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For those who can remember @theoutlawjimmy used to call his blog ” Renegades Blog”  but got a bit worried when he started to write hate blogs, afraid someone would find more about him.  This is how he finds information out about his victims, he doesn’t even bother to check if what he finds is true or not, or even if the information is about the person he is attacking.

Hes locked his account, and is deleting tweets and blogs, all a waste of time. This morning he is reporting that his fathers memorial was damaged yesterday evening, and has also taken the memorial page down about his father.

for someone that is practically blind, and doesnt drive hes on various forums as the proud owner of a Variant car.

used to have a blogger account

so many with this message


Sorry, This video has been deleted because of copyright so not just on his blog eh

theres enough out there, will take him ages to delete all these accounts, and they will stay in google cache for years to come just google renegade 1904

He has a sick interest in chain saws, which once upon a time he said they were hedge trimmers.


MAY 8, 2013

Trolling Tom Pride


I came across an interesting Twitter-storm this morning. One that has been going on for the last couple of days and is still ongoing at the time of writing. It appears that a well known Daily Mail and Express journalist made a couple of statements on Twitter on 6th May regarding her ability to obtain the personal contact information of other Twitter users

Those tweets are here:

And a few tweets later:

Clearly, it is of interest when an established journalist and broadcaster claims publicly, so soon after the telephone hacking scandal and Leveson, to have “contacts” who are prepared to trace and provide personal identifying information (which they believe to be held privately by Twitter) on other Twitter users, including telephone numbers and presumably names and addresses. Further, it seems clear from the tweets above, that this has occurred and the information has been both provided and then utilised by the journalist in question

Is the journalist exaggerating? Did she really use “contacts” to trace other Twitter users so that she might ‘have at them’?

I am sure we have all over-egged the pudding on occasion but, if this was the case here shouldn’t the journalist have just admitted it? Would it really have been a big deal?

It seems from the journalist’s tweets, prior and subsequent to those pictured above, that she had taken issue with the people she has obtained the personal information on, describing them as “trolls”. She also goes on to provide in a separate tweet the full name of at least one person and adding, in most likely unintentional Yoda-speak: “Not a spine to her. Scared of me. Hiding after that last call

I have to be clear, I do not know whether the journalist is making it all up or has actually obtained personal information on other tweeps, whether legitimately or otherwise. However, her public claim that she has obtained what is privately-held information and the rather aggressive tone in some of her tweets does I think merit some further consideration

One tweep said the journalist must have obtained the information from Twitter itself, however this seems highly dubious given that Twitter will not release any such information unless you have jumped through a considerable number of legal loopholes and nor has the journalist herself confirmed that this is how she came across the information

My other interest in all of this is the way that other Twitter users are involving themselves. Most importantly, the role of a core group acting in support of the journalist by muddying the discussion; continuing – now into its third day – making ad hom attacks on the blogger who first contacted the journalist and seeking to head off any proper exploration of the central issue (the journalist’s tweets) by any casual Twitter users that happen to come across the exchanges

As far as I am aware, there has still been no satisfactory explanation from the journalist as to why she made the comments in the first place. Not that she need explain on Twitter, of course. But it might have prevented the level of fallout

This is all happening right now. If you are interested then I would encourage you to read the original blog post by Thomas Pride and then work your way through his Twitter timeline, beginning with his tweet in which he initially raises the question with the journalist. You will quickly identify the core actors. What is noticeable as you read through the conversations is the way in which the blogger is accused of “spin and distraction” of “being sneaky“, and far far worse. All entirely unsubstantiated of course, but thrown in nevertheless. There are also some very good examples of concern trolling going on that are worth noting for future reference

Just having had a look now at the grief he is still getting, it appears that blogger Tom has certainly struck a nerve. What isn’t clear, is precisely whose nerve he has struck…

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  1. MAY 9, 2013 – 5:36 AMadeybob

    My name is adeybob / monadTime. My phone was called by Sonia, and she threatened me, then went a bit ranty. My phone number is not even in my name, and has never been publicly available. But this blog appeared after:
    A less kind man would suggest that Sonia wrote it because her @rse was flapping, and a mate let her use it. Some mate.
    When she called me first time,she forgot to withhold her number,the idiot, and she had to call back, so I’m pretty sure the Muppet has left her IP address on the blog.
    Saying “Does anyone know where it lives so I can physically attack it” would get ME ARRESTED…yet this is the kind of comment I get from Sonia’s New Twitter buddies all the time…along with my address and my facepic.
    And why did Sonia abuse her position of power to scream down the phone at me? All because I tried to warn her that her new buddies were going to make her look like a complete tool.

    • MAY 11, 2013 – 9:52 PMOutlaw

      Is this the same face pic that you posted on ypur own Facebook page Adey? I know you are a stranger to the truth so it is impossible to believe anything that comes out of your mouth can be taken seriously. You are accusing people of being MI5 troll teams and David Rose for God’s sake. :-) It is getting far too easy to track you down Adey as all one has to do is look at a blog or Forum where you find Janette Scharenborg either liking or commenting. Adeybob is always to be found trotting along dutifully behind doing her bidding… You and your friends are becoming a rather tired and totally sick joke now Adey, it is about time you found yourself some gainful employment :-(

  2. MAY 9, 2013 – 6:49 AMMFOGlasgow

    Pity you never looked at the timeline and the Pride story and realised the Tweets were manipulated . Anyway.Before you keep rambling and supporting Thomas Pride who was offered the truth but refused to reply to me, please read the truth if you dare. nancyheart26.wordpress
    Mr Pride omitted that referral from his story

  3. MAY 9, 2013 – 8:36 AMPaul (@LazySavant)

    You may not be looking hard enough for the spin. Mr. Pride has done this before, and is doing it again.

    Please do not align me with either camp. Though I agree with one side on this occasion, I have my issues with the other too. It’s easiest to say that I think a lot of these people involved just have nothing better to do than act out a drama on twitter, and in their blogs.

    To the point though: there is definitely spin going on. Being sneaky, maybe not. I see Tom’s methods as too transparent to call them “sneaky”. That’s not to say the other lot aren’t full of their own underhanded methods too.

