The Outlaw Jimmy how he uses his blog to abuse others

TROLL:Internet slang, a troll (pron.: /ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, cruel or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response, or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. The noun troll may also refer to the provocative message itself, as in: “That was an excellent troll you posted.”


I had my first experience of a Twitter Troll yesterday. The first person I have felt the need to block, and an experience which saddened me as it made me feel I had no other option.

What made it worse, is that it was a woman, or may well be somebody pretending to be a woman, as these days, Internet Trolls come in all shapes and guises. The attractive, smiling pictures they portray on their profiles are in most cases, hiding the real picture that is usually singularly unattractive in both looks and nature.

Who Shall I Troll Today?

I was not singled out though, this particularly loathesome creature has been targeting any and all people who have had the courage to speak out about Child Abuse.

I did not not ask to have my past laid out for all to see, and like others on the Internet, would have happily remained in the shadows getting on with our lives coping as we have had to, for decades in some cases. It was only following the Television appearance of Steven Messham on the BBC Newsnight programme, that many of us felt the need to set the story straight.

But the damage was already done.

Regardless of the real story, despite the fact that many hundreds of people’s lives would be turned upside-down yet again, it was out there, and in the worst possible way. The first ‘Victim’ that was paraded before the camera’s, is the only victim that people will ever see.

The whole exercise (because that is what it was) was very clever in it’s execution, and again, I shall be laying myself wide open to the hoardes of misguided Trolls slavering in anticipation, but what happened on Newsnight was planned.

The Media gave the general public an image to focus on, a distraction from the unfolding scandal both at the BBC and in the establishment and no survivor of childhood abuse can ever escape from that.

If you dare to question the validity of the story, you immediately become a target. Steven Messham has become the only survivor who’s word the public will accept, the only voice allowed to question the injustice and tell his or her story without prejudice.

So I, and all the others who have a connection to the real story of the UK Care Home System are forever damned to not only live with the lifetime affects of their abuse, but also will never be allowed to be heard.

My, though I hesitate to use that word, but My Troll has probably guessed this. Her/his blog gushes with sympathy for Steven Messham and woe betide anybody else who dares to question his version. She has her supporters too, they massage her ego on a daily basis, joining in with her twisted views and encouraging her disgusting attacks on who, are mostly vulnerable people.

After a bit of digging, it was discovered that she/he themselves was a victim of abuse, who received no support or recognition of her own trauma, so now chooses to spit her poison at those that touch a nerve and remind her of her own unresolved pain.


She/he is also a victim, but a victim who has now become an abuser, this is quite common apparently, but unfortunately I am not that forgiving. I am not going to give him/her a cheap thrill by telling my story here, but what I shall say, is that not all survivors are like that, some just want to be left alone to get through the best way they can.

That choice has been taken away from us now, many are replaying their own horror stories in their minds on a daily basis. Speaking for myself, I have not had a restful night ever since the Newsnight Story broke.

So excuse me if I seem angry, but when a total stranger, tries to humiliate me and then has the nerve to block me in case I respond, then continues to tell her 60-odd followers that ‘I am trying to hunt her down, and she may have to call the authorities, because “Jimmy is unstable,” it pisses me off somewhat. One of her friends, who lays claim to being an intimate friend of Steven Messham, then responds to her blog and accuses me of saying that a then serving police officer, a Mr Gordon Anglesea abused boys at Bryn Estyn.

Is that not slander, have more important people successfully sued for huge amounts on lesser accusations? I have also responded on her blog, in as a respectful and polite manner as I could manage under the circumstances. She then tells me that I ‘Should Learn the difference between an Attack and a Disagreement!’ When you ridicule somebody because of a lifetime mental health condition, is that not a personal attack?

I may well be wrong I may be over-reacting, but is it not hypocrisy to say such hateful and harmful things, and then threaten to call ‘The Authorities’ because you feel paranoid and somehow threatened?

I have no doubts whatsoever that @jenniejenjen3 will be back, she has done it twice before, she blocks me, then unblocks to share some more bile, and then blocks again in case of repercussions. She, like all Trolls, is very clever, she does not always direct her spite directly at her chosen victim, but information on the Internet rarely remains a secret for long.

I shall end this by saying, yes I have Bipolar disorder, and for more than thirty years I have struggled with a condition that has nearly driven me to take my own life on more than a few occasions, but it has never once caused me to bully, threaten and try to humiliate total strangers!!

May I suggest though, that my Troll is in more urgent need of ‘The Authorities’ than I. Maybe then, she/he may be able to get the help they so desperately need, to successfully deal with their own Mental Health Issues.

Her blog can be found at “Upside Down & Twisted” very apt!

I now await the Trolls….

I did not put this in originally until I felt it was appropriate to do so. As the other blogger now agrees, (see comments) I will now add a link to his blog which shows, in some detail the abuse and accusations he has also endured at the hands of this Troll..


The Outlaw

An Alternative View


Posted by Outlaw on May 14, 2013

This was sent to me today. An observer’s view of this ongoing situation which has now spilled over into my personal life. I think it should be shared..

Looking back on Will Black’s timeline it is easy to see when he arrived with his interest in #Paedobritain day.

Nothing ever in his posts about child abuse. Mostly UKIP.

He got his recent break on Huffington Post on 25th March this year.


So Will Black likes to de-sensationalise.

Not long after he then puts out his first part of his plan for a new book.


(Who else was recently online in a live debate on Huffington Post as an “activist” for CSA – one Janette Scharenborg. Can hardly spell and her blog is cut and pasted from the MSM but now has a prominent position amongst credible people on the live debate? Interesting.)

Nothing much more on this apart from the RT’s from his followers, carefully dropped in amongst the “Twitter War” going on with CSA victims.

A war that has been watched from all over. Not very clearly though.

Let me tell you about this so called war.

Messham arrived on TV and the public went mad with sympathy, Darren Laverty knew different and said so. Jimmy Jones also disagreed after research. It caused some reactions and one was a tweeter called Jenniejenjen. Opinions were heard, disagreements all over the place.

