweets is the 15 December, which were sent by an automatic tweet service JS was using at the time

This next shot shows that Christopher is not on his twitter page but on that of JS2

Just look at all those twitter accounts Christopher has open and we all know he is the master of false evidence.


Feel free to add your own translation of this video film created by the Alien himself.