    Ultimately, the truth of this whole thing is that it isn’t worth all the fuss. It would have been useful if Sonia had just given some answer, but it’s her right not to. In fact, Tom has refused to give info on how he has acquired information in the past, citing exactly the same reasoning as Sonia did.

    I can, however, see your point about it being interesting with regards to phone hacking etc. (especially to Joe Public who has no idea about the technology/simplicity involved behind either case) – BUT – Tom knows that too; that’s why he’s taken advantage of it and spun a story.

  4. MAY 9, 2013 – 11:03 AMAll Roads to Hades are Equal

    Sonia Poulton – that lovely woman who is defending the suspects in the murder trial of a teen boy. Danny O Shea was set upon by 10 adults with bats and knives (one of the attackers helped Blair with his anti knife campaign), but Sonia is certain that her friend who is accused of being one of this group, is a nice man who wouldn’t do that sort of thing.

  5. MAY 11, 2013 – 9:39 PMOutlaw

    I am afraid that I have to disagree with the part of this that states that Twitter does not release personal details. If somebody lodges a complaint to Twitter they have to complete an online which includes their personal details Name , Address, Telephone number etc. There is a disclaimer included that the person that has been complained about will be sent the details, and you have to agree or disagree to this before the complaint is registered. This particular complaint was a matter of somebody posting ‘Intellectual property’, namely a photograph which was taken from a Facebook page in the public domain. I was also contacted by Twitter as I had retweeted the said image and also have a copy of the E-Mail from Twitter which indeed does include the details that Tom Pride is blowing a gasket over. The details of this person, who incidentally has been abusing and harassing victims of childhood sexual abuse for months, so as a courtesy I shared his details in order that he could be approached in order to make him stop his campaign. If you want a copy of the e-mail you can contact me. So no hacking, no nefarious Internet snooping was involved in obtaining this number… Just Tom Pride creating controversy over what is after all a very simple matter….. Again.


    Great blog, and now, to bring you bang up to date, you really must read the comments towards the botttom in the past few days here

    It is now time for the dutch and UK police to arrest, question and criminally prosecute the vile turtle neck twitter supertroll Sonia Poulton.

@theoutlawjimmy “Too many people got too much to hide” by Darren Laverty

Friday, 11 October 2013

@theoutlawjimmy “Too many people got too much to hide”.

Posted by 

Within hours of this entry being published the individual victim jockey which it features tried to undo the impossible knot of lies he’d woven. He evidenced none of mankind’s natural instinctive attributes. Instead, going on the attack. His pitiful and lame attempts to round up his groupies for an all out attack fell on deaf ears(even the reptilian species of the planet knew to avoid this one). Initially and predictably, there came the protests of innocence and finger pointing. Accusations of sexual violence and financial gain alongside the “looks what happens when you speak out” line were hurriedly scrawled on his favourite site, here. Two hours later (or a short life-time for any Internet addict seeking attention) and rather embarrassingly for anyone who’s interacted with him, he was back on pleading for help and assistance to “put something together in complete confidence”. We still await this “something”.He doesn’t only leap on the backs of child abuse victims for his free rides, he’s also been free riding on the backs of established authors and intellectuals. I’ve evidenced previously the similarities of my personal blog entries when compared to his follow ups. But since I published this entry 3 weeks ago I’ve been supplied with over 70 examples of his outright plagiarism. An educational software program which was developed to identify incidences or acts of plagiarism was used to investigate various blog entries supposedly written by Royden Jones aka the Outlaw. There are enough examples of word theft for any reader to draw to the conclusion that he’s an Internet delinquent who’s maladjusted and fanatical behaviour, aligns himself with delusional aspirations of becoming the another David Icke or Alex Jones from the USA. His ambitions? As far as I can witness are built on foundations which have been dug out and laid down by others before him. Cuckoo springs to mind.

Further enquiries also evidenced(note the word evidenced being used again) that this particular victim jockey is a racist, homophobic bigot and prescription drugs addict who’s love of the dark side has no boundaries. I only hope that any others out there that might have allowed their snouts to get too close for comfort now realise the potential dangers of this particular creature. I have other concerns too. He lives in a pack of innocents. Who’s gong to share the news with them that he writes things like this:

Lithium, don’t wanna forget how it feels without Lithium, I wanna stay in love with my sorrow”

There’s an ocean of other comments for anyone interested, go on take a dive .

@theoutlawjimmy “Too many people got too much to hide”.   Posted by Darren Laverty

Royden James Jones

Almost 12 months ago I entered the cut throat world of twitter to challenge the assumptions made by the media and others about what had occurred at Bryn Estyn. Initially, I was apprehensive about revealing my identity but as my confidence grew I cast away the alter ego I created (the foul mouthed) Ryan Tanner. Understandably I was left with no other option. On 8th October 2013 @therealjimmyjones had already tweeted a few of Tanners tweets from November 2012 as an indicator to me that he was about to out me). As did the @smessham twitter account back in November 2012) as I felt sure I could deal with any flak anyone wished to throw at me. Oh and boy did they throw. It’s no coincidence that threats to reveal who I was played a role in me outing myself. Anyway, Darren Laverty aka @angleseydriftwood had entered the circus and was standing his own ground, holding his own. Relief. The account had originally been created to help me sell driftwood. I had told Roy aka @therealjimmyjones @theoutlawjimmy @we-are-the-mob- in absolute confidence of the reason I attacked the media and others as @RyanTanner5. He admitted he’d done the same. As if I din’t know.

As the months passed my confidence grew stronger and stronger. I felt able to challenge anyone who dared question my version of events. Newspaper editors, TV directors, established bloggers, authors, commentators, company directors, legal departments. No-one was out of limits. Twitter’s great for getting to the top of places we could only have dreamed of reaching before Twitter was created. Therefore, I was out there, in the open, bare chested and shouting as loud as anyone.