In the meantime, a certain little lady called Janette Scharenborg who was under @schar53 had decided that she was done with the McCann story and hopped onto this one.

She offered Darren a place of sanctuary and made friends with Jimmy Jones.

Her background was soon put up on a blog as many had been unsure of her statements and treatment of victims. She had now put up a Blog naming Paedophiles. Furiously pasting everyday and now making it her focus on her timeline.

Her past did not match her present “credentials” and she was furious.

She wanted to know who had wrote this blog piece about her past and then fell out with Jimmy Jones because he would not disclose who was behind the blog.. All ruined, her reputation and story taken apart with evidence. She then gets other victims behind her, first one Sue Perry to join in on discrediting Jimmy Jones and Darren Laverty.

Sue blogged, tweeted, disappeared and came back time and time again to join in with Janette and fall out with her continously.

She had now fallen out with Jimmy Jones too as Janette had fed her the information.

She had previously been in touch with Jimmy Jones.


No mention of it being Jimmy and Darren that bullied her off till later when she returns again…and again….and again.

But in the meantime the wave was starting to build.

The “bully” tag had emerged.

The Madlands appeared – who was he?

A redundant blog and he gathers Janette, Sue and other “survivors “together.

#Peadobritain was born.

Many agreed and got it trending.

He then disappeared.

(A mass neurosis and panic now caused among the survivors and the public).

A bit like the Mayan Prophecy do you not think?

He quickly left and the blame went on to Darren and Jimmy.

#paedobritain was on top of the list on 28th March 2013, an online action day initiated by blogger Madlands who closed his site due to bullying on Twitter even though he states this on his blog.


Jimmy Jones and others did not see this campaign as wholly positive saying that having a hashtag to tell everyone that Britain was full of Peados would scare children when seeing a paediatrician etc.

Others agreed and the accusations of stopping #Paedobritain ran away with itself.

4 or 5 people saying, we do other things, saying we do not agree but go ahead. A difference of opinion then made these people paedoprotectors!!!

Accusations of trying to take down the #paedobritain campaign.

Add this on to the “bully” tag already rising in the wave across twitter and you now have everyone joining in.

It became ridiculous, accusations of being MI5 and Police Informers graced the screens.
Another piece arrived about Janette having a brother that had been charged with serious injury and alledged rape of a woman leaving her with a colostomy bag.

Facts all proven and recent pictures of them together.

Again, Janette rises to the occasion and sets up a twitter account called Kevin Green and he states he is Steven Messham.

Telling everyone that Jennijenjen was coming back and low and behold Sue arrives back too.

All together for revenge.


She refers back to Messham and November and names both Darren and Jimmy, she also brings in Psychopath, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Sounds very much like something a certain someone writes about?

She had gathered two people that had issue with Darren Laverty and Jimmy Jones and she was using a twitter account claiming to be Steven Messham.

Another blog called then came out to discredit Jimmy Jones and anyone that followed him.

Will Black openly promoted Kevins Blog………

Would normally post it from his timeline but he has deleted all tweets from 27th April to the 2nd of May.

A complaint to Huffington Post from a victim on Kevin Green’s blog maybe made him delete?

He still openly promotes the tweeters though..


Even though MFOGlasgow’s twitter had a screenshot of @kevgreens’s vile abuse.

Jenniejenjen and Sue now take a back seat and withdraw as they had realised this Tweeter was neither Messham nor Kevin Green, it was actually Janette.

But the damage was done.

Jenniejenjen was honest enough to own up to her part and disclosed the whole set up by Janette.

Yes people watched the fighting and the back and forward insults, one accusing, one defending.
It became upsetting for many and others joined in and made their own opinions on what was said to who was on their timeline.

Not many actually looked at both timelines and seen the bigger picture.

We then had adeybob aka @monadtime joining in and eventually taking over while Kevin and Janette left. He then left after making a complete balls up of professing he was there for victims but then attacks one on twitter asking if she had ‘triggered’ yet.

More joined the wave and the “bully” tag along with MI5 and Police informer now became recently,‘David Rose’.


This small argument because someone disagreed with Janette Scharenborg and had outed her past, had come to this.

Her account is protected as she let others get involved.

Everyday it ran on and others joined in.

Again, Will sat at the sidelines filing his notepad and asking for a RT of his #Paedobritain piece very sporadicly amongst the back and forward drama.

A journalist now gets involved as this is now out of hand and true survivors of abuse are now being gangstalked by many.

They started on her too and a Blogger decided to get a piece of the action and up his numbers.


Numbers, Blog Views, Twitter Followers.

Thats what it is all about to the ones that joined the fray.

A professional Joins in the ”We hate Jimmy Jones gang” Dr Tig Calvert , accusing him of lying.

She had previously called Jimmy Jones and tried to get information from him.

He even gave her a guest piece on his blog.

Another fame seeker?

Another one outed (with evidence) as lying about her credentials and her past.

She then shouted ‘bully‘. It added to the ever growing wave.

Will Black kept popping in now and again.


Twitter is now in a tailspin and people making their own opinions heard in blogs and on tweets about the situation that they see being played out.

Will Black keeps watching and the notebook pages are filling up. “Great fodder here”.

Paul Rogers is the last man standing, keeping it going.

Last night
Paul Rogers ‏@paulrogers00213h
@kevgreen50 Good to see you on here again, Kev – must still be mid-afternoon where you are. Hope all’s well with you. Have RT-ed your latest

Kev is on holiday with no internet conection as yet but finds the time to tweet a new blog post and Paul has it RT for him.


So Paul Rogers is in charge even though yesterday he was outed as having two MI5 persons as his witnesses in a previous trial and having a solicitor who had worked alongside Cherie Booth.

(Cash for Questions/Blair)?

Stood trial with his Green Anarchist/ALF friends under the media spotlight.