Almost without knowing or without making any decision to be, I became a member of a clique, gang, crew, posse of fellow-minded “campaigners”. I don’t need to name them all but needless to say we were singing from the same hymn sheet. It felt good to be part of a movement. Leading the way @therealjimmyjones (aka Royden Jones). His tenacity and drive inspired the rest of us to fall alongside and together we twitted to the world. We challenged numerous accounts who’d dare to question us and our version of events. Soon enough the title of “Troll” was assigned to anyone who wasn’t with us. Time passed, trolls came and went. A few however remained and still remain to this day. I’ve written about it more than once on here. The individuals concerned had dared to question Roy. They became trolls. Any account who questioned him/us was assigned to the a troll account list. And hasn’t that list grown?

My time on Twitter was stealing me away from normality. I decided to withdraw and reduced the time spent at the PC. As a result of standing back and watching it was becoming more evident that @theoutlawjimmy @therealjimmyjones   @we-are-the-mob etc. may not be what he claimed to be. Enough was tweeted for me to question his position. I arranged to meet him. I didn’t give him much notice I was about to enter his world. It was a Sunday. I asked my family to tag along in order that no accusations or allegations could be made against me by him. I’ve been in this situation before and know only too well what some folk are capable of. Six months later (the present) my family were glad to have been there. Our journey home consisted of long and deep conversations about what Roy had offered as his testimony of his time in care.

Whilst the kids played on the computer we stepped outside into the back yard. He wanted me, no, he expected me, to believe he’d witnessed a murder. A torturous murder of a child in care.

“I fucking seen it Daz. In front of me in the fucking room on a table after they fucked him”.

I listened and watched him intently. I knew from that moment and thereafter I was in the company of “an other one”. He showed us scars he claimed were caused by torture to him as a warning not to speak about the “murder”. His claims of being blinded and having “all his teeth smashed out” by care staff had no supporting evidence. He didn’t remember where or when he was blinded. The scars on his stomach? Probably scars from climbing in and out of windows over fences or maybe glass topped walls. (I have some from glass topped walls myself. Whoever invented glass topped walls should be ashamed of themselves) His tales continued and I began to look at my wife. She understood completely what my looks were indicating. Time to go.

Before we left I asked him about his interview with Channel 4 News. “Did you really see Sir Peter Morrison at Bryn Estyn”?

“Fucking right I did. He’s one of them”.

This statement was the final straw. I didn’t explain to him that it would have been impossible to witness any cars or MP’s picking up boys if you were resident in the secure unit. Situated at the back of the Estate with no views of anything other than walls or more walls. The odd tree maybe. But even then it would have only been a blur due to the misted polyurethane plastic safety windows.  They were bay windows with the angle of view reducing inward. You could see nothing and hear nothing in the secure unit.

What he was suggesting was an impossibility. He accused CH4 of “stitching him up”(sound familiar? Messhamism maybe? <<Lavism) He states that it wasn’t where CH4 said it was -Bryn Estyn- where he saw Morris but somewhere else down South Wales. Even though Morrison was the MP for Chester only 10 miles from Wrexham. Besides the whole story, media circus or plot was surrounding Bryn Estyn; He came forward to speak about Bryn Estyn. It twas the news not anywhere else. It was all lies.

I’ve listened to the interview over and over. He’s quite clear what he witnessed.

“I saw Morrison 5 times maybe”.

Not once, twice, three or four times but five. That’s a specific number  to choose and he was adamant.
CH4. “He (Sir Peter Morrison) was one of the ones who used to pick up boys?”


CH4 “After one victim spoke out last week, “James” felt compelled to speak out and break his 35 year silence”.

Steven Messham was the only person who’d publicly spoken at this stage.

Roy. “I knew there were certain lads(plural) who were visited at night and who were taken off in rather smart looking cars”(plural)

Q. “What did they look like”? Would you see the same faces?(plural) Did you recognise them?” (more than one)

A. “yeah, quite a few different faces(plural) one face more often than not, I recognised him because of his hair. It’s always his hair stuck in my mind”.

Q. “So who is that person?”

Roy ” well, I know now he was the MP for Chester at the time…………Morrison”.

The dead MP who could never argue his own side. But Roy knew this too. He chose a name that had been linked to another story some weeks previously  Here on 27th October 2012 one week before Messham’s Newsnight appearance.

The interviewer then gets told about some of the boys who were taken away in cars. These numerous victims supposedly had blood stains on their bed sheets in the morning. This statement was originally told to the police by another liar who was actually at Bryn Estyn. He continued to have a relationship with Peter Howarth long after being discharged from the care system. A consensual sexual relationship. He was later jailed for perverting the course of justice. Steven Hashim. Hashim was also one of the witnesses, along with Messham, used for and by the infamous Scallywag publication about Macca and the others. The house mistress Lucile Williams was asked by Waterhouse about Hashim’s claims of blood on bed sheets. She quite rightly laughed at the suggestion. She was also the laundry slave. The laundry was part of the main block next to her office. Roy Jones claims that he NEVER stayed in the “big house” only the “unfinished secure unit” for about a month! Laundry?

In addition, and given the 1000’s of us who’ve passed through the gates of Bryn Estyn only one other individual  has laid claim to spending more than 48hrs in the secure unit. Even so these claims were described as “probably exaggerated” CH 11, 11:15 Lost in Care Report.

” I was Category  A Daz (Cat/A is a serious risk/offender) they fucking locked me up for weeks in that shit hole. It’s only because I head butted Peter Howarth for trying to grope me that I was shipped out”.

Yeah right. Howarth might have mentioned that in his defense against various allegations of physical assault made against him don’t you think? You would have been prosecuted to the maximum. Remember in them days the staff were respected by all and a serious assault on a senior staff member would have resulted in a lengthy custodial sentence. More lies to support his already well-rehearsed fable. He hasn’t named a single fellow resident who was at Bryn Estyn with him.

Whilst at his home he told me that Keith Gregory never recognised him in Wrexham one day despite passing him on the pavement, no surprises there. Oops nearly forgot, Gregory claims to have been resident in Bryn Estyn in the “early 70’s”. Roy claims to have been there in 1978. Timing-it’s all about the timing.

I don’t think I need to offer any more evidence to support my claims that he’s a liar of the worst kind. The type who rides on the backs of other peoples pain, agony and distress. He loves it, lives it and wants to perpetuate it. I’ve yet to read a blog entry of his that doesn’t involve a negativity. Death, blood guts and more of the same. Jeeze, 365 of them one for every day of the year. Please forward any blog entry that mentions his sightings of Morrison at any establishment he was resident at. Oh and the blood stained sheets? Can’t find any reference to them. Maybe I should look harder. As if I could? I stopped reading them when I realised the rationale for writing them them. Attention, an audience, hits, comments, more attention, compliments, discussion and whatever else he could muster to occupy his internet addiction.

By giving that interview and entering my world, the offline world, the media world-reality, he stepped over the mark. He joined the hordes of others who’ve been determined to attach themselves to this saga-The North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. I’ll leave you with his own words,

“Too many people got too much to hide”.

PS. Roy forgot to tell the CH4 viewers about the abuse he alleges. Wasn’t that the whole point of ending his 35 year silence?

at 18:04

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@theoutlawjimmy is THE CURSE OF BRYN ESTYN


Posted by Outlaw on June 4, 2013


“O, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive” Sir Walter Scott.

It has been 34 years since I spent any time at the ‘Big House’ and after all the accusations, the investigations, the enquiries, the seemingly endless amount of newspaper column inches, the books, the documentaries, the news reports, the criminal & libel trials, the backstabbing, deception and the endless rumour and speculation – what else can there be to add?

Considering I only spent a matter of weeks at the Bryn Estyn Children’s Home between September and December 1978, I appear to have attracted a considerable amount of unwanted attention.

Is it because these people think I may know something that has not been looked at before?

So what is it I really know about the Bryn Estyn story?

A great deal more than I did since November 2012 to be honest, inasmuch as I have gained a rather unique insight into both sides of the story.

Unique in the sense that as an ex-care home lad, I am able to talk to others who have been in the system with none of the suspicion and distrust that accompanies those in an ‘official’ capacity.

Since the Bryn Estyn Story exploded again, I have been dragged into a seething mass of emotions, duplicity and personal agenda’s that have accompanied this story, discovering that nothing much has really changed since the original story started circulating in 1991.

I have read extensively, I have talked to many ex-residents and realised that I had become too involved to see the agenda’s that were being played out in front of my eyes.

Whether it was displaced loyalty on my part, I cannot tell, but I had somehow ignored what should have been obvious to me all along and my normally questioning nature and natural suspicions had abandoned me to the point where I literally could not see the proverbial ‘wood for the trees’.

I am fully aware of the truth now and rather than allow myself to used by the opposing factions in play, I am not going to involve myself in this issue any longer.


What I will say however, is that my initial instincts were right and I still do not believe that the focus of any investigation into ‘Establishment Paedophile Rings’ and highly-placed Political figures should be directed at Bryn Estyn.

That is not to say that physical and sexual abuses against young people did not occur, as there are too many voices that have now spoken out for it to have been simply ‘mass hysteria’ and Mainstream Media manipulation.

The media have played a huge role in this ongoing saga, the Journalist Dean Nelson for example should be questioned as to his role in the manipulation of what were after all, some very vulnerable young men, who’s initial ‘statements’ did not stand up against the more robust questions that accompanied the inevitable investigations.

The Policemen who spoke of ‘Compensation’ payments that could be made available for those who came forward with their stories of abuse should be questioned, as should two Wrexham Councillors, one of whom helped set up the NORWAS Charity that raised a great deal of money for the victims.

While on the subject of money, the £40,000 that was missing from the Charity fund that Steven Messham was acquitted of stealing, should also be looked at as it was never recovered.

There was a much publicised ‘split’ between the Survivors who had initially set up the charity and is still the cause of a great deal of bad feeling.


I also feel that I have been ‘steered away’ from certain people involved in the story.

People who I have since met up with and heard an altogether different version of events, which I am in the process of weighing up against the more popularised and public view of the whole story.

When I first got involved, I saw no reason to doubt much of what had been very publicly thrashed out in full view of the media spotlight.

I genuinely thought that there was not much more that could be known about, what was after all, one of the largest and most expensive investigations into institutional child abuse this country has ever seen.

How wrong I was.

What I discovered was a seething cesspit of backstabbing, ego’s, jealousy and personal greed coupled with a great sense of injustice bitterly felt by both sides after almost four decades of mismanagement and distrust.


None of this will be solved easily and will no doubt take many years to finally lay to rest.

That will require open, and totally honest input from everybody who has a direct involvement, which I am confident will never happen as there is still much to be gained from the endless suspicion and accusations from both sides.

I was duped, I feel I was used by one or more persons who’s side I supported which led to the recent online attacks on my reputation and the altogether more worrying attempts to place my home and family in very real danger.

I have never intended to write about what I call the ‘Curse of Bryn Estyn,’ but I have now gathered enough material to confidently tell an altogether different story.

Maybe enough for a book if the truth is told, but that will be only when I decide and will be something that I shall have complete control over.

That is the one thing I am entirely sure of.

10 comments on “THE CURSE OF BRYN ESTYN….”

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  2. Read and re-read and have an uneasy air about it. You’d best explain who these so called dupers are, “I was duped, I feel I was used by one or more persons who’s side I supported”. Being as I’m the only ex-Bryn Estyn resident you could have met, in any context of meeting, I’m confused and need clarification of other statements.

    “inasmuch as I have gained a rather unique insight into both sides of the story.” I’d ask which two sides are you referring to?

    “I have been dragged into a seething mass of emotions, duplicity and personal agenda’s that have accompanied this story”. “Dragged in” by who?

    “I have talked to many ex-residents and realised that I had become too involved to see the agenda’s that were being played out in front of my eyes” Care to share who’s agenda’s?

    “Whether it was displaced loyalty on my part, I cannot tell, but I had somehow ignored what should have been obvious to me all along and my normally questioning nature and natural suspicions had abandoned me to the point where I literally could not see the proverbial ‘wood for the trees’”. Again please share without the cryptonics.