He walked away scot free???………

Just poor old Paul, the man with the dirty beard and makes his dad sausages.

Visits Nedstoke Fete with his inlaws even though he is single and Nedstoke does not exist.

The Finale

Today there is a new blog post on KevinGreen1950.

Now emphasising that Jimmy Jones and Darren Laverty are in fact…….MI5.

Set up to discredit Messham and other victims.

Ridiculous to tweet certain tweets of admission of who they were but not the surrounding ones around it.


Jimmy laughs this off and tweets


The same way he and others had previously tweeted where many had been called MI5 and the jokes flew about not having an IPAD or a spooks wage.

Pretty well put together on the writing but definitely not Janette.

Who wrote that?

But enough to try and finally discredit the original two.

Turning what @Monadtime had spoke about last week on Gaslighting, to a blog from Jimmy Jones on it, now being used as “evidence”.

Of who these two were.

So from Police informer, to MI5 to David Rose and along the way he was Peter Howarth right though to a son of someone mentioned in the unseen Jillings Report………he was now a ‘Gaslighter’?….

Janette now seems to be back in her SHOUTY mode and PSYCHOPATH is being shouted all over the kevgreen50 twitter account.

So lets talk about the victims that have been bullied off twitter.

Where are they?

Janette – Evidence of her past and her lies, her vile blog that triggers victims and her close relationship with a brother who had left a woman damaged for life and got out of being charged with possession of child porn.

Sue – changes tactics, sides and her story every other week and went for the sympathy vote. Her abuse story now being investigated by North Wales Fire Investigations who are not happy as it goes.

Says she has evidence on Darren since November last year but has yet to disclose to Police and have Darren arrested and/or charged.

Claims she was stalked and the police fitted new locks.

Why has Darren or Jimmy not heard from the police, surely this is a serious issue and she has their names?

Madlands – Who was he ?

Evidence from his own mouth he was not bullied off twitter.

Adey – @Monadtime – gave his number and details to twitter when he complained on Janettes behalf to rid her enemies off twitter, caused a blogger to make a fool of himself by having no evidence then attacked victims with his vile words.

Left recently due to a dying mother……awaiting his return.

Dr Tig Calvert – still on Twitter but forgot to give the real details of her past, her sacking and her credentials.

James reeves- born 1946, said he was 7 when in his home, that made it 1953. Recently and on his blog he stated he was in Jasmine, when the facts state that Jasmine was for girls. He would have been put into a probationary house for 2 weeks. Plans of the place blow holes in his story about where his abuse happened. No end to end baths. He states he was 7, mixed dorms did not come into play until 1955 by the new head Mr Banner.

He freely put his address on Twitter yet the electoral roll states it is someone called James Reeves living there but is aged 24-29. The address also is in a very affluent area where the price tags on flats range from 2-4 hundred thousand pounds and rents are £2,500 per month. Still on Twitter.

Can understand his age and the horrific abuse being blocked but to state fine details about the area outside this home yesterday on Twitter but not get the area plan or names right previously on his story?

Thats why he was ‘questioned’, not ‘attacked’.

Phone number code does not match his address.

6 people…..who all have had information and evidence presented about them.

Hardly the “thugs bully csa victims offline” that is being touted.

If you put yourself out on Twitter or a blog with a story, expect to be questioned and facts put together for evidence.

If you can back it up then you have nothing to worry about.

This is what the media will do when they get a hold of your stories that you want to sell.

Victims of abuse all over here being used by journalists and people not checking out who they are talking to.

So because certain people questioned others, it has came to this massive drama…. all stemming from a vile woman that never got her own way.

The final part would have to be our friend Will Black who has played a silent role along the way.

Last night before kevingreen1950 blog presented a new piece…..even though he had no internet?

Will was on twitter.


• Lars Pellinat ‏@Lars959611h
• @WillBlackWriter You’ve got mail !

Someone who was been showing her presence and support for the bullied then gets a bit excited.



The time frame here is around the same time the piece went on the kevingreen1950 blog in the early hours of the morning, now bringing Darren Laverty into it, Darren who has been left out so far, the same Darren who has sued anyone that got it wrong in the press about him………

Was this the blog piece that Will needed to be checked and a legal eye cast over it in case it came back on him?

Who knows?

So there we have it………………

Will has joined in and watched, got his first piece out at Huffington, made friends with all the people that have been involved, Kev, Janette, Paul etc.

Watched and waited and promoted the “Cyberwar” when he could….all for fodder for his next book. ‘Paedogeddon’………

All the while innocent victims have been dragged in, yes, real people with real names, real pasts and stories, all verified and checked by the Journalist who has her eye on this.

Thats why she stated time and time again, she knew who these people were that had been called bullies, MI5, peadoprotectors, David Rose, and now ‘Gaslighters’?

And Will Black?… He thinks he has done enough..




So again, I find myself writing about events that really should not have taken up time that is better spent elsewhere. I am referring of course to #paedobritain and what I believe it really was all about.

The basic idea was a good one, raising awareness of the scale of Paedophilia in this country, not that it was a secret anyway, but a noble cause nonetheless, which I support in many ways.

I have been attacked on Twitter and various online Forums with regard to my stance on this subject, been accused of ‘Bullying’ victims and sabotaging any efforts to highlight Child Abuse, and generally derided for not falling into line behind the rest.

Unfortunately, I do not work that way, anybody who reads this blog must have realised that I ask questions, and I often write about subjects that are so far outside many people’s safety bubbles, so I expect nothing else.

In amongst the genuine people, the ones who want to truly make a difference, are the Monsters, the ones who see an opportunity to exploit any situation to benefit their own agenda.

There were a few of them in full view yesterday, but many people missed them as they were being pushed along with the crowd of well-meaning adrenaline-fuelled Tweeters.

The Agent Provocateurs who had planned this, who promoted and advertised this event, yet cleverly hid their real intentions from their unsuspecting ‘target’ audience.

I shall begin with the two main architects of #paedobritain.