    “I am fully aware of the truth now and rather than allow myself to used by the opposing factions in play, I am not going to involve myself in this issue any longer.” “Opposing factors”? “Used”? How? By who?

    “It was the cause of a much publicised ‘split’ between the Survivors who had initially set up the charity and is still the cause of a great deal of bad feeling.” This is incorrect and needs your attention. “The so-called split” happened 2 years before the money went missing. I’ve reiterated it more than once to you. Not a jot of “feelings ” are “still” present because there never was any. I never knew about the money until November 8th 2012. I’d forgotten about Messham and NORWAS decades before. Again, I’ve explained this to you previously.

    “I also feel that I have been ‘steered away’ from certain people involved in the story”. Can you just clear this bit up? Give your readers the names. I’m interested to discover who these individuals are.

    “People who I have since met up with and heard an altogether different version of events, which I am in the process of weighing up against the more popularised and public view of the whole story.” Ditto last question.

    “What I discovered was a seething cesspit of backstabbing, ego’s, jealousy and personal greed coupled with a great sense of injustice bitterly felt by both sides after almost four decades of mismanagement and distrust”. Some more on the details would be appreciated.

    “That will require open, and totally honest input from everybody who has a direct involvement, which I am confident will never happen as there is still much to be gained from the endless suspicion and accusations from both sides.” Again this is too cryptic for me. Please explain.

    “I have never intended to write about what I call the ‘Curse of Bryn Estyn,’ but I have now gathered enough material to confidently tell an altogether different story.” Different in comparison to what story?

  3. How can they stay with you when you’ve posted the above blog? My questions are serious challenges to your assumptions. C’mon now you can’t expect me to let this pass without answering.

    • Of course I don’t expect you to let it pass.

      Who are you referring to when you say ‘staying with me?’..

      Daz mate, am I not entitled to my own thoughts about this?

      I have formed an opinion and I have tried to offer a balanced account of what I have seen, I want no more connection with it as it’s toxic and harmful to anyone who ‘dares’ even mention it in public. Let alone ask questions, as I have done.

      Too many secrets and too many conflicting stories exist.

      I do know quite a few ex-Bryn Estyn lads as it goes, from South Wales mainly but some I knew from other Approved schools.

      As for being cryptic???

      That seems par for the course with regard to anyone who talks about Bryn Estyn, as you yourself have been very cryptic at times.

      I regret ever getting involved with it, and being so vocal armed with only half of the story has brought only trouble to my door..

      I have never once claimed to be the font of knowledge of all things Bryn Estyn, but I have learned enough to walk away from it..

      There is much I do not know, but what I have learned is enough to tell me to leave it alone and concentrate on other things.

      Is that not enough?

    • I prefer to get to the truth, which I believe I have now.

      I have to stand by what I have written and will continue to do so.

      I have been warned to ‘stay away’, threatened, trolled and had all sorts of accusations levelled at me due to this issue.

      Why would that be?

      All it does it make me believe there is more to it than anybody seems to be willing to say.

      I look for the truth, nothing more. No agenda, just facts.

      I can climb out at any time I decide, I will make that choice.

  4. Keep telling yourself that.
    At the end of the day it changes nothing. The “Truth” about Bryn Estyn is known only to those who know and unfortunately I’m one of the few still alive who fall into this category. You’re not and never will be, just like the hoards of others. The warnings/threats you describe would have and will continue to arrive. Whether it’s about the Mcanns, Bryn Alyn, Messham, blood groups, aliens or anything else you’ve chosen to attach yourself to. But they reach no further than the screen of your computer. As for choices…you’re right, only you can make them. There are consequences for every single choice made but these consequences aren’t controlled by you. You have but one option… to live with them.

    The entry above hints at this and points at that but there’s not an ounce of evidence to support any of it. No-ones ever going to approach you and your family, we both know it in reality. The threats and disclosures were only ever made to wind you up, and they worked. If you can’t see that’s all they ever were then the cunts who wrote them have been provided with a bonus, by yourself.

    We all know I’ve drifted away from the constant drivel being written on various social networks. But only me and mine know just how beneficial this move has been. The benefits of stepping back are tangible. My family have seen the depths I’ve sunken to and threw me a life jacket. At first I refused to take hold. I can handle it…. I thought! But what is there to handle? Trolls? and er……lies? And er…accusations?

    It all pales into insignificance when one goes through a reality check. Costs and benefits? Costs? My time and all that’s included in that time. Benefits? Fuck all. Why? because I know why I’m on this planet and it isn’t to spend my life attacking and defending what appears on my monitor. Be it blog entries or tweets or opinions, they all melt away when one realises the absolute “TRUTH” about Bryn Estyn.

    Not a soul on the internet has yet to offer more truth about “the big house” than I, not a single living soul has taken to the net and offered anything even close to how it was.

    Everything else means shit. It’s babble and it’s perpetuated by more babble.

    • I must ask, how do you know that any threats and/or disclosures were meant only to ‘wind me up?’

      Unless you somehow know the exact nature of and what they consisted of?

      I have never spoken of, nor written anywhere the FULL extent of the troublesome activities that myself and my family were subjected to, so how are you aware of them?

      You refer to everything as ‘babble’, so does that include your contribution, as well as your testimony at Waterhouse for example?

      Does anybody have a legitimate claim to speak about their experiences at Bryn Estyn, simply because you claim to have laid down the ‘definitive’ version for posterity?

      Your comments just leave me with more questions I’m afraid :-(

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and it carried on on TWITTER



@theoutlawjimmy THE FACE OF EVIL

@theoutlawjimmy aka Royden James Jones of

All poisons should be kept out of reach, yet this one continues to attack very vulnerable people on the social networking site TWITTER

Since the Steven Messham story broke last November this individual has taken it upon himself to attack anyone who even mentions the word CSA those who have started a blog about this have been his main targets.

28th March was Paedobritain day organized by The Madlands brought a nation together, opening the eyes of millions as to the extent of CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE   The weeks leading up to this the above named person continually attacked his motives, demanding to know who he was and what his motives were, to all other people his motives were very plain to see  @madlands did not play this persons game and carried on with the task ahead of him.  PAEDOBRITAIN was a success it reached number one #hashtag trending.

After this very successful day Madlands site disappeared why? You can read that here  please read all the comments

Royden James Jones uses his blog to intimidate and slag others off, yet he himself claims to be a victim of abuse as a child?

Here are just some of the victims who have been attacked by THE OUTLAW & HIS LYNCH MOB








There are various twitter accounts (the lynch mob) that help THE OUTLAW carry out his dirty work, some are real, most are himself

@Angleseydrift  @deadkeneneddie @janerussellsays alias @shazzyrim @mia_mir @bromsville @downedanother1 @aliesalie7 @jessicaleporida

aka @mfoglasgow aka  @fairybulldog  @gojam_I’m_not @cantankerous71  @aphroditenight alias @jenniejenjen1 @madamemooch

@lupethelupe aka @bedoubty @sadieksays @lordtat @_alldaylong @grannyofmax @siouxicooke @hughjardon2304 @we_are_the_mob @Markin_time @RailgunnerKid @olddizzy103

about his puppets very well written



Severe ADHD, Mixed Personality Disorder – Anankastic, Paranoid, Narcissistic and borderline type Past History of Bipolar disorder.


I do not normally write on a personal level, but I felt I had to share this ‘Diagnosis’ I received in the post today after two sessions with a psychiatrist. I feel I must add that being outspoken or in any way knowledgable regarding your own condition, is a definate NO.

Not speaking is equally damning, as is asking questions and speaking out about any doubts you may have regarding the treatment you have received.

(I have only omitted the personal details)

Welcome to my world….

“I met with you on the 14th of February 2013 at my clinic at ………

My GP Trainee colleague, Dr …………. was also present.

The consultation lasted for approximately 90 minutes, I have summarised our discussion arising out of it and have copied your GP into the letter for information and advice.

Severe ADHD, Mixed Personality Disorder – Anankastic, Paranoid, Narcissistic and borderline type Past History of Bipolar disorder.

Not on any Psychotropic medication.
Treatment options discussed/suggested.
1. You are not taking any medication at present, you have discontinued the Quetiapine I had prescribed previously.
2. I discussed medical treatment options for the core symptoms of impulsivity and restlessness adult ADHD. You did not wish to continue medical treatment for Adult ADHD.
3. I have also discussed a referral to the local Personality Disorder Therapeutic Community (TAITH).
4. Your Appropriate Adult brought up the issue of referral for counselling for abuse she says you suffered at a children’s home over 30 years ago. The options include referral to Stepping Stones in Wrexham, RASA (in Flintshire).
5. I have previously discussed a referral to the Life Coach Service to address social activity and introducing structure to your day.

I have also confirmed that you cannot be coerced into any of the treatments.

I have not made any arrangements to follow you up in clinic. Should you wish to follow up any of the above treatment suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Summary of key issues identified in the appointment:
I discussed with you and reviewed in detail your responses on the self-reported personality disorder questionnaire: my assessment indicates that you suffer from a mixed personality traits/disorder. You meet criteria for Paranoid personality disorder, Anankastic personality disorder, and exhibit Narcissistic and borderline personality disorder.

Your self-report on the Conner’s Adult ADHD Rating Scale indicate Severe ADHD with problems of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. The ADHD Scale assessment indicated problems with self-concept which was collerates with symptoms of borderline personality disorder.

Your reactions to my assessment and opinions were as follows:

  • You disagree with the diagnosis of ADHD and personality disorder, although you have corroborated both by self-report and during our assessment. You said that you have had several diagnoses given to you in the past and you no longer believe the opinion of the doctors. You however did agree that the psychology of the personality characteristics you display are centred on reducing risk to you and acting as a “Bullshit Detector.” Your appropriate adult corroborated your reports on your personality questionnaire and she confirmed that it has taken over six years to earn your trust which is a core symptom of paranoid personality.
  • You also told me that you are not taking any medication at present.
    You cited being a Rh Negative blood group as a physical characteristic which precludes a response to medication.
  • You also reported receiving ECT treatment and being detained many years ago in Broadmoor, for which we are unable to obtain medical records. You feel that the ECT may also explain some of your behaviour.
  • You also stated that my diagnosis of ADHD had been influenced by the big pharmaceutical companies which are trying to peddle medication for profit.

The main concerns revolve around you going into town and getting into trouble and impulsively picking up fights. There are no concerns about your ability to care for your children when you are at home. Other examples of impulsive behaviour include the police being called to a housing meeting, when you were living in Bala, as you appeared ‘intimidating.’ You were excluded from the local supermarket for the same reason. After moving to Wrexham you got into an argument with the Head Teacher at your child’s new school. You do not consider any of this being a problem as you feel you are only speaking your mind. You have a very high opinion of your intelligence and feel unable to tolerate boring people and their conversations. This leads to the impression of an arrogant attitude and speaking out what you are thinking, as taught by your father and Grandparent’s. You do not seem to care for the impact this has on the person receiving this criticism which is most times uncalled for and it puts you at a risk for retaliation. It has also been reported that you tend to exhibit other risky behaviour such as walking across the tops of high bridges which have been a cause of public concern. It has been discussed that there is an ongoing investigation into the abuse of children whilst in care in Wales in the seventies. Your appropriate adult told me that the police had informed her that they believe you might have been sexually abused also, although you have not reported any abuse during our meetings where she had been present. Even after those comments were made you did not respond to them. It has also been mentioned that Social Services had been involved and there has been a discussion of referral for counselling.

It has also been reported that you walked out of an ATOS interview as you felt that the medical person at the panel did not have the relevant skills to assess you.