On one side, we have @themadlands, in all probability a genuinely ‘concerned’ parent who just wants to make the world a safer place for his children. A highly commendable act on face value, which I initially supported as I saw it for what it appeared to be.

It was only after doing a little bit of digging into his Internet history, I discovered some comments which did not rest easily with me. He was asking for advice on how to promote his blog, to increase his viewing figures in order to enhance his ‘credibility’ with his future readers.

This was before the Savile scandal broke of course, when he was just an anonymous blogger writing random posts about topics that were bouncing around the mainstream Media.

This Tweet is actually from #paedobritain day as the earlier tweets have somehow ‘disappeared’.

Nothing suspicious, perfectly harmless, plodding along doing his own thing, hurting nobody and not even causing a ripple in the deep pool of the Blogosphere. So, following the Jimmy Savile revelations, he saw his opportunity to be heard and grabbed it with both hands.

He immediately ditched his previous subject matter and got on the Savile/Paedophile circus and has ridden it as far as he possibly could. Again, I have no problem with that, each to his own and all that, no damage done.

Taken From The Madland’s Blog

So I approached him, I asked him why and I asked him what he was hoping to gain from his sudden interest. I asked because I am also a product of the system he claims to despise so much, the system he constantly accuses of covering up abuse and hiding the truth from the people. I asked because I wanted to know exactly who it was, who had taken it upon himself to represent me and others like me… ‘Survivors.’

He declined to answer, I even offered to give him my telephone number so I could reassure myself of his real intentions, he again declined my offer and then refused to comment further. That was enough for me, I may be naive in some respects, but I am not prepared to allow anybody to speak on behalf of any victim of abuse who refuses to reveal their real motives.

But that’s just me.

If you have any understanding of anybody who has been in the care system, you would realise that suspicion and mistrust goes with the territory, so it is not that unusual to doubt anybody who you believe is not being 100% honest with you….


Then we have @gojam_I_am, or just plain Gojam elsewhere on the Internet, like the David Icke Forums, or other Conspiracy sites, or political sites, or Hedge Fund Forums, or Liberal Democrat Council websites, or Thucyides/Perseus interest sites…

A busy boy is Gojam, he has many identities and many and varied interests and connections. He is another interesting character, and another who has developed a sudden interest in Paedophilia via the Jimmy Savile revelations. His ‘Needle Blog’ also took a detour from the usual Thucydides/Perseus subject matter he wrote about and became a beacon to attract people who are trying to gain an insight into Child Abuse.


I also approached Gojam to offer my help regarding his ‘Operation Greenlight’ project, but he declined as his ‘Team’ only dealt with ‘Official’ establishment stats and mainstream media sources… WTF!

The very establishment who are covering up the abuse and the Abusers, being ably assisted by the MSM… So how does that work?

His ‘Team’ actually turned out to be a group of people who frequent the David Icke Forums and even some of those have now discovered that he is not the person he portrays himself as and have since deserted him.

A Councillor with a £2 Million Budget

He has even posted various Tweets to deny his political connections but again, the evidence is here for all to see, he is once more not being entirely honest..

Denial of being Politically Connected?

Why would somebody with his connections, both political and otherwise have such an obsessive interest in Child Sexual Abuse?

Especially when so many political figures are in the frame and involved in the cover-ups?

I leave that for you to decide, because it cannot be more obvious to me…..

Gojam by the way, was the other blogger who was previously discussing ways to increase the traffic to his blog…. Odd eh?

Finally we come to the rest of the #paedobritain glory hunters..

Like @Schar53 and @IDSatoshater, both women and both with personal axes to grind, though one is slightly less dangerous than the other.

I am not going to reveal their true identities, as that is not the purpose of this, but what I shall say is that I have personal experience of these two characters. I have written about @Schar53 on a previous post, and I truly thought I had seen the last of her madness.

This one is truly obsessed, she Tweets furiously on many subjects, she started with #mccann before attaching herself to #leveson then onto #apriljones before digging her talons into #savile and #paedobritain. She is a victim ‘jockey’ absolutely obsessed by any sort of victim.

She phoned me constantly for a time, looking for information about abuse victims, and trying to steer me towards various websites that Paedophiles frequent, including ChatRooms and suchlike.

She does not even live in this country, yet incessantly talks about ‘our Government’, ‘our country’ and ‘our children.’

Also very adept at hiding her identity as she often comments anonymously on blogs and forums, including this one.


She is a very damaged and disturbed individual who’s obsessions with her church have forced her own children to become estranged from her, and even resorted to telephoning the Team investigating North Wales Child Abuse in an attempt to get me arrested for ‘withholding evidence.’

An absolute loon, obsessed by abuse in all it’s forms, and who I truly thought had gone onto something else.

Her blog also reflects an unhealthy interest in Child Abuse and Paedophiles, incidentally also ‘springing up’ in the wake of the Jimmy Savile Scandal.

Finally we have @IDSatoshater. Another damaged lady, who truly struggles with reality at times, I have no wish to ridicule or humiliate her, but I also have to defend myself and others from her delusional accusations.


She was another one who used to call me at all hours of the night with fantastic stories of ‘National Importance’ which upon investigation proved to have been entirely without foundation.

I even had to put her Text messages on Twitter at one point in order to prove what she had been saying about me, after her constant denials!!!!

Unfortunately, she is a victim of abuse, and sadly she has never been able to move on from that, it may have been that she was never believed as is the case with many survivors, but she really needs to get past it.

Some CSA victims will never be able to move on, their abuse defines them as people and though it may seem harsh, it dictates their lives.

They accuse anyone who questions them or speaks to them with anything other than pity, of ‘Bullying.’


‘Eternal Victims.’

Personally, I climbed into a bottle for ten years, I spent a decade getting into fights and trouble with the authorities, ending up in both prisons and Psychiatric institutions, I almost lost my life on a few occasions before I learned to deal with what had happened to me as a child.