On MENTAL STATE EXAMINATION I did not identify any symptoms of mental disorder. You had a sarcastic and oppositional attitude to all that I had to say during the interview: For example you said that if you knew what your problem was you would then be able to start thinking about how you would manage it – but when I offer my opinion on what your problem is you immediately rejected it. You reported being able to understand how the medical/psychiatry profession tends to have different hypotheses for psychiatric disorders – but you said that you had a low level of intelligence. You refused to consider any of the treatment options offered, e.g. When I discussed the therapeutic community for personality disorders, you felt that you would not be able to cope with meeting people with similar problems and that you might be driven to drinking or drugs.

I have identified that you have the capacity to make your own decisions around your treatment and have the capacity to refuse.

My assessment of your risk is that because of the untreated adult DHD, you remain at risk of impulsive behaviour and getting into serious trouble because of your impulsive behaviour whilst in public.”

Yours Sincerely…



Readers of this site will be pretty familiar with Royden Jones’ typical tactics – mob dissenters continuously with his usual array of allies and sock puppets in the basest possible terms, preferably first having won their confidence to find out where they are most vulnerable. If they are silenced by this–as, for example, Madlands was–then mission accomplished. If they respond in kind, rolling in the gutter swapping insults and threats, Jones will accuse them of “trolling CSA survivors” – though many are survivors themselves or their advocates, and merely reacting with understandable anger to the attacks upon them. But what if those attacked do neither of these things, instead opting to respond to flailing attacks with quiet, rational questioning? Makes Jones’ trolling obvious – a bad thing as far as he’s concerned, not least because he can’t play victim – until now.
Jones’ old, familiar line to blur distinctions between aggressor and aggressed against, that it’s “all about ego” rather than the divisive conduct he initiated, has recently had to be mothballed in favour of a new line more suited to new times – his critics are now orchestrating a sophisticated exercise in psychological manipulation designed to drive him insane. Admittedly, someone reacting calmly to an unceasing torrent of abuse and threats can look a bit odd and Jones seeks to exploit this – they’re either very even-tempered or ‘summat’s up’. His cronies’ rage is now not their own responsibility but is instead supposedly triggered by its target through clever, invisible psychological manipulation. Suddenly, every utterance has to be explored for hidden, sinister meanings in the manner of Titus Oates. An illustration of the reducto ad absurdem of this exercise in blame-diversion is Jones’ admission that in the course of him and sidekick Darren Laverty terrorising one woman by lurking outside her home photographing her kids, she recorded the timing of this incident as ’11:11′. In his worldview, the blatant intimidation isn’t the issue, nonsensical numerical esoterica is; supposedly triggering, though how his victim could even know this remains an open question. So now, even calm, rational responses are, like any other dissent from the Jones gang, “trolling CSA survivors”. Convenient, eh?
A specific form of manipulation Jones seems to know suspiciously a lot about is ‘gas lighting’, exploiting someone’s insecurities by tampering with their sense of what’s real. They are made to question small, familiar details of their lives until they come to accept their tormentor’s version – and so their control. The trouble with these assertions is that they’re easily neutralised simply by the victimised person having a good eye for detail and using that to bolster strong self-belief. What does that eye for detail spot? Inconsistencies in the instigator’s version – they must lie to achieve their intended effect and liars have to fabricate a reality from whole cloth, not simply relate what’s really there. Under close inspection, the instigator’s faked version of reality looks full of holes (contradictions) and incomplete.
And–sure enough–it is Jones and Laverty’s version of reality that is exactly that. Whilst their critics are consistent and reality-based, Jones and Laverty can’t keep their story straight from one month to the next in their blogs, or day to day on their Twitter timelines. Were they close allies of Stephen Messham, Bryn Alyn witness key to ‘Newsnight’s expose, as they claim in November or did they never meet him at all, as both absurdly claimed four months later when their conduct then was at issue? Jones and Laverty continually delete tweets and even sock puppets as they shift from one target to the next. Just liars covering their tracks? Telling, then, that they typically do this only after targeted individuals have referred to the tweet/identity in question – intended as an attack on their credibility and, apparently, their reason. Jones is describing his own technique through attributing it to others in his usual blame-shifting manner. The trouble with this is that it’s just not very effective. Screenshots or a quick peek on show tweets Jones/Laverty vehemently claim never existed consistently have done – a real ‘gas lighting’ fail, I’d have thought.
Of course, this technique is as much offensive as defensive – against a highly vulnerable target who they have wormed their way into the confidence of by falsely offering consolation and solidarity (“we are survivors too, tell us all about it..”), it is very easy for them to control their victim’s perceptions and then pull their world down on them – exactly what Jones and Laverty did to Stephen Messham. Fortunately, he did not commit suicide as a result, instead being confined to a psychiatric hospital with depression for many months.
So, in addition to trolling tactics obvious to all, Jones/Laverty’s gang use a great deal of info-manipulation and misrepresentation. Why, if their prime concern is simply to oppose child abuse? I see you’re all ahead of me here – it isn’t, obviously. It’s about control, their version predominating over any other, even if that means systematically silencing or discrediting dissenting voices. Was the neutralising of Steve Messham immediately after his ‘Newsnight’ broadcast mere jealousy dating back to Laverty’s splitting of the North Wales survivors’ campaign in the run-up to the Waterhouse inquiry, as he claims, or did it serve the interests of a certain “peer of the realm” as Jones deferentially referred to McAlpine in his November blog entry? Jones/Laverty’s new agenda broadcast thereafter was that sexual abuse in North Wales was .. over-emphasised. Hard not to see whose interest that spin served – but let anyone say so and they’re “trolling CSA survivors” and in need of ‘retaliation’ tactics..
Of course, we don’t actually need to speculate and surmise – Jones quite blatantly states “I am now a North Wales Police informer who has been paid to disrupt #CSA investigations in England” (MonadTime MT, 8th May)–that’s the same N.Wales police featured so heavily in disruption of the Waterhouse inquiry–and Laverty boasts “my blog gets read because I’m MI5” (13th May), despite their appalling record as high-level paedo-protectors (Kincora, etc). These tweets already deleted? A surefire admission in itself – but find them on Topsy anyway just to confirm what kind of game they’re really playing with you..  Surprised now that they know so much about psychological and information manipulation? They’re only doing their job, after all.


Looking at RJJ & driftwood’s twitt accounts with this blog in mind, it’s easy to see the obvious use of dummy accounts, and accounts of obvious accomplices, to create the illusion of support for these two individuals. Their machinations are clear to see, when you realise that their only apparent reason for existence, now, is to disrupt any fledgling attempts to create a serious movement to raise awareness of the systematic coverup of the horrendous abuses to children in 70-80′s care homes.

If one cares to look, it’s clear that the RJJ account has repeatedly insinuated itself into the, often personal, spheres of an intended victim, only to ‘part’ angrily with them over some matter, spewing accusations and entreaties – which are then batted between the dummy accounts, the mfokate/janerussell accounts, and driftwood…if any dissent of this treatment is exhibited by the target, then the RJJ account pitifully cries foul while the dummies take turns to give the ironically false impression that the RJJ account stands alone against a torrent of lies and falsehoods against him. Ridiculous stuff, childish even, but it works to fudge issues and exactly what started what.

When analysed, this divisive Twitter-ring shows more subtle permutations in the areas of information dissemination and coordination; the main three accounts are RJJ, driftwood and janerussell – with possibly one other female account…the rest are termed as ‘sock puppet’ accounts; and they are as described: the RJJ account uses socks that are usually seemingly suave and reasonable to moderate enquiries…there are around 4.

The driftwood account is usually less articulate, and relies on short,angry exchanges – the sock @deadkeneneddie is a marvellous example of how erudite this account CAN be tho, when it isn’t just batting for the RJJ account against the latest victim with varying degrees of vitriol.

The Mfo/janerussells account is much more interesting,with a higher level of perceived separation from its various sock guises. I sincerely hope that this one is either educated in psychology, or is getting some serious support from a shrink, because the sock accounts only show similarity when they’re either stroking the apparently real ego of the RJJ account, or when the account in one of its various guises is actually being nice, for once. I think perhaps, that the various peripheral socks operated by this account are controlled by two females.

This trolling Twitter-ring has shown that it can be dynamic, also; when police were actually called after one particular prolonged attack on individuals on Twitter, this group found itself with two of its members permanently excluded from Twitter, the solution? They simply made new similar names and started right back up again, stating that they were hacked..from this we can infer that the accounts mfokate and RJJ’s were ‘real’…

…on another occasion, the janerussell account was suspended for some days; when it came back, it stated that it had been hacked…I can convincingly argue that this account was found out to be a sock account used to harass/intimidate others, and was suspended following a complaint/investigation – the puppet operator – katemfo – then was required to email Twitter with a valid explanation why two accounts were being operated from the same ip address.

All very cloak and dagger, some have said…why such drama, ask others. Yet, while these commentators guffaw and qualify disinformation with their casual use of the RT, this divisive Twitter-ring uses ever-increasingly-intimidatory tactics to throw baseless accusations, make direct violent threats and publish personal particulars about the identities of individuals…to the point where actual photos of people’s faces and addresses to their homes are used, along with specific instructions as to what kind of intimidation/violence will be meted out.

…and now, they are waiting to get back to their original mission, to mess with messham’s head until he becomes less than a living reminder of the horrors visited on our precious, most vulnerable children, by VIP paedophile monsters…and the fetid smell of the coverup that far too many govts made of the suppression/killing of any enquiries.

Its about time that the issues raised by this blog were finally brought to the fore in an articulate, measured way.
Pls feel welcome to use my words in any way seen fit, in order to end this shame visited on every person who saw what was going on, yet did nothing.


Update: I was called on my home fone last night, and was greeted by a shrilly voice telling me it was katemfo, demanding I confirm my name…after suppressing a chuckle at the faux Scots accent – which was reminiscent of a light,if mangled, Dundee-area regionality, I found myself flicking thru my mental-map of uk accents, then idly wondering if the speaker confronting me had ever taken elocution lessons from Mrs Doubtfire, I noticed that the shrill voice had carried on talking, “That is one crappy Scots accent”, I couldn’t help but interject.
“What?”, She said, her accent gearing up a notch and gaining another testicle-pinching semi-quaver…Robin-Williams was IN the house, and he was going for the Oscar…”What?”, She said, again.
“I said, that accent is rubbish”, I repeated for her, adding, “Do you realise what you’re doing to people!?…why are you hounding good people?!! What’s your motivation? Are them two being blackmailed into doing this? What dirt have they got on them?!! Were they abusing kids while they were in care or what?!! GET THAT LITTLE RUNT PINKY ON THE PHONE YOU INHUMAN BUNCH OF BAST@RDS…TELL HIM I AIN’T SOME SCARED WOMAN RAISED IN THE STICKS BEING SCARED BY THREATS FROM SCARED OLD MEN!!” …etcetera.
I think it was at an interlude provided, by myself, by a need to inhale, that I realised that I was holding the phone in front of my face, I was shouting, and the phone was dead.
Having helped to raise 4 teenagers, I’m no stranger to all sorts of strange phone calls from all sorts of people at all sorts of times…but this one had me taken aback.
NEVER telephone a bloke who’s tucked into bed, sipping hot cocoa, and reveal that you’re part of a small team disrupting the efforts of good people who ‘only’ want to blow the lid off the coverups, perpetrated by government and judiciary, of disgusting abuses to kids while they were in care…such greetings tend to draw out the very worst in a chap. I was calmed, and ready to chalk it down to an opportunity missed, when a source sent me the following screen-shot:

Quite an interpretation! A veritable feast of misdirection, all nicely laid out for the feeding of impressionable little children…very questionable tactics; although highly appealing to chattering sock puppets, with the added benefit of informing the casual observer that a spoon if pap is coming their way…with the implicit contract that the viewer must swallow it, or face the consequence of having to go thru the tiresome business of actually looking thru timelines and establishing the facts for themselves.
In conclusion to this update, I can only say that I will be less ‘surprised’ if I got another call from Mrs Doubtfire…but I’d rather express myself, in terms, to pinky.
I do hope they kept a recording of my questions…they usually do.