I was determined not to allow the abuse to dictate what sort of person I was going to be, I put it behind me a long time ago.

But, like others I have been dragged back into this, I did not want to be here writing this, I have better things to do with my time, but it needs to be said.

However uncomfortable it sounds, however offensive it may be, it is what it is and I will stand by it.

I will not repeat my thoughts on the motives of Steven Messham here as my feelings are made clear elsewhere, but allow me to ask one question.

Why is it that Steven Messham has ‘earned’ more money just by being a victim than many people have after spending their entire lives working… ?

Just something I should throw out there….. £120,000 or thereabouts has been one figure quoted, and even that may be an underestimation….

And that is the ‘problem’ I seem to have..

Every time that somebody pops up, who seeks to profit from ANY victim of abuse I will question them, and I will not stop until I get a satisfactory answer………. Royden Jones, doesnt give it a second thought when he posts peoples names, addresses and telephone numbers, calls their family members paedophiles, but when it happens to him, all hell breaks lose, then he screams VICTIM.

35 Responses to Farewell Madlands

  1. Wendy

    I noticed yesterday that it had disappeared very sad. Along with NeedleB an interesting and balanced blog……Great shame.

  2. john carey

    very sad to hear – although I have to admit I never accessed his website – keep your chin up Gojam – as my old mum used to say to me, “sticks and stones will…..”

  3. Gerald

    Neither he nor you should worry about personal “attacks”, you are bound to make a few enemies but most, and probably all, of them will be paper tigers. On another note when is your somewhat over vaunted great revelation, hinted at under the next but one story below, going to be published? Whilst I can see the merits of building suspense from a publicity point of view I don’t think that holding these things back is particularly creditable.

    To the extent that any story concerns a dead person you should note that, you cannot be sued for libel or slander by that person’s estate, the cause of action dies with the individual, there is or was a kind of criminal libel that did survive death but it is never used and in any event is a criminal not a civil matter. You can accordingly publish material concerning deceased persons with no regard for liability for defamation. In a very limited range of cases the offences connected with “trolling” could be used, but where an allegation of criminal conduct is supported by some sort of evidence which possesses a degree of credibility, however weak, and where that allegation is accordingly not mere abuse but material which raises a serious question those offences would not be a problem.

    However you should note that you could be held liable for any defamatory material which you allow to remain on your blog, whether you have written it or not. You would be wise ,therefore, to moderate the comments added by others.

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  5. Yes, sad news indeed. Did anybody get a copy of his recent Savile article?

  6. I also feel sad to see him go, as do others I have spoken with, but not everyone is up to taking the abuse that many of us have to endure everyday on social networking sites. I belive in karma, and that what someone throws out they get back 10 fold.

    I am on the firing line most days, I dont read what they are saying, but others do, including my children, and have been very upset as to what is being said about me as a person. Who the hell do these people think they are?? if we dont go along with what they think how crazy it is, we are labelled trols, liars, nutters, false ect. One has to note that those who do this hide behind various masks, and identities, something to hide? yes they do.

    Keep up the good work my friend, together we will keep the dogs at bay

    Enjoy your weekend, and stay safe xx

    PS check out my IP address then you know its me

  7. chess

    I liked The Madlands blog, I hope he’s successful in whatever he chooses to do. If he’s been attacked, and this led to his shutting down his blog, shame on the trolls. Misty got it right, 10 fold returns.

  8. Shame. I also checked out his blog from time to time. I’m as genuine as they come, and have also suffered online bullying on my own “resident” forum of Toytown Germany. Send him my online regards.

  9. Enna

    That’s sad news indeed, I want to thank him for a great blog and wish him and his family all the best. When good people reveal the truth there will always be those who are afraid to hear it and try to prevent it coming out. It just proves how scared these morons are that they have to resort to threats and abuse, ride the waves people, we are many, they are few.

    PS. Computer illiterate so not sure what an IP address is but I’m sure you can check mine too.

  10. Van: North Wales Police (OCD)
    Datum: 01/27/13 19:58:46
    Aan: ‘’
    Onderwerp: FW: P011148

    You have been advised previously by DS Morgan to ‘block’ Jimmy Jones on your Twitter account and not correspond with him any further. It is obviously a matter for you to decide as to whether you choose to do this or not, but if you don’t, then the likelihood is that you will have further similar issues, which we will not be able to assist you with any further, and you would need to seek advice from a solicitor.
    If you feel there are other issues which may require police action, then re-contact us once you are back at home following your discharge from hospital, and we will arrange for an officer to contact you then.
    RegardsNorth Wales Police.

    my email today to the police

    Dear Sirs,

    with ref. P011148

    The abuse continues, see attachment of his Mr Jone’s tweets this morning, this has been going on continually since January, not once have I reacted to one of his tweets, but my children are reading him and are getting very upset.

    I have blocked him on twitter, but he continues searching for my tweets, and using them playing his very dangerous but nevertheless childish game.

    He is also telling everyone, that I reported him to you as being a Paedophile and running a so called paedophile ring. ALso I am supposed to have told you he was concealing evidence in an on going case of his with you.

    None of this is true. My creditianls you have, you can check me out. I dont know who I am dealing with who is this James Jones, he professes to be a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

    Please do something about this person, I and others have already reported him to twitter. Maybe you can look in his computer to see who, if anyone is sending him threats to his children.

    Please let me know the outcome,

    sincerely yours

    Janette Scharenborg

  11. Madlands

    I worked for 14 hours yesterday in the family business. This is the main reason I have to walk away, which is as I have stated previously.

    I would, after careful consideration like to say that, yes another factor was the constant attacks from realjimmyjones and anglesy. It went beyond normal.

    They seem to have a complete lack of respect for most people. The reaction to me giving my genuine reason for walking away:

    “@themadlands Is Your Family Business so pressing you cannot find a minute to respond? #fuckoff #fake #parasite #ghoul”

    I find that quite disgusting.

    I am also appalled at the two-faced nature of them both. Realjimmy jones is currently upset that someone has threatened to out him and put personal details about him and his family online.

    Yet, look at the glee with which he tweeted when he thinks he may have found some personal details about me:

    “@deadkeneneddie Oohh! Gt. Yarmouth? Mail the details mate, I am going to bury the fuckers…. :-)”

    So he is upset that someone might do it too him, yet with cruel glee wants to “bury” me.

    Just like him, I don’t want my family put at risk, so perfectly reasonably I asked that he no longer threaten me in such a way. Even when I walk away, he is still trying to “bury” me and to send me something in the post.

    On top of that I was put on a “fuck off” list and subjected to an intimidating video.

    It is online bullying and harrassment plain and simple. Some would say a Police matter.

    I just flicked through his blog, to see what else has been written about me. I see he has lied about something else and I want to put that straight here.

    In a post he shows a screen capture of a tweet of mine and says under it “This was before the Savile scandal broke of course,”.

    That is a lie and he knows it. That tweet was from the paedobritain day, and I was trying to ascertain if other people’s blog traffic was up – because that would point to the day working.

    So he misrepresented my tweet to make a point that fitted his agenda.

    If you have the stomach to trawl through their tweets, count how many times both “jimmy” and Darren mention their blog stats – dozens and dozens of times. Rather two faced I would suggest.

    He also claims I see that there are rumours I passed on info to the daily mirror on paedobritain day. I encourage people to search and see where those rumours came from – him!

    Without going into details, I had a DM conversation with Murun a while back which he/she can confirm shows I have absolutely nothing to do with the MSM. Murun knows the conversation and the decline I made after we talked, so he/she can confirm that should they wish to – I refused to talk to journalists who asked to talk to me, including the Mirror. I also toldd RJJ that in a DM, so he was aware of it as well.

    Actually come to think of it, RJJ actually told me to SPEAK to them when I told him. How does that sit with his later accusations?

    Finally, they have also stated I gained from paedobritain day. I would simply ask, as I did ask them – how did I gain? Did I make money? No. Did I gain info that was not already “out there”? No. Did I get fame and fortune? No.

    I was going to leave the madlands blog up. But after reading the accusations that I was gaining from a dormant blog in someway, I deleted it. Nothing to see, nothing to be accused of gaining from.

    I am completely confused as to why I have been the subject of such attacks. The only reason I could see was this odd demand that I “out” myself. As the demand came from a man hiding behind an internet persona himself, I do hope people can see the hypocrisy of it all.

    So to clarify, before I go and spend Easter day with my little boy who has not seen much of me recently, my main reason is all my energy is going into my business. My secondary reason is the constant attacks and threats from those two people which threaten me and my family.

    • Take care Madlands.

      no one but a few delusionals believe anything they say and rather than calling into question our motives they raise questions about their own.

      Unfortunately, because of the large number of false IDs that they use I’ve had to enable moderation. My apologies to the genuine.

      People should be very wary of any contact with these two/three.

    • I wouldnt give them the saftisfaction of leaving twitter or take my blog down, those who care about sexual abuse of children, dont attack those who have been abused, or are trying to do something about it!! I would like to know what Mr Jones is doing to help those that have suffered under the hands of Paedophiles, where are his credentilals? I and others have watched how he pulls people apart, with his gang, then out of the blue @MFOkate will turn up, and only follow him and his mate Darren, and join in the abuse. I have been in and out of hospital these last months, people who know me have spoken with me via skype from out of my hospital bed, Jimmy Jones now telling others I have scabies, in his words the scabies cow!!! my children have lost one mother to cancer, and this is killing them to see what people do to others.

    • You have been a star and an inspiration and it sickens us all that some people have to behave in such a childish and attention seeking way. Good luck Madlands we shall miss you and thank you for all that you have done and inspired us to do – keep safe.

    • Dear Madlands,

      Soooo glad to have found this comment from you! For I felt a bit let down after I saw your blog all gone – without me having downloaded your excellent Savile article!

      This is to
      1) commiserate: I blocked realjimmyjones from where he was haunting me, too
      2) share: a dear friend told me “it comes with the territory”, i.e. these misinformers / agents provocateurs are ‘just doing their job’
      3) SALUTE you for not only having taken the initiative but also share the success so eloquently with your ‘final word’.

      Should you be willing to share your Jimmy Savile article, please email it to sabine AT 3d-metrics dot com

      Yours most gratefully,

  12. HunterM

    Thank you Madlands for taking the time to explain the situation. I also noticed JJ wrongly stating that your post was prior to Savile being outed, that was totally incorrect. Your post was during #PaedoBritain Day and related to the effect that our action day was having in awakening people.
    I, and many others, were dismayed to see your blog completely taken down. It was informative and honestly written and I cannot help but feel you have played into the hands of those that attempt to silence us.
    I have no idea what motive JJ & Anglesy have for seeking to ruin your reputation, and it is now clear that they are also chasing a few others, including Gojam. If there is any way for you to resubmit your blog in the future, then that would be what the majority would wish for. Do not allow yourself to be shut down by a suspect minority, continue to shout loud and clear to those of us that wish to hear.
    JJ & Anglesy most certainly do not speak for me and they don’t appear to be working towards a better future either. One has to seriously question their motives in seeking to silence Truthseekers.
    Everyone should proceed with caution, there are those who seek to stop us but we must march forward into battle and just step over those who wish to place barriers in our way.
    Kindest Regards
    An Icker x

  13. gus brown

    I too, am sad to see the demise of a voice who tries to tell us what is really going on. I am not as well up on things as many of your other commentators but I have learned a lot from you all. Thank you

  14. It should be obvious to even the most innocent of observers that there is a war being waged here, an information war. The people we’re dealing with here are merciless, conscienceless, destructive scum. This is not a mere game, nor an online hobby, nor a form of titillating ‘alternative’ gossipy entertainment. It is not for the faint-hearted or the naive; it is a deadly serious assault on powerful, wealthy figures whose reputations, lives, families, careers and freedom are literally put at risk by people like Madlands, Murun and gojam. They will go to any lengths, stoop to any depths, to protect themselves. Sadly, the internet being what it is affords great freedom of speech through anonymity and audience reach, but also gives a wider scope to those who wish to suppress it, manipulate and discredit information presented and those who present it. This sort of activity has long been the preserve of the security services and their deniable, out-sourced private agencies (anyone interested in getting an historical idea of the sort of thing these ‘security’ agencies are capable of should read the book ‘The Cointelpro Papers’ by Churchill and Vander Wall).
    The demise of Madlands should be a warning to all bloggers investigating elite paedophile rings, a warning to be on your guard for personal attacks, threats, disruption through sophisicated trolling, techniques such as ‘snowing’ and ‘intoxication’, to be aware that all of your communications can and will be monitored by outside agencies- and to give no quarter in dealing with bullshit on comment boards, not pandering to manufactured ‘internal’ controversies, and steeling yourself (and those you care for) against all and any attacks.

    This is the world we live in, this is what we’re up against-

    “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”

    ‘Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you’

    ‘Nothing is true until a government official denies it.’

    • Liz727

      Phew, what a tremendous comment! I should have included you on my list of knowing ones, incubusblog, I knew I’d leave someone out if I started naming names! I’m just so grateful to all of you and yes, when you read what those who indulge in this type of behaviour have been capable of in the past… But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it was easy for they who wanted this to go away to make that happen in the decades gone by, but not now in the Age of Twitter and social media. All we have to do is stand together and keep going. I think #paedobritain day proved that, despite the “interference”, it was a great success and informed many. Lets think back on that for resolve to our cause.

  15. Liz727

    Oh Madlands, please don’t go, your blog is among the best there is and I second everything everyone before me here has to say. Take a good rest to yourself, you so deserve it, be with your boy and family and work, but come back one day please, Madlands, where would this fight be without you and gojam and murun and john ward and others like you so smart and clever at researching and putting it all into words for the likes of me. I read and read and mostly retweet, but I should have said sooner I’ve been so grateful for the knowledge and the extraordinary time you all put into all of this and I’ve learned so much and want to keep going until this is out in the open, even if all I can do in support is getting your info out there. I am so sorry you had this trouble, I didn’t know any of this until today, but I agree wholeheartedly with HunterM, no matter WHO tries to shut this down, lets make a pact to not let them. Take all the time you need, then some more, but please, please don’t go forever, Madlands, you’re too important to the goodness chain. God bless you, I’ll keep you in my prayers whatever you decide and thank you sincerely for everything you have done this far.

    • I seriously hope that WordPress will allow you to un-delete a blog!!! For I also hope that time will heal!

      Those type of nasties must NOT get the upper hand. Fortunately, WordPress allows blocking not just names, but also IP addresses. But I don’t know how to deal with nasties on Twitter (yet)…

      Hoping, too, that you’ll be back,

  16. JF

    It is reassuring to see some consensus – divide and rule comes to mind when looking at the wreckage here. The white stick analogy is very apposite here in inter-web-land. I am heartened to have regained some solidarity through these posts – we are all so vulnerable. Madlands, Gojam et al. – thanks for your work – I think there was some mention in some earlier seasonal dogma and Books relating to doubt – 40 times etc.

    Happy Ishtahar

  17. merry

    Madlands, you have my support ( & Gojam, too!) 100% all the way. You’re both positive souls who are MAKING a DIFFERENCE. XX

  18. take care mad. your efforts are greatly appreciated.
    hope life treats you well. you will be missed

  19. Reblogged this on Lonepathwalker’s Blog and commented:
    Even Outlaw’s friends are dropping like flies. I am at the end here. Since my name appeared on DarrenLavert’y’s FO list my character has been torn to shreds by Jimmy & Darren, my replies to their friend Nancyheart’s blog were edited and totally changed with only one or 2 of my original words remaining. This destructive and upsetting list & video and JJ’s obsession with tearing apart of every good kind, honest person it seems, is coming across as a man on the edge, destructive, hate filled and vile and it all came at the time when #paedobritain happened, they may have failed in there attempts to destroy the most successful day in UK history for anyone associated with CSA but ask yourselves why? Why would 2 men who grew up in care turn on so many decent people and throw aggressive attacks at us all? I can answer that for you. In my opinion, firstly Gojam came along, united a whole nation and #paedobritain trended in a way that no one would ever have hoped or dreamed of, I for one as a CSA survivor will never be able to thank him enough, thousands were educated and have joined our plight. Jimmy and Darren have now attacked, lied, bullied so many decent people, good people, honest people, they have labelled us as nutter’s, cranks, people full of delusion and in Darren’s case the most horrific attacks on our characters. However, we are not all nutters etc and people can finally see that they have tried to destroy me, Gojam, John Clarke, James Reeves, Jan Schaerborg and so so many others. See, when u start attacking thoughroughly decent people then alarm bells start to ring as they are now. I am a truthful honest person, I had amazing parents who loved me and inspired me to be a good humanitarian, I despise injustice in all it’s forms and although I suffer severe ill health thru vaccine damage resulting in MS, Fibromyalgia and I already had CMT muscle wasting I will fight as hard as I can to speak up. The reason I am being targeted is because I hold some very damaging information about these 2 and I am not referring to the incident in 1979 re Darren. I am referring to right now, it is about Darren but ironically it was Jimmy who told me on the phone this revelation, which was the final piece in a big jigsaw. I can see the whole picture you see and they both know I can, hence the reason why they call me delusional, a nutter, a damaged woman etc. I am none of these btw, if I was would I really have had such a successful long career teaching? No I wouldn’t. I have my faults as all humans do but my nature and character are intrinsically good. This damaging truth that I know I will mention, there are a few other people who know it also, one in Janette (misty53) Now ask yourself why the degrading attack on her character. Look, u can all see what’s going on. I know what I know and that is 100% true, as I am a lady of integrity I alone will choose when I decide to talk to the relevant people. I’m tired now, but as I said I will stand up and fight for injustice. Now watch the next wave of attacks come & try to destroy me. Now I know I am not alone it has renewed my strength. Watch this space & thank you to those good decent folk who have supported me. Stay safe there are some Genuine nutters around, too many libellous words and threats to us, we need to make a stand together x Sue Perry. Twitter name:idsatoshater, formerly Anothersurvives and Siouxp22. I keep leaving due to their bullying but no more!

  20. H

    Nooooooooooo! Dismayed to see Madlands go, sending my best wishes – his blog is/was a fantastic wealth of information. As someone else said in their comment, there are malevolent forces out there: an information war is going on and certain parties are rattled by it. Truth is the right and only path.
    Peace and love x

  21. I can see an historical parallel here-

    Reminds me of Stella Goldschlag/ Kübler, a Jewish woman born in Germany who collaborated with the Gestapo during World War II, exposing and denouncing Berlin’s underground Jews -likewise Group 13 and Abraham Gancwajch in the Warsaw Ghetto…Survival and wealth seem to have been the incentives back then…

  22. I was contacted out of the blue via DM by one of the bullies, a woman on Twitter previously unknown to me until we mutually followed each other, probably on or just before Paedobritain day. She bluntly asked my opinion of someone whom I’ve observed to be an unusually kind-hearted, decent, very active Paedobritain supporter on Twitter, one whom I often RT’d because he and I seemed to see the CSA issue in fairly similar ways from our tweets. In her DM, she claimed she was ”bothered” by a suspicion that he tweeted under two names. I told her that although I really didn’t care if he had a second account – and I didn’t see any reason for thinking he did – I made it clear that he’s definitely one of my favourite follows. That was my only contact with her.

    I found the strange DM more disturbing after I thought about it. Not only because it was obviously an attempt to either fish for derogatory information about an apparently innocent person and stir things up, but because it seemed a rather blatant attempt to divide us during a time of unanticipated success. I have never met any of the people involved, but clearly the target of her DM was a man who demonstrated especially strong support for the Madlands’ online plan for action. I went to the woman’s timeline and saw negative conversations about Madlands and the Paedobritain effort.

    It was right out of the Online Social Bullying handbooks some of us are familiar with for younger teenaged girls, called “Let’s Make Drama.” Unfortunately, there are almost always bystanders sucked in by internet bullies, usually kids who feel immensely empowered by the fact that a bully who detests others, finds them acceptable. They are willing to do much of the bully’s dirty work, even defend the bully, working in tandem with him or with other like-minded followers. If caught out, they will attack the victim for even “feeling” bullied and proclaim the target “weak.”

    I’ve read plenty of good advice on reasons to ignore or block trolls, but bullies are a bit different. When there is danger of real harm to innocent people, and to their unity or feeling of safety, it must be confronted. There is a lot at stake, and the only ones who benefit from this kind of bullying are paedophiles and those who cover it up. We lose some really good people that way and we simply can’t afford that.

  23. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Dear Needle and Madlands. Thanks for another brilliant post I completely understand. I too have thought about discontinuing with my own page again recently. Working on this cause has been nothing but a fools errand. Not enough people are paying attention and even less are doing anything with the information. Now, to learn about this dysfunctional behavior of others involved in ‘the cause’ attacking each other is another indictment on humanity. With friends like this who needs enemies?! Honest to God I wonder whether we have a future as a species… At this rate I sincerely hope not.

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One thought on “The Outlaw Jimmy how he uses his blog to abuse others

  1. In diagnosed bipolar and not ashamed to say it. I am a survivor of abuse in childhood. 95% of people admitted to psychiatric care are victims of abuse this is stated by the worlds leading psychiatrists in usa who’s name eludes me but his books can be got in ur public library. Abuse of a child will damage them in many ways. Bipolar is what happens to some of us when lifes stresses or particularly when something that triggers the abuse in our psyche sets it off. Then u go into the psychiatric system whose only response in uk and lreland is to pump u so full of drugs that u are like a zombie.sure a person needs medication if they manic or depressed and the paranoia all relates back to that huge lie of being abused by the person u shud be able to trust.remember u were a small child how cud u cope or survive. ?Each has their own way .anorexia bulimia bipolar depression no matter how they try to make it sound like its a biochemical condition its more than that. Abuse survivors need psychotherapy but the huge drugs company just keep peddling drugs many only withdrawn after years when people have died or even been driven to suicide by the drugs themselves. That’s the other huge scandal that needs addressing. Don’t be ashamed of ur diagnosis cos that shame is tied into that other huge burden of shame that u carry …abuse. It was never ur fault that u were abused bullied ganged up and yes others who have not faced acknowledged their own abuse can be the first to attack cos their denial is so complete that their response is automatic almost. Its hurtful it opens old wounds but its. Best to try and see they too are victims responding the way they have learned to respond. Just keep facing forward fighting the good cause in helping others and opening peoples eyes to the reality of the damage that abuse does even those vilest abusers were themselves abused and their mi ds became so twisted that they seek then to inflict it on others in many ways . Stay strong condemn the perpatrators and protect our children and heal yourself. I understand your rage and anger . as a child we couldn’t speak or defend ourselves.we have a voice now many stil don’t so when we speak we speak for them.l don’t know the answer but l do k ow that silence is the abusers weapon threats bullying that’s to shut us up and to silence what many are unable to hear cos they have buried their pain so deep they don’t and cannot bear to see it so they attack those who speak out. It takes courage to speak courage to admit our frailities but we have survived and we wont be silenced by shame cos its not our shame.
    our anger is real is justified but we must put it to good use lets not forget that and don’t respond to the abusers cos then they have no power over us.we are not little children anymore we have power to speak out .lets keep shouting it out til something is done and those guilty are brought to justice.

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